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  1. Not that I want to pry into his personal life, but I was always curious about his story. It seemed like there had to be more to his being there than simply a love of sumo, because sumo life ain't exactly grand and he wasn't exactly getting better. So why stick around for so long? 

    Though, to be fair, I've trained people who weren't ever getting better at their job and clearly didn't like being there, either, but a pay cheque is motivation I can understand. 

  2. Just quickly back to the shiranui vs unryu debate...does anyone here really think that Terunofuji is destined for a long career at yokozuna? He's just a temporary stop over so Hakuho can retire and Endo can 'get gud' and become the next Yokozuna and revitalize the sumo wrestler butt body pillow industry. 

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  3. On 18/08/2021 at 20:56, Tsuchinoninjin said:

    Again, I don't really 'get' the yokozuna level. The typical iji-in sponsor for a basho is $2k per basho (so as a osaka sponsor, that'd be per year), and you get really nice seats. Sure, its a 6 year commitment but maybe I'm misunderstanding how that system works. Anyone know better about iji-in seats?

    Wait, wait, wait! It's like 2k to be a sponsor? And you get seats for that price? Just for one day, or multiple days? 

  4. I think the steps were supposed to be...

    1. Sumo at the Olympics!

    2.  ....mumble mumble...

    3.  Sumo is now available on TV for international audiences for FREE! And sumo forum members get free tickets to every basho, airfare included!! 

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  5. But first he must travel to the end of the Yellow Brick Paywall. And along the way, he shall meet three companions, one who desires Fighting Spirit, one who desires Outstanding Performance, and one who desires better Technique! And though the YDC will try to stop him, in the end Kintamayama will reach the Emerald Database and present the Wizard with his request. But the Wizard only agrees if Kintamayama fetches the Wizard Hakuho's latest controversy to quell his interbasho boredom. And so...

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  6. 18 hours ago, Kaminariyuki said:


    You like those better than Shishi or Oki?

    Aran was Alan, which was just Alan pronounced with a Japanese accent. As a foreigner watching sumo, I thought it was hilarious and sly that he was able to use his name as his shikona. 

    From the east, the Almighty Noble Mountain! And on the west, it's Alan! 

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