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  1. Swami

    44th Fuji TV Grand Sumo Tournament

    The OB bouts are a far cry from what they were when they first started, you had Kitanoumi v Wakanohana II, Takanohana I v Asahikuni, Masuiyama II v Kaiketsu, Mienoumi v Takanosato, Hokutenyu v Asashio (1991), then 1992 you had Kitanoumi v Wakanohana II, Chiyonofuji v Hokutenyu. Swami
  2. Swami

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I reckon Kakuryu will be next to retire and despite what he says about being around for the Olympics, Hakuho won't be far behind. He can't keep on withdrawing indefinitely. Swami
  3. Swami

    Goeido to Retire

    It used to be that ozeki demotions were relatively rare, now it is quite rare for those ozeki who failed to make Yokozuna to end their careers as ozeki. Technically Goeido has ended his career as ozeki, the last ones prior to him were Kaio, Tochiazuma and Musoyama - and further back would be Hokutenyu, Asashio and Wakashimazu. The struggle for kabu is obviously an issue, Kirishima was the first one to really continue after demotion (in fairly recent time) because of that. Swami
  4. Swami


    Hearty salutations from the Swami! Swanu
  5. Swami

    Terunofuji Watch

    Presumably he will only get promoted to the top of Juryo for March, had he won 15-0 there might have been a chance of promotion. Swami
  6. Swami

    Asahifuji kanreki dohyo-iri

    Who will be his attendants? His only contemporaries are Hokutoumi and Onokuni. Swami
  7. Swami

    Howdy from Las Vegas!

    Hearty salutations from the Swami! Swami
  8. Swami

    Terunofuji Watch

    He needs to tailor his attack more according to his opponent, as others have said using the kimedashi style for the vast majority of the time will surely result in more knee trouble. I'll stick my neck out and guess he might win 9 or 10 this time - might! Swami
  9. Swami

    Hello from Arizona!

    Hearty salutations from the Swami! Swami
  10. Swami

    Azumazeki-oyakata has died

    Very sad news at such a young age. Swami
  11. Swami

    How far will Terunofuji go?

    Perhaps mid-to-lower maegashira. Swami
  12. Swami

    Greetings from Texas, USA

    Hearty salutations from the Swami! Swami
  13. Swami

    Happy Birthday Kawika!

    Happy birthday and hearty salutations from the Swami! Swami
  14. Swami

    Happy Birthday Flohru

    Happy birthday and hearty salutations from the Swami! Swami
  15. Swami

    Japan beat Ireland at Rugby World Cup

    Sorry, but I disagree. It was so obvious England thought they had the match won before kick-off. But even more shameful was the petulance and lack of grace they showed in receiving their silver medals, Itoje hadn't the basic grace to let Bill Beaumont put the medal around his neck. Swami