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  1. Probably also they want to avoid reporters etc cornering any of the rikishi and pressing out even more dirt or gossip. Of course anyone who would want to tip off the media about something can do so online but I'd guess they want to avoid any additional publicity. The heya is in enough turmoil as it is.
  2. Tamagaki looks like a regular Winston Wolf arriving to the scene.
  3. Will Miyagino be allowed to participate in the heya life, training etc as an advisor of sorts or is he completely cut off from his own heya? The latter would be quite rough for him imo.
  4. I'm also curious how much time Miyagino actually spent on managing his heya with all the other public and private commitments he has. Somehow I feel he probably wasn't too involved, not because of lack of interest but lack of time. It's all pure speculation on my part but this is the impression I get when I follow all his activities. And if that's how it was, it's no wonder something went wrong in the heya.
  5. dingo

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    It took quite long for Hokutofuji to get the hint! She's a champ for patiently going to see the show so many times Just kidding, they seem to get along really well. I'm really happy for them.
  6. I find it hard to believe that most of the Kyokai is so opposed to Miyagino that they want to kick him out as soon as possible. They might be wary of him, considering they have no idea how Miyagino intends to wield his considerable fame and power gained in various circles inside and outside of sumo. So I tend to go for the simplest explanation and see it as what it says on the box: a punishment for this case and a warning to keep squeaky clean from now on.
  7. A silly thought perhaps but were all Miyagino young rikishi trying to do as well as possible as fast as possible so that they could "escape" to a higher rank and not be Hokuseiho's target anymore? Surely he didn't attempt to bully any sekitori.
  8. I hope that the reports that Hakuho will be demoted, not ousted are true. It would be a pity to lose him over a delinquent deshi. I also hope that Hakuho draws important lessons from this. For one, never let anything like this happen again and react quickly and decisively to any infractions by deshi. He is the oyakata, the ultimate power in the heya after all. And secondly, his status as a dai yokozuna and beyond doesn't count for anything in the Kyokai, especially in cases such as these. If anything they make him more of a target.
  9. dingo

    Futagoyama Beya YouTube channel is great

    I was captivated by the two videos guest starring actor Higashide Masahiro who came to visit the heya, did a bit of keiko and then cooked a meal from wild boar that he'd hunted himself! It was really interesting to see how an outside visitor interacts with the rikishi, and what's his reaction to sumo life.
  10. dingo

    New ozeki Kotonowaka pics overview

    Looking at the fierceness of their head to head bouts, the rival could be Takakeisho. But Takakeisho is in decline and Kotonowaka in ascent, so it'll have to be someone else.
  11. dingo

    Ichinojo intai

    You need to have a high competence in handling scissors well enough to keep the pointy end away from geriatric danpatsushiki patrons so that they don't accidentally cut themselves and endanger their ability to generously patronize many other future sumo events. Also, in case you end up officiating any sumo bouts, you have to commit at least twice as many sashichigae as Kimura Shonosuke, otherwise the Kyokai will send their hit squad consisting of the current sumo school class headed by top hitman ex-Akiseyama slowly jogging after you.
  12. dingo

    Ichinojo intai

    420 seems a fairly big amount of cutters, more than average for sure. Just checked and around 380 were reported for Kakuryu for example. Good for Ichinojo! I'm actually surprised he managed to get hold of a gyoji (or someone dressed up as a gyoji?) to hold the scissors. Did he still get support from a heya for his event?
  13. dingo

    Tochinoshin activities

    The guy in green (a sommelier?) doesn't seem too impressed Still, hope his business goes well.
  14. dingo

    Grand Slams in Ozumo

    But even then they name the basho and arrange them from first to last in a calendar year. https://www.sumo.or.jp/Admission/schedule/ That might be just out of convenience for the public and adhering to calendar conventions, but still shows that the calendar year is the basis for the basho schedule. Even the rikishi themselves always talk about goals for the new year etc.
  15. dingo

    Grand Slams in Ozumo

    Also, Hatsu basho in japanese means literally first basho. It's clearly intended to mean first basho of the year, linked directly to the start of the calendar year. Some other basho names also follow seasons (Natsu, Aki).
  16. dingo

    Tochinoshin intai

    It's always nice to see the danpatsushiki photos of a rikishi especially as popular as Tochinoshin. However the most important news to me is about Aoiyama and Takakeisho. It doesn't bode well if they're even in no shape to show up to a danpatsushiki.
  17. dingo

    New recruits March 2024

    Kiho as well.
  18. dingo

    Kotonowaka Ozeki Promotion

    You're both right, and I am totally happy for him. We have a new exciting ozeki and it seems like he hasn't hit the peak of his potential yet, so it's good times! I sincerely hope he has a long tenure at the top ranks and provides challenging competition for the other ozeki and yokozuna.
  19. dingo

    Kotonowaka Ozeki Promotion

    I guess if he goes kadoban the he can still delay the name change for one basho, just to be sure he's not bringing shame on granddad...
  20. dingo

    Kotonowaka Ozeki Promotion

    First reaction: Second reaction : I really hope that's just words to please the traditionalists and not his real intent.
  21. dingo

    Hatsu 2024 day After pics overview

    Seems like Kotonowaka is even wearing sakura-themed clothes, is that another hint? (or is it another flower, I can't make it out from the photos).
  22. dingo

    Next Ozeki?

    I'd like to introduce you to a certain Mr Takakeisho...
  23. dingo

    Next Ozeki?

    Kaninoyama has a good list. I would add to those already mentioned Gonoyama, who didn't have a good basho (except bulldozing Hoshoryuu), but it was his first makekoshi in makuuchi. I feel like he has the potential to follow his shisho ex-Goeido to the rank. Then there's two dark horses. First of all Hokuseiho, who's struggling right now but if things click for him then purely based on his physical gifts he'd be ozeki material for sure. The second dark horse would be Oho. He's young, but has almost two years makuuchi experience. He has a good sumo body and recently seems to have taken a small step forward in using it more to do more aggressive, forward moving sumo instead of his usual pulling. Whether the 10-5 this basho was the result of newfound skills or just luck remains to be seen but like with Hokuseiho, if things really click then I believe Oho has the potential. Might take a while though.
  24. dingo

    Next Ozeki?

    Kirishima seems a bit on a Kakuryu-like trajectory, taking into account his adjustment time in maegashira ranks before making ozeki. The difference is of course that Kirishima's yokozuna run started much faster.