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    Retirees after Hatsu 2016

    I'll take it you mean mid makushita, as anyone would be really happy to get sekitori (maegashira) pay for 10 years or so :). To answer your question though, there is a large number of rikishi that are not really "professional athletes", but still feel themselves part of the sumo world. They live in a community that has a place for them and a job to do (even if its sort of a servant position really), a community that feeds them, houses them and provides them with medical insurance. Not to mention the fact that for a lot of those guys its really all they have known. Take for example Hanakaze, the oldest active rikishi. The guy has been a rikishi for 30 years. Goes without saying that since in all those years he has a career high rank of Sandame 18, banzuke-wise he has consistently been going nowhere fast, but do you doubt that he feels his heya like his home and family by now? And even when he retires, the heya will probably keep him around in some role, or arrange for a job for him through a koenkai or something... And, of course, there are also some guys that are bouncing around in mid makushita that still have a bit of potential, and maybe for some of them it feels worth it to try to make it to sekitori even at a relatively advanced age.
  2. People simply forget that not every yokozuna be can like Hakuhō, Asashōryū, Takanohana or Chiyonofuji. No, not everyone can be a dai-yokozuna, but its generally better if they can scrape up a double-digit basho more than once a year, and feature in the Yusho discussion more than twice in an entire 12-year sekitori career. I don't think anyone can seriously argue that Kotoshogiku's career so far has been even remotely Yokozuna-worthy... Lets not get carried away here... The guy had one excellent basho in a 26-basho Ozeki tenure. If he can follow it up with a similar one, he sure deserves to get the rank, but he'll need to really up his game to a whole different level from what he has shown over the last five years to do so.
  3. I am also quite happy to see Kotoshogiku win one. He has never been one of my favorite rikishi, but one cannot help but admire both the decent way in which he has served the Ozeki rank all those years, and the way he fought through all his injuries last year to reach this point. Of course I don't think he has the potential to become a Yokozuna, but if there is one rikishi that keeps proving my personal predictions wrong time and time again it is he, so who knows? :-) By the way, I also want to point out that Kisenosato's chances of getting a Yusho and even the tsuna just increased by quite a large amount, now that a portrait depicting a Japanese rikishi is already being ordered for the Kokugikan.
  4. krindel

    Rikishi Who Died While Active

    OK, ok, this is pretty morbid... :) but an interesting question! Why would they have to cut it? What do they do with it afterwards? I would guess they leave it on, because the important thing is the gesture, when the rikishi leaves behind the times of rikishihood, symbolized by his chonmage, and then moves on, growing some hair elsewhere in life. And of course naturally a dead person can't do that. But I'm just guessing here Would somebody tell us more about this tradition? :) I remember reading somewhere that in the late Edo period, when a samurai was killed away from home, his topknot would be carefully cut and delivered to his family together with his sword. I don't claim to know that this piece of historical trivia is accurate, but if it is, it wouldn't surprise me if something similar might be applied to a deceased rikishi.
  5. I wonder which version of "crocked" appllies here :P
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    Recognized Sumo Authorities or Experts

    Despite the very unfortunate hijacking of this thread, I would really appreciate if anyone can contribute regarding the original question of Pandaazuma. I would also find an answer very interesting.
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    Welcome to the forum! (Welcome...)
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    An spanish sumo supporter.

    Hola, y bienvenido! (Welcome...)
  9. I wouldn't bet on the completely demoralized 4-10 Goeido we have seen this basho to defeat a motivated 7-7 M14, let alone a Kotoshogiku gunning for a historic Yusho. I believe that if Kotoshogiku loses, it will be 100% a failure of his mental fortitude and nothing else. After all, the expectation surrounding him right now must be enormous, and unlike Kisenosato, he hasn't really have had to deal with this at all up to this basho. After all, who would have realistically thought he would be the one to reach this point first? I still recall what happened to Tochiozan found himself out of the blue in that playoff against Kyokutenho, ready to become the hero.
  10. krindel

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2016

    It has been a while. :-) And after Tochihiryu's failed Juryo adventure today, it will be a while longer it seems
  11. I for one have not been intrigued by Goeido in his ozeki tenure. So far he has not managed 10 wins in a basho as an ozeki yet. His lackluster performance runs very similar right now to another former ozeki who's promotion was not without it's controversy. For what its worth, he needs to win two out of his last three to not fall behind Miyabiyama in win % as an ozeki... He is currently 3rd worse in the postwar area, ahead only of Daiju and Miyabiyama by a very small margin.
  12. krindel

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2016

    Now that's a nice mess with two makushitans threatening automatic forced promotions at the same time... Has there ever been a case with two simultaneous 7-0 promotions from Ms to Juryo? I assume if there is it would also involve heyamates, or they'd be forced to fight each other, but don't know how one would go about looking for it :-).
  13. krindel

    Kanreki dohyo-iri

    Given that access to that sort of thing pre-2005 and the advent of video-sharing is never easy, I have doubts if something like that is widely available online. Of course maybe someone around here has a privately collected video they can share, you never know :).
  14. krindel

    Hatsu 2016 Rikishi Status - Day 15 MIA

    Don't know what the medical plan is for oyakata, but its possible that everyone involved feels he might be better off taking his medical treatment as an "active" rikishi.
  15. krindel

    Then & Now V

    I voted for Tamaasuka, Takekaze, Asasekiryu and Tokitenku to say goodbye. Tamaasuka seems to be gone already, not sure why he hasn't retired yet, but I can't imagine him sticking around in Ms much longer. Maybe he plans to fight it out once more basho or so, see if he can make it back to Juryo but if he fails, I think its scissors time for him. I was suprised that Asasekiryu survived the last year, but I'll agree with everyone that I can't see him managing yet another surprise to survive 2016. Takekaze and Tokitenku are more "gut feeling" cases, they are both hanging on for now, but something tells me they are quite likely to fold during the year. Injured Tokitenku is more likely to go than Takekaze, admittedly. For the Makushita guys, they are always a mystery. Once a former sekitori decides to stick around in Makushita and has stayed there for two or three years, it will probably take an injury or a job offer to get them to retire, and who knows when that might happen?
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    Happy Birthday, Profomisakari

    My best wishes to you! (Birthday!)
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    Happy Birthday, Asojima!

    A bit late (as always) but a very happy birthday to you! (Birthday!)
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    Hi there!

    A warm welcome to you! (Welcome...)
  19. Not really hypothetical. The part about him not wanting to give up his Mongolian citizenship to become Japanese has been pretty obvious for a while now, otherwise he probably would have done it already. So he would like to have Japanese (and/or Mongolian) law changed for his benefit. I believe you are deliberately misrepresenting my point. I never said (nor from what I can tell did anyone else in this conversation) that he wants to change the law, I said he doesn't want to give up his Mongolian citizenship which is necessary in order to become Japanese, hence he is lobbying to be accepted as an oyakata without having to change nationalities. I have no problem if you disagree with what I said, but please do me the courtesy of disagreeing with what I actually said, and do not attribute to me points of view I never expressed.
  20. krindel

    Hakkaku rijicho

    No surprise there... Isegahama is older than Hakkaku, runs a wildly successful stable and its reasonable that he feels that if he doesn't manage to force a "change of guard" now, he'll not get a chance in the future. And, as far as former Yokozuna go, there are only three in the 50-something year-old group now in the Kyokai (Hokutoumi, Asahifuju and Onokuni). I think that if any of those three has any ambitions to rijicho-hood, stands to reason that they'll want to make a stake for the "crown" for a term before the 40-somethings (i.e. Takanohana) inevitably leapfrog them, or before the changing times bring some radically different, and more corporate-style management arrangement into sumo.
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    Happy Birthday, Wamahada!

    Probably late to the party once again, but all the best from me as well! (Birthday!)
  22. Not really hypothetical. The part about him not wanting to give up his Mongolian citizenship to become Japanese has been pretty obvious for a while now, otherwise he probably would have done it already. The part that is interesting in what I read above is that he seems to be starting to openly lobby the Kyokai to allow him to become an oyakata regardless of citizenship.
  23. Interesting... As there is no mention (once again) of any intention to switch nationalities, sounds like he really is lobbying the Kyokai to change the rules and accept him as an oyakata without having to become Japanese.
  24. krindel

    Sumo app

    Big fan of Kyokutenho, and have a great respect for Wakanosato, but neither was exactly Mainoumi's successor when it came to technique. Out of those 3,561 bouts I doubt there are a couple of hundred worth revisiting for anything other than historical value.
  25. krindel

    Oosunaarashi situation

    Someone should post this photo on instagram and see how many people can guess "Sumo Wrestler" just by looking at it :P