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  1. 2 hours ago, Benihana said:

    BUT the extra shove, long after Wakamotoharu was out, wasn't necessary.

    I saw it a bit differently on the replay. Wakamotoharu was setting up for a throw at the edge, and Takerufuji wasn't falling for that two days in a row. Takerufuji pulled back from his opponent to deny the throw, and then had to resume his forward momentum which resulted in the final shove. Since Takerufuji waited and watched at the edge while Wakamotoharu wandered up the aisle, I took to be a good finishing instinct and not malice. 

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  2. I'd wager that Kirishima will still get his 8 wins. What folks need to remember vis-a-vis Kirishima's performance this basho is that Kotonowaka is scheduled for winning the yusho, getting the rope, discovering a cure for cancer and going to Disneyland. So Kirishima needs an early deficit so he can fight hard the second week and make Kotonowaka's victory look more convincing without threatening the yusho. Also I heard that while on a secret mission for the Queen of Sweden Harumafuji was in disguise in a mawashi on a yacht in the Mediterranean and at a dinner part was struck upon the head in a freak champagne bottle accident and lost his memories and fell overboard and washed up on the coast of Japan and was recruited by Tokitsukaze beya and is none other than Shodai. You can tell it's true because the tachi-ai are almost identical. 

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  3. That's too true. But I thought Kotonowaka showed remarkable cool holding the lead for most of the tournament, and shook off his nerves for his second bout with Terunofuji. Further, if Terunofuji actually completes a second tournament before November, I'll be shocked. That leaves some 12-3 or 13-2 yusho up for grabs. Hopefully the OBSC gets together and sorts out which tournaments Kirishima wins and which ones Kotonowaka wins for maximum promotion value. 

  4. This was the best tournament I've watched in a few years. Terunofuji was on form. I especially liked that Kotonowaka seemed to get over his 'star struck' demeanour from the first fight against Terunofuji, and showed up for a good match in the yusho face off, and was trying to win it right until the end. Impressive fighting spirit. My money is that Kotonowaka makes Yokozuna before Kirishima, and does it before Terunofuji officially retires. 

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  5. I have to give a shout out to Naruto oyakata. He may burn through his deshi, but when he's the announcing judge ringside I can actually follow what he's saying after the mono ii. That's worth a couple of wrestlers a year in my books. 

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  6. I still think of Endo as that young kid, but he is approaching mid-30's. I kept expecting him to break into the sanyaku as a regular, but it's never happened. I wouldn't be entirely surprised that he's ready to move on. That's over a decade in Makuuchi. I think it's a bit of a shame that he never got a real shikona, however. 

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  7. To clarify, he was 0-4 vs Kotooshu, not 0-4 all time record against rikishi ranked at ozeki. Though, I suppose he also went 0-4 against all Bulgarians ranked ozeki, too. And 0-4 against all rikishi who later became Naruto Oyakata and came to congratulate him on the final day of the Fukuoka Basho. A lot of losing records there. Wow. He must feel pretty blue. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Octofuji said:

    That feels like a real blow to Atamifuji's hopes. Kirishima's beaten Takakeisho 4 out of the last 5, and I think Hoshoryu would have been a tougher test for him.

    If it's any consolation, scheduling Kirishima vs Atamifuji was the nail in the coffin of Takakeisho's hopes, so after the tournament Takakeisho and Atamifuji can go somewhere, split a 40 of whisky, and bitch about the lousy match makers.

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  9. Ah, I see where you're coming from. Also, I was thinking that Takakeisho might have a bit more give in the standings than he does, but looking at it now, he cannot possibly win. It's either Atamafuji or Kirishima with the yusho. The best he manages is the jun-yusho. 

    Interestingly, had they not scheduled Kirishima vs Atamifuji, Takakeisho would have still had a shot. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Leoben said:

    Maybe I'm misremembering, but didn't someone on the judging committee say they wanted a strong result to consider promotion? If that's the case, it should rule out 11-4 as a promotable score. 

    Someone on the committee will always declare something like this. Eventually we all learn that it doesn't matter. It's a sort of back-handed encouragement. If Takakeisho ever gets back-to-back yusho, he will get promoted. But sadly he won't be getting that this tournament. 

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