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  1. Swami

    Moscow Koen

    No word of another UK tour in the planning? London 1991 seems an awful long time ago now. Swami
  2. Swami

    Rikishi sez-Day 7

    Kakuryu was bare-faced with that henka, to say the least. Swami
  3. Swami

    Moscow Koen

    If memory serves me right, during the last one to Russia, ex-ozeki Wakahaguro was arrested for gun-smuggling and Taiho got let off. Swami
  4. Swami

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    I think back in 1980 yokozuna Wajima once faced ozeki Masuiyama II on the fourth day of a basho. Swami
  5. Swami

    Day 3 Pics - Kyu 12

    Excellent photos! Swami
  6. Swami

    Baruto injury

    Even so, he is 28 now, and his best bet of returning to ozeki is straightaway if he can win 10 in January. As he gets older the injuries will take longer to heal. Swami
  7. Swami

    Baruto injury

    If he does get demoted, assuming the injury can heal, he should be able to make it back up to ozeki. But if this is going to a be a chronic injury it might be problematic. Swami
  8. Swami

    James Bond sumo

    Sadanoyama was definitely in it. Swami
  9. Swami

    Baruto injury

    Baruto has certainly had more than his fair share of injuries through his career. Here's hoping he comes through. Swami
  10. Swami

    Sumo Reference Website Down?

    Thanks for that! Swami
  11. Swami

    Sumo Reference Website Down?

    I still can't get any access to any section of it. Swami
  12. Swami

    Kadoban ozeki early torikumi

    I'd say Kotooshu is not far off retirement - if he doesn't make kachi-koshi or withdraws again, he could well call it quits. Kotoshogiku is like Kotokaze in that his style is a bit one-dimensional. Swami
  13. Swami

    Kadoban ozeki early torikumi

    If they face someone like Aran - who has no shame when it comes to doing henka - they still face banana skins regardless what day the match-ups take place. Swami
  14. Swami


    I hope Baruto can get back on track and have a go at yokozuna promotion. Swami
  15. Swami

    Kyushu 2012 Full Banzuke

    I haven't been able to gain access for a fortnight. Swami
  16. Swami

    Sumo Reference Website Down?

    That didn't work for me, I'm afraid. Any other suggestions? Swami
  17. Swami

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    I'd hate to see Musashimaru stuck without a kabu, hopefully he'll be OK. Swami
  18. I suspect it is easy perhaps to form the impression that the rule was no longer in place, given the sheer number of foreign sekitori. Swami
  19. Some time ago there was a limit to one foreign rikishi per heya - is this still in place? Swami
  20. Perhaps if the next yokozuna is Japanese it might stir up a bit more interest again. Swami
  21. Swami

    Some more pictures

    Great shot of Sagatsukasa's ippon-zeoi. Swami
  22. Swami

    Happy Birthday, Fay!

    Happy birthday and hearty salutations from the Swami! Swami
  23. Swami

    Those were the times ...

    Kotogaume in there as well. Swami
  24. Swami

    New recruit for Kyushu

    Not only that, where are all the rikishi from Hokkaido? Hokkaido used to be a sumo hotbed. Swami
  25. Swami

    Mihogaseki Oyakata to release CD single

    Mihogaseki was quite a singer in his heyday as a rikishi. Swami