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  1. Perhaps if the next yokozuna is Japanese it might stir up a bit more interest again. Swami
  2. Swami

    Some more pictures

    Great shot of Sagatsukasa's ippon-zeoi. Swami
  3. Swami

    Happy Birthday, Fay!

    Happy birthday and hearty salutations from the Swami! Swami
  4. Swami

    Those were the times ...

    Kotogaume in there as well. Swami
  5. Swami

    New recruit for Kyushu

    Not only that, where are all the rikishi from Hokkaido? Hokkaido used to be a sumo hotbed. Swami
  6. Swami

    Mihogaseki Oyakata to release CD single

    Mihogaseki was quite a singer in his heyday as a rikishi. Swami
  7. Swami

    Sumo Reference Website Down?

    I definitely hope it will be back before the basho starts! It is an amazing site for information. Swami
  8. Swami


    Hi there! I'm a big sumo fan, going back to the great days when Channel 4 broadcast sumo in the UK. Remain a big fan of Chiyonofuji and Hokutenyu. Nowadays I like to see Baruto doing well. Swami