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  1. My biggest concern is that with the prevalence of foreigners in the high ranks of sumo, sumo is slowly bleeding oyakata that used to be formidable rikishi. I have written elsewhere about the sharp decline in the number of former Yokozuna that the Kyokai is facing (when Kitanoumi and Kokonoe retire, there will be only 5 left, unless someone manages to convince one of the current ones to stick around, which frankly doesn't seem all that likely).

    Keeping the likes of Daido and Sagatsukasa as oyakata is fine, and keeping Kyokutenho and Wakanosato is essential, but for me, the focus should be on making sure at least some of the foreign Ozeki / Yokozuna stick around. And if there's a kabu shortage, I somehow think it might end up detrimental to any such effort.

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  2. Good news indeed about Kyokutaisei. Do you know if new Oshima oyakata will re-open the heya ?

    Unless they waive the rule for him, he'll have to wait a minimum of one year. I would guess it'll be at least early 2016 before we hear any official talk about the matter.

    If he were allowed to leave with all the former Oshima-beya rikishi, that would really put Tomozuna-beya in a very bad situation, they would be left with basically only Kaisei and some rather uninspiring low rankers.

    On the other hand, the downside of his longevity as a rikishi is, of course, that he is in a rather advanced age for a fresh oyakata, so if he plans to re-open Oshima-beya he might prefer to do it sooner rather than later.

    But, as you say, in a year a lot can change...

  3. The problem with the Terunofuji / Kotoshogiku situation is that when the stats are so overwhelming there's no point in arguing the matter. Maybe Terunofuji threw the bout, or maybe he lost it fair and square, but the fact still remains that no one would have reasonably bet money on Kotoshogiku losing that bout. When the first kadoban Ozeki gets demoted by losing his final bout, that might change, but until then, all senshuraku bouts like that are going to be treated with very reasonable suspicion, if not outright derision.

    On the really historic issue of this basho, though, I am really sorry to see Kyokutenho go, but when its your time to go, its best to deal with it with dignity, and I think he has more than enough of that. He had an admirable career, and I am quite certain he'll remain an inspirational figure as an oyakata for the years to come.

  4. I wonder if they will start charging Ikioi a ticket next time he is in the M1-4 region. After losing to already MK Toyohibiki, he looks pretty determined to repeat his 1-14 from the last time he was there.

    Funny part is he actually looked better as a Komusubi. Its really frustrating, because he does look like a guy who should be making some more noise in the jo'i... No idea if it's injuries, a bad mentality or just me having a too optimistic appraisal of his skills, but I would hope to see him do better soon.

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  5. For what it's worth, I used the word "wildcard" because it's so very unclear - we don't yet know if they're going to end up in a position where they might want to retire, and we also don't know if they actually will retire in case they end up in that position.

    My personal guess is that Wakanosato will definitely retire if he is set to be demoted (which won't affect the number of available slots though, unless he gets a stay-worthy 6-9 and decides to call it quits anyway), Kotoshogiku will probably hang in at least for the sekiwake repromotion shot as that's been the strong trend with the recent ozeki, and I absolutely have no idea at all about Kyokutenho - the way it's being talked about in the press indicates he won't stay on for juryo, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if he decides he wants to ride it out until the bitter end (i.e. dropping to makushita).

    Kyokutenho has the "Never been demoted to Juryo except for punishment" card, so if he gets demoted he might not want to spoil that, but indeed, noone knows, he not the most predictable of guys or he'd be Oshima oyakata for 3 years already.

    As for Kotoshogiku, he'll probably try for the ten just for honor's sake, but its been a year since he last managed to get those 10, and one year before that since the second-to-last time. And its not even like he had the 10 wins easy even when he was completely healthy, so I'll be shocked if he can manage to pull that one off.

  6. Wakanosato's intai is coming closer and closer as he also lost today against Dewahayate visiting from Makushita.

    At 3-9 he normally would need to win all 3 remaining bouts to remain in Juryo.

    ...and his veteran friend Kyokutenho just maneuvered himself in the same dangerous situation.

    I really hope he can pull off one more veteran vintage vengeance in his last 3 bouts to celebrate his 41st birthday in the top division in September. Gambareee!!!

    I seriously doubt he could pull that off any more ;(. It seems that time has finally caught up with him. Only question is if he'll call it quits, or fight on in Juryo.

  7. Just to be clear:

    a) I never said I believe that Tochiozan will get the 14-1 Yusho (as Kintamayama pointed out his past performances don't inspire any sort of confidence he can finish so strong)

    b) I don't believe he SHOULD be promoted to Ozeki, just like I didn't believe Goeido should have, and just like I thought Terunofuji's promotion was a tad premature (although thankfully he is proving more than deserving, I can't help but wonder if he would have gotten the nod with the exact same results, but without the lucky jump from M2 to S on a 8-7. Would a M2 8-7, M1 13-2, S 12-3Y have been enough?)

    What I am trying to point out is that it seems to me that the rules for Ozeki promotion seem to have become very personalized lately, so who knows?

  8. If he does succeed in taking a 14-1 Yusho, I'd be surprised if they DON'T promote him, first Japanese yusho in ages and all. After all, most of the latest Ozeki promotions have had "special considerations" involved.

    I can't see that happening (that promotion, that is) - even with the slightly relaxed standards of the last few years I highly doubt they'll promote somebody on the basis of just one ozeki-worthy tournament result.

    I do hope you are right, as (just to be clear) I don't believe that he should be promoted. But with a (completely hypothetical) 14-1 Yusho he'd have 32 wins at M1 - K - S, wins over most of the Ozeki - Yokozuna (bar Terunofuji) and the first Japanese Yusho in forever. I am afraid that the slippery slope of relaxing the standards after every promotion to accommodate the next one can stretch far enough to cover him in that case.

  9. Just a question. Coudl Tochiozan rise up to ozeki rank at the end of this basho?.

    Sorry for my ignorance, I´m just begining to learn how this works. :-P

    Usually 30+ wins over three basho as Sanyaku are needed to be considered for promotion. Terunofuji's promotion was an exception of this rule, but Tochiozan isn't likely to break it this time.

    If he does succeed in taking a 14-1 Yusho, I'd be surprised if they DON'T promote him, first Japanese yusho in ages and all. After all, most of the latest Ozeki promotions have had "special considerations" involved.

    Yusho co-leader Tochiozan after 10 days? Why yes, I'll have some of that, please.

    And him having noone above M1 left to fight...

  10. He's now 1-4. There seems to be some sort of feeling that a 5-10 record, depending on the records of other rikishis, could possibly drop him out of makunouchi. I believe that with a 5-10, the NSK will definitely keep him in the top division. I have two reasons for this. First, it's rare to demote a rikishi to a rank lower than the difference between losses and wins. An M11 rikishi with a 5-10 record may possibly be demoted M16, but not lower. But more importantly, sumo fans love the fact that an almost 41 year old rikishi is still active at the highest level. They want to see him continue in makuouchi for as long as possible. If the ranking committee decides, based on a 5-10 record, to demote him to juryo just before his 41st birthday and possibly end his career because they think someone deserves a makunouchi ranking more, you are going to hear an enormous public outcry. Sumo has regained much of its popularity recently and such a stupid action by the NSK which has done much to improve its PR among fans, would go a long way toward destroying some of its credibility. If they care to alienate loyal sumo fans, choosing to demote Kyokutenho to juryo when he could have stayed in makunouchi would be an ideal way to do it. :-|

    I am as big a fan of Kyokutenho's as any, and would love to see him fight on for as long as his feet can hold him. What I definitely don't want to see is him hanging on to makuuchi well beyond his expiration date, with other rikishi handing him wins out of respect for the "old guy" and the NSK taking forced decisions in the banzuke making process to keep him around for just another basho or two.

    He has had an amazing career, one that he can definitely look back on with pride. He is a model of perseverance for younger rikishi, and if he has to be demoted, I'd really really prefer to see him go with his head held up high rather than see him stay "for the popularity of the sport". Its a favor he doesn't need, and I agree with Asashosakari, if he is demotable on senshuraku, I would hope he will just take a bow, make an appointment with a pair of scissors and exit stage left to the applause he deserves.

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  11. Tochinoshin must have done something really bad to annoy the powers that be. This is not the first time he has been blatantly short-changed.

    I am very angry. Hulk angry. I am now as one with Tochinoshin. I will guide him metaphysically to Ozeki from here on.

    Well, at least he can take comfort from the fact that (as mentioned) he's the 3rd that stayed an M1 with a 9-6. The two others became Ozeki. Also, there were 4 others that got a 15-0 in Juryo. All became Ozeki.

    So seems like our veery own Hulk will not need to do too much to guide him to Ozeki, it is a historical imperative :)

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  12. Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for about a year after rediscovering Sumo! I was a big fan of Terao twenty-five years ago, when sumo was broadcast here in the UK, and it's taken me this long to find the online community.

    I've no idea if my shikona makes sense - it was generated phonetically from a meaning of my real name. I think! I want to join some of the games too. See you around :)

    Welcome to the forum (Welcome...)

    As for your shikona, don't sweat it, I have always found that making sense is very overrated

  13. Intended as a repository of pointless bits of trivia I or others find, particularly while browsing the database. It happens a lot between basho.

    In a total of 5 basho since the 15-day era began, the last match was between two undefeated rikishi. Twice it was Taiho vs. Kashiwado, and they split the matches. All matches featured Y1e. No such match was a playoff (theoretically possible between stable members). Harumafuji is the only one to appear in such a bout that was not a Yokozuna at the time.

    No other Day-15 matches involving 2 14-0 rikishi have occurred. In Haru 1996, there was a 6-0 match in Jonidan on Day 15, but two other rikishi were also 7-0 from previous days. Incidentally, a few basho in each direction in that time period there were many Day-14 6-0 matches in the lower divisions, but none that basho and one on Day 15 instead. Only one Day-14 6-0 match took place outside that 1995-1996 window.

    Wow... To be honest I really didn't realize at the time what a rare occurrence that 2012 Hakuho - Harumafuji match was...

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  14. 3 times as much votes as last time (if that rule is new this year because 3 votes allowed per voter - per day, much like the NSK poll each basho).

    Which basically means that any bored 15 year old or suitably reimbursed person can vote to first place anyone they set their sights on... Remember Aran's last basho and his first place by a huge margin in the NSK poll?

  15. Welcome to the forum and to sumo fandom!


    Don't worry about the whole terminology business, just remember there's a very handy glossary to help, and if in doubt, you can always simply ask.