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  1. i mean a yok rivalry, like Akebono and Taka
  2. history beeing made ! Sumo fans will never forget this: That performance reminded me of Takanohana (could not walk but still won the yusho) Hope he fully recovers and starts a rivalry with Hak
  3. Kisenozua YEAH, no doubts he will get the rope - well deserved !
  4. holy sh!t ! there's a new Yok in town, no matter if he loses or not, he got the Yusho and a Jun before, showed Yok Sumo - well deserved tsuna
  5. Goeido tsuna run next basho GAWD
  6. the Kyokai should urge Kakaryu to retire...before he disgraces the Yokozuna rank even more
  7. kaiyo

    Natsu 2015 Basho Talk (spoiler alert!)

    no mono-ii ? only saw the coverage on UBS, yes Hak fell but was not out first ...
  8. kaiyo

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    Kakuryu never had a change, as a Yokozuna you need to go forward - specially against lower ranks Goeido kubinage was awesome Ichinojo surely will take Baruto's spot, he's our next Ozeki
  9. kaiyo

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    i really enjoyed this basho, glad that Haru finally won a basho again hope Kise can show that great sumo next basho, if he gets another 13-2 without winning the yusho will he still be promoted to yokozuna ? and can someone tell why the crown laughed during the interview ?
  10. Hi, does somebody have a video from this kind of ceremony ?
  11. kaiyo

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    Haku vs. Haru lookes like their last match, this time Haru was the agressor and he lost
  12. kaiyo

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    Haku's stomach slap was kinda ... cool - innovative that more like it !
  13. kaiyo

    Kyushu 2012- All Videos

    i noticed Haku's elbow again right away - BOOO Haru lost - lets see how confident he's now...
  14. kaiyo

    Videos Aki 2012- Days 1-15

    epic last bout, Hakuho gave everything is it possible to add the interview with Haru ?
  15. kaiyo

    Videos-Nagoya 2012-Days 1-15

    yes that a regular price ! together with the "cow trophy" ... (Laughing...)