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  1. Pikenoyama

    World Cup Day 6 stuff

    At least second I guess - in the 1994 W.C. in the USA there was a group I would call "two pairs group" - one pair was Netherlands and Belgium and the second one was Saudi Arabia and Morocco. The second pair looks much like the today rivals to me (Clapping wildly...) .
  2. Pikenoyama

    World Cup Day 4 stuff

    This match was worth of 16 years of waiting for playing in the World Cup (Nodding yes...) . And Rosicky
  3. Pikenoyama

    Kotonowaka's Retirement Ceremony

    I can see how that could work pretty well. Just keep one of your early opponents tied up in the middle of the dohyo until the remaining competitors are sent to bed by their parents... My dear - this killed me:-D (On the banzuke...) :-) !!
  4. Pikenoyama

    Taiwan and possible Mongolia Jungyo

    Than Shuzan is here to stay for another year (Laughing...)
  5. Pikenoyama

    Tamanoi Blog

    I was correct with Shibuya, but you're right that on second sight you can recognize Tooyama as well. Thanks a lot to Madorosumaru for all this "Tamanoi job". (I was stupid...)
  6. Pikenoyama

    Futeno's blog

    Yes, of course (excluding typos) (I was stupid...)
  7. Pikenoyama

    Futeno's blog

    He looks more like Fujishima oyakata, nee? (I was stupid...)
  8. Pikenoyama


    I know that it may be way out of what the brain is saying but as: a) this is so rare situation, that nobody can be sure what will happen b) nobody chose this option c) working on my GTB entry, one of the good ways how to solve the absence of appropriate candidates for promotion to the middle maegashira ranks was to bring Bart to M9 I vote for "Even higher!" and form the line to tell me why not (Sigh...)!
  9. Pikenoyama

    Day 5 comments

    I watched this match (thanks to Dale (Nodding yes...) ) several times. I liked very much that Yoshikaze although being partly out of control of his body made that final jump up to be sure that Shuzan will step out first. This made him fall over the steps on the dohyo in an acrobatic way. Sumo time (Thinking in depth...)
  10. Pikenoyama

    Day 2 pics Hatsu 2006

    I'm just little pissed off that those guys congratulating each other defeating Asa...as of they have already yusho at hand or something...... No offence but wasn't mentioned in the Rikishi talk, that Asa was congratulating to Kasuganishiki after his win over Kokkai on day 3? And how about take it from another perspective - can you imagine how high the Caucasian duo must appreciate Asa, that they celebrate victory over him in such a manner? (Applauding...)
  11. Pikenoyama

    Le Monde du Sumo #13 - 2nd anniversary

    Thanx Doitsu for advice. It didn't work for me before either but now it's OK. (Showing respect...) By the way respect to the French team for great work as always. I love to practise my French reading abilities through sumo. (Nodding yes...)
  12. Pikenoyama

    Le Monde du Sumo #13 - 2nd anniversary

    Cannot download it. What is saved on the hard disc is a PDF file of 135 KB, which cannot be visualized. Am I the only one. (Showing respect...)
  13. Pikenoyama

    Roho's interview from Hatsu 2005 in Russian

    It definitely works for me (Lifting weights...)
  14. Pikenoyama

    September Banzuke

    [You may find them as usual on the full banzuke in this forum. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry for my impatience and thanks a lot (Sign of approval)
  15. Pikenoyama

    September Banzuke

    Thanks Kinta-san for posting the banzuke and for having the English Makushita banzuke on his site (as stated in other topic) :-D . Since Bandey's full banzuke in English is my only source, can somebody please ease my mind by telling me where the ex-Juryos Kotonomine and Tochifudo has ended for this turney (upper Sandanme for both of them?). Thanks a lot for any reply (Eh?)
  16. Pikenoyama

    Featured Rikishi - Kotonowaka

    Hey all Sadogatake fans, where are you - am I the first one to reply to this topic (probably thanks to the time-zone I'm in :-O ? OK so some basic statto - born on 15th May 1968 making him the oldest sekitori (followed by Otsukasa and K-zakura), with declared place of birth in Yamagata prefecture. Mae-zumo basho in Natsu 1984 (I was 6 then (Sad goodbyes...) ). Came to Juryo in Nagoya 1990 and in Kyushu 1990 he appeared for the first time in Makuuchi. After one tournament spent again in juryo he came back and is holding the longest uninterrupted streak in makuuchi since - 87 bashos already. He came to Sanyaku in Aki 1993 with his best rank being Sekiwake. His most common foe in Makuuchi among the active sekitori is Tosanoumi (31 matches) followed by Kaio and Dejima. The most favorite opponents for him (by percentage of wins) might be Tamakasuga (16-1) and Toki (14-2). On the other side stays not suprisingly the ozeki trio. OK guys enough of boring numbers from me and I'm looking for the stories and insights from the rest of the pack, although I doubt that there is something, that hasn't been said about him on this forum :-( .
  17. Pikenoyama

    Do not miss!Save!

    Ama looked so exhausted after holding Tokitenku
  18. Pikenoyama

    Miscellaneous Quotes II

    (Applauding...) Great comments!! (Applauding...)
  19. Pikenoyama


    As I went through the older bouts, I found the bout in Kyushu 2003 between Asasekiryu and Takekaze. It was won by Takekaze and the kimarite was hansoku. I found in the Sumo Glossary that it means that one of the losing foe made some illegal move. I remember the famous Asashoryu's pulling of Shuzans hair in Nagoya the same year but I didn't remember this one. I wathced the movie of this bout and it was the pulling of hair as well. This brought me few questions: how often is the hansoku result declared? Is it quite exceptional that it happened twice in three tournaments in Makuuchi? Is the hair pulling the most common one? Any reply is highly appreciated (Sign of approval)
  20. Pikenoyama

    Christian wrestlers.

    This is always difficult to say, as the senzus statistics (what people declare) and the reality might be quite different. The fact is that I've heard the same about Czech aetheicism (IIRC China was first and CR second). With this fact not being just a legacy of the Communist period - much longer history in this respect (the protestant Husites movement in the 15th century, forced change to catholicism or emigracy of protestants after 1621 win of Habsburgs - so no clear identification with the "monarchy/state church").You can see that for example in Poland comunists could not do much about the strong position of the church. Slovakia should have bigger number of believers than Czechs as the church had traditionally stronger position there. Have no idea about Takanoyama. I've read some interviews with him but none of them saying anything about his religion (so Shiroikuma might be the answer ) Sorry for going further (I am not worthy...) (Showing respect...) .
  21. Pikenoyama

    Day 6 lower division results

    Takanoyama's bout is kind of funny while looking at his physics comparing with his foe and at his cattiness as well. I'm glad that he's doing so well in mid makushita. I'm rooting for him as he is my compatriot. But still this video haven't convinced me about his staight rise through the ranks as more experienced rikishi would show him where the doors are very quickly. Hope Ama can work for him as a role model as I don't believe in him bulking up too much even with a possible help of Shiroikuma :-P . Anyway go Pavel go this basho - our ice-hockey team may inspire you (Sign of approval)
  22. Pikenoyama

    Toki's pre-Takasago history?

    Oh I see. Thanks a lot for explanation (Holiday feeling...)
  23. Pikenoyama

    Toki's pre-Takasago history?

    As I'm going through the older records of rikishi, I found that Asashoryu fought two times in Makuuchi with Toki (Nagoya 2001, Natsu 2002). As now they both belong to Takasago beya and therefore should not meet each other on the dohyo except for kettei-sen (sorry Toki, not your case B-) ). So I suppose that Toki came to Takasago from other heya :-P . Never heard about it and would like to! So if anyone can put some light into it, I'll be glad (Sign of approval) .
  24. Pikenoyama

    Kotoryu intai+

    Might be of no interest, but Kotoryu started his Ozumo career in Haru 1987, the same basho as Takanonami and as we know now he will be intai 1 year later than his maezumo collegue. ;-) to both of these oyakata prospects.
  25. Pikenoyama

    Kotoryu intai+

    That's a shame - I'll miss him not being around. (Sign of disapproval) What is more important as many already said is his health getting better. By the way will he be on the next banzuke or not? ;-)