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  1. Torideyama

    Class Dismissed Haru 2021

    How sad to go 8-7 and finish last!!!!!!!!! :) Thank you Wakatake for a fun game, and glad you returned safely from your travels. Yoohoo
  2. Torideyama

    East vs West Haru 2021

    Wakatake, Please have a safe trip. I want to make public this request, you can check upon your return. I would ask that you please recheck my Makushita Bonus number. You have me for a 3, and I was sure I picked a 5. If I made the mistake, and 3 is correct, so be it. But if it was a 5 then you can adjust it when you return for the results. Thank you. Yoohoo
  3. Torideyama

    Class Dismissed Haru 2021

    Wakatake, WIth the withdrawal of two heya, and other possible kyujos, my team may be faulty in some way. I am traveling, and may not be able to make the corrections in time. I authorize you, if you would, to make an replacements to my lineup as needed by pulling the lowest ranking wrestler from Juryo and Jonidan as appropriate. If more than one replacement is required, just move up the banzuke as needed. Thank you for the game, and thank you for the assistance. Yoohoo
  4. Torideyama

    East vs West Hatsu 2021

    I am very humbled to have won a Yusho in this game. I certainly did not gambarize, as I skated with my drone lineup all basho (while I was having a blast at Disney World Florida all 2nd week). But as I said last year when I won the yusho in Torchbearer, it is sometimes better to be lucky than good. I hope to do better next time. Yoohoo
  5. Torideyama

    TORCHBEARER 2021: the picks, torch match notices, results

    Nice Masks. I have a couple of sumo ones that Gaijingai's wife Gaijingal made for me. People look at you funny when you wear them! LOL!
  6. Torideyama

    East vs West Hatsu 2021

    Yes, please.
  7. I received no e-mails at Did I mistype the address?
  8. Torideyama

    New game! -What's that Acronym?

    Ability beats intuition.
  9. Torideyama

    East vs West Hatsu 2021

    Wakatake, Because of the kyujos, shouldn't the bonus game point spreads be adjusted also? If so I go with M - 9, J - 6, and m-5. Yoohoo
  10. Torideyama

    Class Dismissed Hatsu 2021

    Wakatake, Please add Arauma (jk25W) to my main team. Please make Hidenoumi my sekitori alternate. Thank you. Yoohoo (Torideyama)
  11. Torideyama

    New game! -What's that Acronym?

    I guess this game died a quiet death! So did I win Shodai?
  12. Torideyama

    Class Dismissed Hatsu 2021

    Because Miyaginobeya is out for the basho, I resubmitted my picks today (removed Enho). Please make sure that you use the latest submission. Thanks. Yoohoo
  13. Torideyama

    TORCHBEARER 2021: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Please confirm that you have my picks via e-mail. Thank you.
  14. Torideyama

    New game! -What's that Acronym?

    Some humble Ozekis decline all interviews.
  15. Torideyama

    New game! -What's that Acronym?

    Hopeless Americans Keep Using Henka Ovations!