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    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

  2. Benevolance

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Oh, man. I remember that. I believe I snorted my 酒.
  3. Benevolance

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    I exercised my electoral powers. It felt kind of weird picking out Goeidou as the top prospect on a poll, but here we are. The future is a crazy place.
  4. Benevolance

    Takakeisho injury update

    Maybe he'll get lucky and face Goeidou 10 times this tournament?
  5. Benevolance

    Would you throw the Zabuton???

    I typically go watch in Fukuoka, and it's difficult to lob the zabuton because...I feel like I made a post about this? I DID!
  6. Benevolance

    Next Yokozuna??????

    Please do not mistake my comment for an endorsement.
  7. Benevolance

    Next Yokozuna??????

    As self-appointed director of the Goeidou fan club, I feel obligated to remind you all that Ozeki Goeidou exists.
  8. Benevolance

    Osunaarashi scandal

    Maybe he's getting a drivers license.
  9. Benevolance

    Dangerously close to the third rail...

    Does anyone know why Akebono was chosen to do the dohyo iri over Takanohana? I mean, geez - Takanohana had 18 yusho at that point, to Akebono's 9, and he was a solid yokozuna. Was it simply because Takanohana was injured at the end of Hatsu 1998? He annoyed the YDC too much? It always seemed odd to me that Akebono was favoured for the role. And, you see, with how much the organization has complained about Hakuho's antics recently, I can kind of envision this shit show errupting where, say, newcomer yokozuna Mitakeumi suddenly gets the nod for the Olympics and two days later his body is discovered near a bloody karaoke remote.
  10. Benevolance

    How will this era end?

    I kind of expected either Goeidou or Takayasu to take advantage of the current power gap and get the rope. Goeidou isn't any younger than Hakuho or Kakuryu, but he's demonstrated in the past that he can step up at the right time and he's won before. Takayasu hasn't won, but is 4 years their junior and has been steady in the sanyaku. The past year seemed like it would be a gift to them but...I guess years of battling genuinely tough opposition has left them as chronically injured as the current yokozuna. Goeidou, especially. I mean, he could probably string together two jun-yusho and they'd tie a rope around it and shower him in magic fish.
  11. Benevolance

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    I disbelieved you about Mitakeumi. But I looked it up and it's true. This kid had seriously better get his crap together or else I'm going to start a Mitakeumi fan club.
  12. Benevolance

    The young generation (japanese rikishi only)

    Even Onosho's picture looks disappointed in his performance.
  13. Benevolance

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    I miss Harumafuji because I feel that right now there isn't a rikishi that quite emulates his style of wrestling.
  14. Benevolance

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    So much for my new car.
  15. Benevolance

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    I suspect that Onosho is simply demonstrating regression back to the mean. I, too, have noticed that whenever Hakuho doesn't win, someone else seems to win. I've tried to notify the local papers of this conspiracy but they don't appear to be taking me seriously.
  16. Benevolance

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    I hope Hak wins. I mean, eventually he's got to run out of family and friends he can give cars to, and then he'll give one to me.
  17. Benevolance

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    This is good! This is sad! So I had to split the different on my react.
  18. Benevolance

    Lower Division Schedule Reform

    They could solve the scheduling problem simply by doubling the number of wrestlers in each match. Maybe two each side, kind of like a doubles or team match. If either one of you is defeated, your side loses. They'd still wrestle one on one, but maybe if you get caught in a particularly dangerous morozashi or something you could tag your teammate for help. And they should enclose the entire dohyo in a cage to reduce the risk of falling injuries while they're at it. The cage might also prevent wrestlers from bringing in objects that could be used as weapons, like ringside zabuton or chikara-mizu ladles...
  19. Benevolance

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    But what would they say? Kakuryu was the sole yokozuna, he showed up everyday (despite an injury?) and was involved in the yusho race until near the end. Mission accomplished. I honestly thought Kakuryu would take this one, but kudos to Asanoyama for his consistency.
  20. Benevolance

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    Nor indeed in their merchandising prospects.
  21. Benevolance

    Abema TV all sumo live

    For the past week, I've been unable to find a server on my VPN that is not content-blocked by Abema. At first I assumed my IP was bleeding somehow, so I tweaked a few settings. But all the online diagnostics are convinced I'm in Tokyo; it's only Abema that is blocking content. I'm assuming now that Abema is flagging the IPs, unless anyone has other suggestions?
  22. Benevolance

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    According to the script I stole from the kyokai, Tochinoshin does not take the yusho. He gets his ten wins, but not before suffering one loss, and then he lets up a bit because, "hey, job accomplished!" and Kakuryu takes another win off him to move two ahead. Kakuryu drops a win, letting Tochinoshin close within one, but Kakuryu goes strong the rest of the way and finishes 14-1. Tochinoshin finishes 12-3.
  23. Benevolance

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    My money is on Goeidou Tochinoshin or Kakuryu as the contenders for sure, and I give Kakuryu the tie-breaker because he's....right on schedule for another yusho this tournament or next.
  24. Benevolance

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    This is probably one of the weakest sanyaku in a long time, and Tochinoshin really looks like he intends to take full advantage of it.
  25. Benevolance

    Trump coming to the basho

    Maybe Japan will get lucky and it'll rain.