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  1. It was kind of lost in the YDC report on rikishi and degeiko that there were some other revisions proposed to help improve the technical side of sumo. Foremost among them, the YDC wants to introduce a Gatcha element to honbasho.

    Sumotori will be given one free Move Capsule each day of the tournament. This Move Capsule will contain one 'winning move' that they're permitted to use; defeating an opponent with a move other than the one designated results in a do-over. Additional Move Capsules can be purchased for 100Y each, but to acquire favourites like yorikiri, oshidashi and the dreaded henka, rikishi or their supporters will need to purchase the Premium Move Capsules, valued at 1,000Y each.

    Premium Move Capsules may also contain special events like "What Mono-ii?" and "The Gyoji is Clearly Blind" to help provide an edge in close bouts, and epic cards like, "Araiso oyakata, with a folding chair, in the parking garage" to help guarantee those Fusen wins. 

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  2. If Takakeisho and Terunofuji end up in another playoff, that'll be kinda awesome. 

    Edit: Like, it's already happened several times. And if it becomes their 'thing' I'd be totally okay with that. 

  3. 1 hour ago, hakutorizakura said:

    I'm seriously wondering if they still call the Kashiwado-Taiho era as the HakuHo era (not referring to the Hak). And what will they call the era of Asashoryu-Hakuho?

    I suspect it'll be the AshHo era. 

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  4. And usually a 300+ cushion of posts before you actually get to current spoilers. 

    For some reason, I thought yesterday was the start of the basho, probably because last year the start coincided with the daylight savings time change. I was sad. But I got an extra hour of sleep, so it's a well-rested sadness. 

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  5. This coincides brilliantly with the release of Legends Arceus in 2022. My kids already enjoy watching sumo when it's on, but they were super excited to see sumo and Pokemon together. My oldest hoped that "the pokemon would sumo fight in the ring". And it got me thinking, maybe it's Hiyonoyama's time to shine!  Can the NHK mascot take down Pikachu?    (Kensho-kin...)

  6. With Hakuho towing the line, and nobody getting busted for drugs, or for violating covid rules at hostess bars, or random Olympic speculation...the gap between basho feels longer than ever. 

    I already miss the yokozuna and his wacky antics. 

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  7. it's not something I paid a lot of attention to specifically, but it seemed like Hakuho and Kise had new swords forged for them and presented as gifts. While still an fine and expensive gift, that act doesn't seem different than fashioning a new kesho mawashi; it's part advertisement, part gift, you know? This is the first time I've noticed a museum relic with some historical significance bequeathed to a yokozuna. Doubtlessly, it's happened a lot; I've just been obtuse in observing previously.