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  1. If Goeido kept his career for Haru 2020, there could have been equalized the modern era record (since 1958) for most Makuuchi Yusho winners on the banzuke. It is set on 11 by the crowd from Nagoya and Aki 2000 (Kotonishiki, Takanohana II, Akebono, Mitoizumi, Musashimaru, Takanonami, Chiyotaikai, Dejima, Musoyama, Takatoriki, Kaio). With Tokushoryu´s Yusho and Goeido´s intai we will stay on 10. It is anybody´s guess whether the current "change of guards era" will evolve firstly into intai of somebody else from the current crop of Makuuchi Yusho winners (Hakuho, Kakuryu, Terunofuji, Kotoshogiku, Tochinoshin, Mitakeumi,Takakeisho,Tamawashi, Asanoyama, Tokushoryu) or into Yusho for a new name.

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  2. With Goeido´s departure from rikishi career, the 2006 Aki basho has become the most recent tournament in which all the divisional Yusho and Sansho prizes were awarded to already retired rikishi. Goeido was the last standing active rikishi, winning the makushita yusho in this tourney (Asashoryu in Makuuchi, Takanowaka in Juryo, Wakamifuji in Sandanme, Akiyutaka in Jonidan and Satsumariki in Jonokuchi). The Sansho recipients were Kisenosato (Shukun-sho), Harumafuji (Kanto-sho) and Aminishiki (Gino-sho)

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  3. With Mitakeumi´s Yusho we will probably have 8 active Makuuchi Yusho winners on the banzuke this Aki Basho (Hakuho, Kakuryu, Terunofuji, Kotoshogiku, Goeido, Kisenosato, Tochinoshin, Mitakeumi). The last time we had so many winners on the banzuke was in Nagoya 2009 after Harumafuji had won his first yusho and before Dejima declared his intai (in that time the winners were Chiyotaikai, Dejima, Kaio, Kotomitsuki, Asashoryu, Hakuho, Kotooshu, Harumafuji). The modern era record seems to be held by Nagoya and Aki 2000 with 11 winners (Kotonishiki, Takanohana II, Akebono, Mitoizumi, Musashimaru, Takanonami, Chiyotaikai, Dejima, Musoyama, Takatoriki, Kaio). The opposite record was established between Aki 2011 and Hatsu 2012 with only 3 winners on the banzuke (Hakuho, Kotooshu, Harumafuji).

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  4. It has been mentioned during the mentioned match, that "the Brave Blossoms" first line is known for using a sumo training methods. Maybe other rugby teams might take it as a best practice;-).

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  5. Since Onosho is being a spoilsport and cleared out Tier 1, might be interesting to have a note of the currently highest ranked rikishi who is younger than him?

    Not sure if I did the query correctly, but seems like Takayoshitoshi is the current Top Tier 1 potential candidate at Sandanme 6, and seems close to moving up, since he comes from three KK.

    Takagenji is relatively close at Sandanme 23, although he was even closer last basho and ended up MK...............................

    The younger Takanohana twins are setting the base for renewed Tier 1 this basho.

    By the way we have yet another guy younger than Onosho, who might be interesting to watch as the potential yardstick holder and that is Sato also from Takanohana beya.

    As it has not been mentioned yet in this thread let me remind that all existing Tiers last basho produced one promotion to Juryo with Tier 2 Horikiri/Abi, Tier 3 Kawanari/Amakaze and Tier 4 Ishiura.

  6. With Goeido´s promotion to Ozeki, I´ve looked at statistic about changes in Yokozuna/Ozeki ranks (i. e.: ozeki promotion/demotion, yokozuna promotion, intai) since 1958. What surprised me is that average number of bashos without such a change is 2,65. I would expect much more stabile environment in upper echelons. The same average number of bashos since 2002, when I started to follow sumo, is 3.

    BTW, if I am correct, by far the longest tenure of stabile bunch of Yokozunas and Ozekis is 21 bashos since Hatsu 1995 till Natsu 1998 (more than 3 years!) with Akebono and Takanohana as Yokozunas and Wakanohana, Musashimaru and Takanonami as Ozekis. It started by Takanohana´s Yok promotion and ended with the Yok promotion of his brother.

  7. With Yoshikaze finally being promoted to Komusubi for his 48th Makuuchi basho, Toyohibiki has become the most experienced maegashira rikishi with no sanyaku appearance with 38 basho in Makuuchi. He is followed by Tamawashi (29 basho) and Kitataiki (28 basho).

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  8. This makes Hokutokuni the most recent yusho winner (meaning not only Makuuchi one) who has already retired. He won Sandanme yusho on his post-injury way up in May 2011. Of course it was not regular Natsu Basho but the "Technical Examination Tournament" following The Scandal which made a bunch of yusho winners to retire. Most recent of them being Kasugao who won in Juryo just in Hatsu 2011.

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  9. I had watched this on TV and thought he had quit. In the record of Kyokutaisei the 2011 Haru basho is missing. Nevertheless he rose in rank from Hatsu basho to Natsu basho according to the result from Hatsu. What kind of rule is this ?

    You can´t find the 2011 Haru results in the record of any other rikishi. It didn´t take place because of the yaocho scandal in Juryo. Remember? B-)

    Edit: too late (Laughing...)

  10. Tomorrow is a judgement mandatory retirement day for Iwatomo oyakata. The ichimon most crowded with kabu prospects - Dewanoumi - will have one spare kabu with lot of guys wanting it. Who is going to be the lucky one? How about the first intra-heya choice - Tochisakae? That might free Tochiozan´s Kiyomigata share for loan outside Kasugano. Would it be interesting for Kakizoe? Or would it make another transition station for Musashimaru?

    And exactly in 3 weeks there will be another mandatory retirement - this time Tatsutagawa from Minato beya within Tokitsukaze ichimon. Would that share go to Homasho?

  11. what inthe name of Confucius H Buddha have the eastern europaeans been doing this time?

    Baruto out

    Kotooshu out

    Aoiyama 0-6

    Tochinoshin 0-6

    Aran 0-6

    Gagamaru 2-4 glory day

    Kokkai out and possible demotion from Juryo and retirement?

    any link?

    How far reaches your east? Takanoyama? (A brave rikishi...)

  12. The worst crunch is definitely going to be felt at Dewanoumi-ichimon, even with 4 free shares by April 2014.

    Exactly, even now there are 9 candidates for these 4 shares within Dewanoumi ichimon with 3 more prospects in line. That´s why Kimurayama, Hochiyama and Sagatsukasa should keep on going as long as possible if they want to remain in the Kyokai. On the other hand Kasugayama-Isegahama ichimon will have 2 spare shares by 2013 with no eligible Japanese prospect in close sight. And even Takasago ichimon can provide one kabu share and still having one for Okinoumi by 2013.

    Have I already written that I love these speculations despite possible myoseki revolution on the horizon B-) .

  13. Nice work!

    But you forgot Myogiryu and Tamaasuka as eligible candidates

    Also, I agree that it was a good idea to leave out qualifiying gaijin Rikishi, but I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of them acquires citizenship sooner or later..

    Good catch - thanks. In case of Tamaasuka it was just me overseeing him in my notes. But I forgot to add Myogiryu into the list after his Komusubi debut last basho. I have edited the original post likewise.