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  1. Benevolance

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2016 ** (SPOILERS)

    So, Goeidou just needs 4 wins tomorrow to keep his tsuna hopes alive? It's doable, right?
  2. Benevolance

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2016 ** (SPOILERS)

    I personally love how Hakuho drops two matches on a basho returning from injury (one of them against a rikishi with the second most winningest record versus Hakuho, no less) and the forum consensus quickly shifts to "something's wrong!" or "he's not quite ready for intai yet!" as if being in the yusho race simply isn't considered good enough sumo from him.
  3. Well, he's 24 years old in metric measurements. In American Imperial, he's, um, about 78 years old.
  4. Benevolance

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2016 ** (SPOILERS)

    And that reason is because he can't make yokozuna. I'm rooting for Kise, though. Ever since NSK started that series of obviously photo-shopped images where Kise is relaxed and smiling, I've been won over by his charm.
  5. Benevolance

    What happened with Homarenishiki?

    He got hit so hard by Konishiki in training that he changed his shikona to Homarefuji.
  6. Benevolance

    Training question

    Ha ha! Good catch!
  7. Benevolance

    Training question

    For those that followed the Homarefuji fiasco, there is a good training video with moto-Konishiki going over pushing techniques with the new guy. Given the number of coaches in some heyas, and the fact that only a couple guys can actually be wrestling at the same time, I assume this sort of stuff is happening all the times on the sidelines.
  8. Benevolance

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2016 ** (SPOILERS)

    Yeah! If you take away Hakuho's unparalleled technical abilities, uncanny ring-sense, ability to intimidate opponents, and ruthless competitive edge, he's just another mediocre wrestler coming back from injury! How'd this schmuck even ever beat Goeidou!?!?!
  9. Benevolance

    Quote of the day-Kyushu 2016

    Did Kaisei really answer this prior to his match with Hakuho? Because if so, that's hilarious he considered himself a foregone conclusion!
  10. Benevolance

    Fukuoka street sinkhole incident

    Yeah, but Germany doesn't have Gundam construction bots to help out. It's not a fair comparison.
  11. Benevolance

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2016 ** (SPOILERS)

    I suppose there is a slim chance that Hakuho might have to wait until Nagoya to break the record, but I find it very unlikely.
  12. Benevolance

    Get yer hands down-Kyushu 2016

    Every matta should result in a round of butskari keiko with Hakuho or Harumafuji during the following jungyo...
  13. Benevolance

    Viewing keiko Dec 26-Dec 31st?

    I have a friend visiting Japan in December and January, and unfortunately he will be out of Tokyo before the basho starts, but he'd really like to watch some sumo. The dates that he's in Tokyo are Dec 26th to Dec 31st. In Canada, that'd be like trying to arrange stuff during Golden Week, but since Japan doesn't celebrate holidays in quite the same way, I'd figured I'd check for him... Are any stables likely to be hosting open practices that visitors can come watch during that time frame? Any recommendations on guides for a sumo tour?
  14. Benevolance

    Preparations of the masses -Kyushu 2016

    Dammit. All the good jokes were taken when I got here.
  15. Benevolance

    Wild guesses thread Kyushu 2016

    Though perhaps unlikely, given his M5 ranking, I would be content to watch Shohozan face-palm Goeidou out of the ring again.
  16. Benevolance

    Wild guesses thread Kyushu 2016

    Goeidou is denied the yusho and his yokozuna hopes are dashed by Kotoshogiku, who picks up his second yusho.
  17. I'm sure Chiyotairyu could have pulled something to get it done, but I really can't envision him going forward with it.
  18. Benevolance

    Questions For Kintamayama

    Kintamayama, why hasn't your band written a power ballad about Ikioi and Okinoumi?
  19. Benevolance

    Raiden Tameemon

    Yeah, he posted as 'skepticalsports' on the forum.
  20. Benevolance

    Hakuhou kyujo!

    See, when I ran the original text through google translate, I got, "Good for 5 yusho a year and all the macarons an oyakata can eat!"
  21. Benevolance

    Potential Forum Meeting May 2017, updated to May 2019..

    My wife and I did all fifteen days in Kyushu and we really enjoyed going every day. But that was in 2012 and sumo wasn't quite as popular, and Kyushu is usually under attended. On the week days, we could simply walk up and buy box seats in the morning. Those seats were the best, because we were surrounded by elderly people that wanted to play with our one-year-old son the whole time, leaving us free to enjoy the basho.
  22. Benevolance

    Potential Forum Meeting May 2017, updated to May 2019..

    Why would anyone stay to senshuraku? Hakuho's usually wrapped up the tournament by Day 10...
  23. Benevolance

    Hakuhou kyujo!

    I'm really surprised that Hakuho wasn't able to at least pick up a win or two while sitting out the tournament. It's a disgrace. He should retire.
  24. Benevolance

    YDC convenes after Aki 2016

    But, because the YDC is such a stickler for tradition, Goeidou will still be Kadoban for November.
  25. Benevolance

    Basho Talk - Aki Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    I'm confused by these results. Is Goeidou on an ozeki run now?