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  1. Add a right shoulder to Osh's list of non-functioning body parts. His chances of avoiding kadoban just took a big hit.

    My actual worry is that he might continue when he shouldn't because of the talk about his kyujo in May and the withdrawals of Baruto and (especially) heyamate Kotoshogiku...

  2. The vicious pineapple has clearly been selected to be the next Yokozuna.

    Even assuming the whole "NSK is pulling the strings on all matches" theory has validity, I seriously doubt that three Mongolian Yokozuna in a row is in any way a goal towards which the NSK has reasons to work for.

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  3. What's the deal with Okinoumi? Cured some secret injury? Received some tip from Yoshikaze about coffee brands? Switched places again with his twin brother who gladly returns to his old job at the pet sanctuary?

    He managed to steal back the Sacred Mawashi of Power that Tochinowaka had stolen from him a few basho ago.

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  4. The crowd seemed to applaud Takanoyama regardless. I hope he does really well this basho though I'd like to see a bit more judo in his sumo.

    He is an oddity, and like all oddities he provides welcome diversity and entertainment, so people like him. I think he deserves it too, since the effort he puts in is spectacular sometimes.

    Of course, if by some miracle he were to begin rising up the banzuke, we'd be seeing much more of the "henkas are disrespectful" attitude from the crowd. Then again, Aran is HUGE and he's still there despite all the henkas...

  5. Bart's knee must be killing him. Chances of him dropping out of the tourney? On his rematch it looked like he couldn't generate any power.

    With 2 loses on record in day 3, and that malfunctioning knee, his chances of a KK start to look slim. I guess he probably should go kyujo to avoid aggravating his injury.

    Unless of course his fellow Ozeki are planning a rescue mission for week 2...

  6. Still a bit early to call, but Kisenosato looks in good shape, maybe in good enough shape to spoil Harumafuji's chances for a party before he even reaches Hakuho...

    Of course, this is Kisenosato we are talking about, always capable of shining one day and falling on his face the next one :-)

  7. Hello everyone,

    Been a lurker to the forum for ages, and decided that its about time I joined.

    I am from Greece, have been watching sumo for 3 years now, and owe a deep debt of gratitude to this forum for teaching me more than half of what I know about the sport!

    Thanks to everyone

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  8. So the gyoji is responsible for calling the winner, but the shinpan are the ones that have to stop the fight? Is that true even in cases of throws and when a rikishi flies completely off the dohyo?

    Sorry for the newbie question, but I want to make sure I understand this correctly...