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  1. amgaa99

    Juryo Promotion for Nagoya

    Go Hoshihikari. Go. Thanks Jonosuke FYI
  2. amgaa99

    Day 12 pics Aki 2006

    Who is this women?
  3. amgaa99

    Kaio Natsu 2006 : encouragement messages

    GOOD LUCK. Your best fan, Amgaa Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  4. amgaa99

    a mongolian told me...

    It is true. I have read Kyokushuzan's interview. He said, I will retire after jungyou in Mongolia in August 2006.
  5. amgaa99

    Prediction of banzuke

    Asashory Yokozuna Tochiazuma Ozeki Kotooshu Hakuho Ozeki Chiyotakai Kaio Ozeki Miyabiyama Sekiwake Kotomitsuki Ama Komusubi Kekutenho Please, full banzuke of makuuchi and Juryo
  6. amgaa99

    Prediction of banzuke

    Thank you very much. It is very interesting. All mongolians are located above in list. Maybe Mookonami wiil debut in makuuchi, isn't it?
  7. amgaa99

    Prediction of banzuke

    Why someone don't post prediction of full banzuke of May?
  8. amgaa99

    Kaio crucial week-end : "more message please"

    Good luck dear Kaio. You must to make KK. I believe you. Amgaa Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  9. amgaa99

    A new recruit from Mongolia

    Wow. Talking about me. Maybe this Amgaa is me. (Dohyo-iri...)
  10. amgaa99

    Who is winner?

    Taking in account the psychological condition of yokozuna (Applauding...) I expect that he will loose to one of them, but most likely (Punk rocker...) he still will be able to win the Cup. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> EROOLOOR BOLOG>
  11. amgaa99

    Who is winner?

    After 11th day: 2Lost - Asashoryu, Kotooshu, Wakanosato 3Lost - Tochiazuma, Kaio, Kokkai, Takamisakari Who is winner? This is very interesting situation? (Applauding...) Can Asashoryu win Tochiazuma and Kaio?
  12. amgaa99

    Nagoya Basho Forecast

    I have few questions. 1. Is it possible there is a only one komusubi in Nagoya? 2. Can Hakurozan debut in makuuchi in Nagoya? 3. Can Kotomitsuki became ozeki in next basho of Nagoya? How many wins enough to became ozeki?
  13. amgaa99

    Natsu Basho Forecast

    Where can I see other full forecast?
  14. amgaa99

    Natsu Basho Forecast

    Well, if anyone was going to post a forecast, I am sure they won't bother now. Your "please hurry up" comes off as a bit rude. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You are so right. Maybe I would have written here, but suddenly I have an urge not to do so. In any case much hinges on the number of Sanyaku, so I will just enter the GTB and forget about it until the banzuke is out. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So sorry about this words. (Blushing...) /My English is poor that I know few English words./
  15. amgaa99

    Natsu Basho Forecast

    I have no version. I am the newest fan of sumo. I prefer to see version of others. :-)
  16. amgaa99

    Natsu Basho Forecast

    Who has the full banzuke forecast of next basho? In Makuuchi and Juroyu. Please hurry up. It is very interesting situation.
  17. amgaa99

    Banzuke Haru Basho 2005

    Where is the full banzuke? Please.
  18. amgaa99

    Hakuho vs Chiyotakai

    Haha. I really surprised and enjoyed in this bouts. Good win. (Clapping wildly...)
  19. amgaa99

    Hakuhou West Komusubi

    Zentoryu is very beautiful women, isn't it?
  20. amgaa99

    Wakanosato's quest for Ozeki

    I really hope, Wakanosato will promote ozeki. Go, wakanosato go, You can it.
  21. amgaa99

    KaioU in Tokio

    I really hope, he will promote yokozuna. Go Kaio, go. You can it.
  22. amgaa99

    Asashoryu vc Hakuho

    If Hakuho will win, I will be happy. And about yusho winner is very interesting.
  23. amgaa99

    Hakuho won!

  24. amgaa99

    Hakuho vs KaioU

    However I am fan of Hakuho, but today Kaio must win. It is first step his yokozuna promotion. I hope Kaio became yokozuna.
  25. amgaa99

    Will Kaio become Yokozuna?

    maybe is best answer of this poll.