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  1. AsaMoe

    Former German Amasumo WC participant on German TV

    For those, who are interested: he lost clearly against Stefan Raab, scoring a few victories in long jump and soccer.
  2. AsaMoe

    Intai of Asamoe

    Unfortunately, i do not have the time (and pleasure) anymore to follow sumogames regularly. (I am not worthy...) I will still follow the bashos, but will not participate in the games any more. Thanks to all worthy competitors (for me) and the better ones.
  3. AsaMoe

    Natsu 07 Day 1

    We will talk about this, young lady.
  4. AsaMoe

    Stream (Natsu 2007 Edition)

    I had also problems (actually no chance) to see Juryo, but 9:15 around there was no problems. Despite a lot of Frenchs in the chat. Is there also an english-speaking chat or it is now obligatory to speak French ?
  5. AsaMoe

    Very relieved.....

    Funny as it is, i just switched on the computer after two difficult weeks at work and wondered, how i could make my game entries and was shocked, that all games were already closed. This gives me the opportunity to think a full week over all entries. This will be my best basho ever B-)
  6. AsaMoe

    New ISP banzuke

    No ! I was hoping for free slots :-( Nontheless: ;-) :-S Hakaso :-P (Clapping wildly...)
  7. AsaMoe

    ISP anyone?

    Another experienced sumo gamer, who fails to make mk this time. The chance for some banzuke luck seems good this time.
  8. AsaMoe

    ISP anyone?

    (Nodding yes...) :-) I have no clue, how you are doing this. This time, a Kachi-kochi could give you a huge rise in the banzuke. Edit: i was just checking, but the bout Kotooshu - Tochiazuma was 93-38 for Tochiazuma. This CLEARLY was a mistake by the guessers (including me of course).
  9. AsaMoe

    Day 4 results and day 5 pairings

    I already reserved the weekend of the 21/22.07 and ordered food and water. Which weekend should i reserve for this event ?
  10. AsaMoe

    Day 4 results and day 5 pairings

    You will not give me a hint before that ?
  11. AsaMoe

    Day 4 results and day 5 pairings

    I already asumed so. Of course i want the "meek" database, but of course it is to big to transfer and i assume, that there is some intellectual property in it. But i am still curious, so can you tell me, how big it is, how many tables you have and some more properties ?
  12. AsaMoe

    Day 8 results and day 9 pairings

    Surely you are right, but as you also did not expect, that they are already one loss or two losses, there is still some probability, that they will lose against another one.
  13. AsaMoe

    Day 4 results and day 5 pairings

    Just one question: Can you do these query with Hakkeyoi or do you have databases for your own ?
  14. AsaMoe

    If not Asashoryu....then who?

    No fair chances, i mus say. To win 100 for sure (and assume, that none of the others can win) i still have to pay 133. Fair dealers offer for 107. Looking at the odds right now, it looks like Tochiazuma still has only a small chance. In this day ISP Tochiazuma-Kotomitsuki match 2 third voted against Tochiazuma.
  15. AsaMoe

    If not Asashoryu....then who?

    Knowing, that he will definitely win much more than the minimum number and talking of intai otherwise is not very Yokuzuna-like. I personally do not like sandbaggers and even though they are quite common today, Tochiazuma should not have said so (if this is really the case)