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  1. Oh man, the tottari on HMF was nice, very very smart. That "I was just doing my sumo" surely hides lots of studing his oponents and training
  2. ... and Kaisei, for sure I just don't get the "Endo Hype" - the other new guys are much more promising. And Endo isn't a "new guy" with his 26y - Myogiryu was S with lots of sansho with that age. And for God's sake! We're watching history being made with the GOAT (I somewhat dislike the term... maybe GoS "God of Sumo" is better). We're truly lucky guys
  3. Well, second kyujo in 3 basho as Yokozuna for a 31y old guy. Not looking good
  4. Our Kaisei is back on track with a win that pratically stops Gagamaru's ozeki run... best luck to him next time! Now Kaisei only need 4 wins to go back to his right place Kaisei is in pain - right knee, I think. I believe that in good health he would be a contender for makuuchi's yusho (even being in juryo)
  5. Here in Brazil we have the NHK live sumo coverage in our most common cable carrier (Net)
  6. Kaisei is ON FIRE! He destroyed Azumaryu while trying some new kimarite, something obscure called yorikiri (I'm not sure it is in the official kimarite list)! Just 5 more wins to go!
  7. Yeah! Second win for Kaisei, with a very inovative kimarite (yorikiri). Now, just six to go!
  8. First win for Kaisei, seven to go
  9. Hey! A felllow Brazilian! Nice to meet you! I'm the older guy with a very worst english :D
  10. ... well, kind of a moral/ethic conflict. I follow the advice of a guy called Allan Costa, an entrepeneur from Brazil, to that kind of question: 1. Will it be alright if everybody knows that you did that ? 2. Will it be alright if another person did the same thing that you're thinking about doing? 3. If you would be remebered by that action only, you would feel alright? If you answer no to any of the three questions, you should think better about your actions.
  11. I've been watching for almost 6 years, just after Natsu 2011 because of Kaisei's 10-5K and the press it got here in Brazil.
  12. One thing is sure: he won't get to 2020
  13. Sure a thing. We always must remeber that Sumo isn't (just) a contact sport. It's much more: a tradition, a way of life *and* a contact sport.
  14. This one is really good, thanks!
  15. I hate that extra-shoves but in this specific bout it seemed like something between old buds,something like "this one I won and we'll crack one with the boys later".