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  1. Congratulations Jejima!
  2. Torideyama

    Class Dismissed Hatsu 2020

    Wakatake, No problem. This is my first time playing, and didn't know how it worked. Glad you are well. Yoohoo
  3. Torideyama

    Class Dismissed Hatsu 2020

    Wakatake, Are you OK? Or did you give up do to lack of participation? Just checking. Yoohoo
  4. Torideyama

    TORCHBEARER 2020: invitation, rules, and your picks

    shimodahito, Just to be sure you have my pick Rikishi - Yutakanami Rank - Juryo 9 West Thank you. Yoohoo (2019 Yusho Winner!)
  5. Torideyama

    TORCHBEARER Banzukes ... finally

    I saw this coming. Really good showings by the top of the banzuke means really bad banzuke luck for me. In almost any other year, a yusho would have put me in Sanyaku, but with everyone winning above me, it was not to be. I wonder...if I can manage to get back to back yushos, would I make Ozeki? Probably not, but one can dream. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Yoohoo
  6. Torideyama

    TORCHBEARER 2019: the picks, torch match notices, results

    Nantonoyama, Thank you. A truly unbelievable yusho. Yoohoo
  7. Torideyama

    TORCHBEARER 2019: the picks, torch match notices, results

    Let me first apologize to all of the players who have much more talent than I do at playing Torchbearer. I especially apologize to Fujisan, who score points during the year, and also scored points for both Rank and Rikishi. Well done. I accept this yusho (my first an only in any game after 20+ years of playing sumo games) with this one sentence speech: It IS sometimes better to be lucky than good. Best holiday wishes to all, and I hope to compete with all of you again in 2020. Yoohoo
  8. Wolfgangho, Hope and pray that all turns out well for you and your family. Torideyama / Yoohoo
  9. Chishafuwaku, Thank you for looking out for me. I am happy! Yoohoo
  10. Torideyama


    Achiyama, Glad you are OK. I am traveling now, much like you do. Looking forward to playing, and trying to do better this basho. Thank you for a fun game. Yoohoo
  11. Torideyama


    Has anyone heard from Achiyama? The basho is right around the corner.
  12. Achiyama, At your convenience, please credit my day 14 points to the standings chart. I have a big hole where a 38 should be! :) I think the fact that I also had 38 points on day 13 might have thrown you off. Thank you. I am sorry I have been on mostly autorobot this basho. I have moved to a new state and job, and getting settled has taken a lot of time. Great game, thank you for letting me play. Yoohoo
  13. Achiyama, No, don't do that. I too enjoy everything about this game, including your commentary. I was simply having a little fun. If I offended, I am sorry. BTW, the "I love you man" comment comes from a very old beer commercial that you might not have been familiar with. Again, in jest. You should know that I dropped out of all sumo games a few years back. This is one of only two that I play now. Please keep it going. Torideyama
  14. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww man! My very first Golden Bonus, and Achiyama misses it. I am crushed! :) I love you man! Yoohoo
  15. Achiyama, I submitted a second entry just now. I am assuming that you can see the time stamps and tell which one is later. If this is a problem, e-mail me and let me know. Yoohoo