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  1. Consider how much the banzuke was in Takanohana and Wakanohana's favour for much of the mid-to-late 90s when Fujishima and Futagoyama stables merged, they went down as far as maegashira 8 or so to get opponents for Taka/Waka, whereas Akebono always had a much harder draw.  Musashimaru too, even though he had two high-ranking stablemates in Musoyama and Dejima.

    In Wakanohana's case had he remained ozeki he would probably have been remembered in a better light, but his Yokozuna tenure was not exactly stellar.



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  2. 5 hours ago, Katsunorifuji said:

    Injury seems to be the big wildcard. It’s like every rikishi has some tape on them somewhere and whether it’s minor or major its gotta be slowing them down.

    If we could eliminate injuries if seems late 20’s would be prime in my opinion, though there would definitely be some variation. 

    And yet sometimes injury, ironically, can prolong a career, look at Mitoizumi, he had so many early struggles in his career but he ended up competing until he was 38.



  3. I think for the most of his career Mainoumi was around the 95/96 kg mark, only near the end did he hit the 100kg.

    Kyokudozan was around 95kg when he first entered Makunouchi, but he did manage to put a few kilos on, ending around 105kg.



  4. 19 hours ago, Yamanashi said:

    @Swami, I've been on the Forum for three years.  When I saw that you had posted on the Yokozuna thread, I thought your account had been taken over by a bot!:-)

    It just seemed to be one of those threads that I felt quite strongly about!



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  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the average weight in Makunouchi at the moment is somewhere around the 165kg mark, up 25kg or so from 30/35 years ago.

    As a result techniques like utchari are becoming a thing of the past.

    On the other hand Kitanoumi was one of the heaviest rikishi of his day and had many great belt battles notably with Wajima.

    Hakuho just doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid, I really think he is overrated.  I would rank him at best around the likes of Takanohana, but consider Taiho, Kitanoumi, Chiyonofuji and Wajima all superior Yokozuna.


  6. Chiyonofuji's technique was far superior to Hakuho's, on a different level completely.


    I remember him beating Asahifuji by kimedashi in November 1987, completely lifting him off his feet.  In January that year he beat Ozutsu by amiuchi, which again was spectacular.



  7. Monday 1 June would have been Chiyonofuji's 65th birthday, even allowing for the risks we all know that are associated with sumo, I never in my wildest dreams thought he would be dead by this time.

    It was true he cited lack of support for not going for re-election in 2014 but I'm wondering whether or not health issues were a more significant factor in reaching this decision.



  8. 2 hours ago, Otokonoyama said:

    What happened that he was so disliked in the Kyokai to never rise to any position of executive decision-making?

    I suspect there was a lot of jealousy from some (Asahifuji seems a likely suspect) concerning Chiyonofuji's considerable achevements.


    The likes of ex-Itai and his cronies stirred up nonsensical stories about yaocho-bouts,  It has been pointed out that people like Itai spouted these stories for 2 reasons:


    1 - grievances against the Kyokai in general

    2 - financial difficulties so selling scandal to the press lifts the pressure.


    So many memories of Chiyonofuji stand out - his bout with Onokuni in March 1989, he still had so much desire/determination to win that he dislocated his shoulder toppling Onokuni.  His nage technique was the best I ever seen, among many brilliant throws was one over Tochinowaka in May 1988 when he lifted him clean off his feet.  Tsuridashi wins against Futahaguro and Mitoizumi in 1987 & 1989 respectively, the tsuriotoshi win against Terao in November 1989.


    For me, he has no equal.



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  9. On ‎13‎/‎05‎/‎2020 at 05:05, Chanko Thief said:

    Musashimaru is an oyakata now, wouldn’t he make a trip to Hawaii every now and then to look for prospects? And surely Konishiki would send someone his way if he saw potential in a young wrestler while visiting the islands, no? 

    Yes, I'm surprised that Musashimaru hasn't built up contacts like Takamiyama did, which resulted in recruiting both Konishiki and Akebono.



  10. Kitanofuji performed his after he had left the association (voluntarily), with Chiyonofuji & Hokutoumi as his attendants, so perhaps that would work OK, with Harumafuji participating.


    Yes, I agree it looks unlikely that Onokuni will be fit enough for his kanreki - although they didn't think Tochinishiki or Taiho would have completed theirs, and both did with relative ease.



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