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  1. Achiyama, Thank you for a fun and easy to play game (Survey Monkey is great). I haven't played any daily games in years, but I have two wins in two days so far, which is exciting. Just wondering how often you post the current standings, if at all. Thanks again. Yoohoo (Torideyama's alter ego)
  2. Torideyama

    TORCHBEARER 2019: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Yoohoo says: Ura J7E
  3. Torideyama

    Doreen Simmons' Passing

    Mark Buckton is reporting on the Sumo Mailing List that the venerable Doreen Simmons has passed away. If anyone can confirm this, and post any arrangement information, it would be appreciated. Emmett
  4. Torideyama

    TORCHBEARER 2018: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Ura Juryo 5W Thanks. Yoohoo
  5. Yeah, and then you mess up Yoohoo (Yahoo). :-D
  6. New Banzuke Abiko - makushita 4E Torch starts just 4 places above where it started last basho. Masutoo - ms24E He probably won't see the torch unless he can start 4-0. But my ms2W rank pick is in a good position, if the torch stays near the top. Good luck all. Gambatte! Yoohoo (Torideyama)
  7. And that's the ballgame. East Makushita #46 Chiyoarashi(5-0) oshidashi East Makushita #54 Masutoo(4-1) West Makushita #24 Nishikigi(4-1) uwatenage West Makushita #7 Kizenryu(5-0) No way for Masutoo to get into any more Torch bouts. Have to hope Kizenryu drops the torch to a low Makushita, or it will be headed to Juryo. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Yoohoo
  8. chishafuwaku (Order, order!)
  9. Torideyama

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    In all the years I have watched sumo, I have never seen the day end with a fusen. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened, but I would be guessing that this is the reason for the adjustment.
  10. Torideyama

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    Really?Might be last basho you are seeing. Hmmm! I saw it earlier...maybe it was automatically awarded but later removed by Doitsuyama manually. Either that or I've lost my marbles!No, it was definitely there. And the Kyokai has now reduced his career kinboshi total from 2 back to 1 as well. OK, so if Yoshikaze doesn't get a kinboshi for winning by forfeit, then I am assuming that Oosunarashi doesn't get one either for winning by fusen. Right?
  11. Torideyama

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    Looking at the replay, I still haven't seen the blow that would have caused this severe of an injury. Hoping for a good recovery! If you will look closely at the replay, it happens immediately at the tachi-ai. Yoshikaze and Harumafuji crack heads and that apparently is when the injury occured.
  12. Torideyama

    Future Yokozuna as tsukebito

    Ahem... OK, I stand corrected on that point :-). Still can't imagine Hakuho ever having been Kobo's tsukebito... And I would still guess there have been cases of Yokozuna who never had a sekitori above them in the heya. In any case, I was trying to say that I don't agree with Itachiyama that its a given that most Yokozuna have been tsukebito in their careers, and I think the original question of who, if any, have done so is a valid and interesting one... I tend to agree with krindel. Kobo had been in Juryo for 2 years before Hakuho even started sumo. I would expect that by then, unless one of his tsukibito retired, that he would have a fairly stable quorum. Of course, I "may be" completely off base with that assumption. BTW, this has been a fun discussion. Thank you.
  13. Shimodahito, Welcome Back. Two bashos left. I don't like my chances of retaining my lead. Too many good players with too many good picks in Juryo. May take some sumo luck to win this one. Gambatte!! Torideyama
  14. Not sure where shimodahito is off too, but here are some intermediate results from this basho. As of day 10 the standings in this game remain unchanged, as none of the matches this basho (by my count) had either rank or rikishi that was picked by anyone. So the standings are still: 10 points - Yoohoo 2 points - wildcard 35 players with 0 points Here is what has happened so far: Day 2 ms58w Kiriarashi retained the torch against ms58e Shinohara Day 4 ms58w Kiriarashi passed the torch to ms57e Kotokino Day 5 ms57e Kotokino passed the torch to ms60e Suzako Day 7 ms60e Suzako retained the torch against sd3e Okoryu Day 9 ms60e Suzako passed the torch to ms50e Rikishin Which brings us to Day 11 where ms50e Rikishin meets ms39e Kotodaigo I will be on the road the rest of the week, so I am sure shimodahito will catch us up at the end. Cheers! Torideyama (Yoohoo)