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  1. bettega

    Araiso activities

  2. bettega

    Promotion/Demotion/Yusho Discussion Aki 2020

    Kiribayama the lucky komusubi?
  3. Surprisingly enough, Baraka proved them right
  4. bettega

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    You are not alone there
  5. bettega

    Ridiculous Predictions September Basho

    be careful what you wish for...
  6. bettega

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Okezi first. He'll need a lot to get back there, more than the 33 usual wins
  7. Abi got one basho so no extra slot right now.
  8. bettega

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    Any chance of Ozekihood to Shodai? He has 32 wins last 3 basho and 43 last 4 basho. If he and Mitakeumi win tomorrow he'll get a nice 33 with at least a D
  9. bettega

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    I found him resorting to brute force. Not good in my opinion
  10. bettega

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    Who is who?
  11. bettega

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    Thanks both of you! I'll edit the post. Is there any photo of Kaisei and his wife?
  12. bettega

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    Kaisei married (Edited: But this is not her wife, it seems to be the ownser of sumo_kumi channel giving Kaisei congratulations)
  13. Is there any info about Kaisei having a kabu?
  14. I think both conclusions may be right. He was most effective in a weight that his body couldn't support for long/heal properly. Aoiyama seems to be a similar rikishi: he has a very thin line of weigth where is most effective. A little above? He gets hurt or slow. A little below? Meh, just a regular M10 rikishi