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  1. Just to clarify, since Asanoyama went 7-0 in Sandanme, he gets automatic promotion to makushita. If he wins the Makushita yusho next time, the auto-promote would bring him to...upper makushita? I forget how it's usually handled. 

  2. Oh, no! I just had a terrible thought! What if that zabuton bonk undoes the Hakuho bonk and resets Shodai B back into Shodai A? It would mean the announcers were right all along!?!?

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  3. Shodai! (Laughing...)

    Okay, I gotta know now. When Hakuho had his 'talk' with Shodai, what size of empty bottle did he use? This could open up a whole new field of sports psychology in sumo. 

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  5. At a quick glance, Shodai's head to head against the sanyaku is about even for wins/losses. His sumo is lackluster, but he could be a lot worse. When Goeidou was doing kadoban whack-a-mole, he was doing it in a top division saturated with talent and his frequent flirtation with demotion was a side note. Shodai has the misfortune of performing sumo with relatively similar results whilst standing on a very empty stage. For myself, after a decade of watching some very dominant sumo, it's a bit hard to get used to watching ordinary results. 

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  6. Rather than watching Teru & Ichi stand unmoving at the center of the dohyo for 8 minutes, maybe they could set up, like, a 4 minute tea ceremony and then they settle the match with some jan-ken-pon. 

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  7. Though I don't really have plans to travel yet, I keep an eye on the exchange rate and usually buy some yen when my dollar is higher "for eventually". I've heard from various other sources that the Japan borders might open up more come autumn. But as someone who works in risk management and follows pandemic data more than is probably healthy, I think I'm still two or three years away from flying to other places. 

  8. On 15/06/2022 at 13:26, Yamanashi said:

    Gee, it's a little early to award the Most Darkly Cynical Take Award for 2022, but this might have already scared off the competition.

    Hey, I think I figured a work around! Isn't Asa still assistant coaching at Isegahama beya with Terunofuji? 

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  9. Personally, I didn't think Asanoyama would actually sit out the whole suspension. I was sure he'd quit. 

    Coming in at Sandanme lets him shake off some rust without presenting overly much opposition, and my hunch is he'll be back to sanyaku in one years time. Terunofuji won't last another year and Asanoyama can already wrestle with the likes of Takakeisho and Mitakeumi and Shodai. And so, yeah, Asanoyama will be getting on 30 when he hits O2EKI (trademark pending) but I don't think he's going to have credible opposition on his way there.

    Given that he was the most consistently good Ozeki before his suspension (and, uh, maybe still since?) I'm more curious whether someone else can make it to Yokozuna before he does. 

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  10. Okay, okay. The truth is, they did the oichomage and the sheer splendor of it blinded the tokoyama, the stable's cat, and three elderly passerby. Since the kyokai did not yet have a kimarite for "opponent blinded and knocked over by sudden awesomeness" they asked for a one-basho reprieve to update the list of winning techniques. 

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  11. On 10/05/2022 at 12:14, Benevolance said:

    The yusho winner gets at least 13 wins. 

    Thank goodness my ridiculous predictions remain firmly in the realm of ridiculous predictions, for should such events ever come to pass, it would test the sanity of the noblest minds and bravest hearts. 

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