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  1. Mukonoso

    High flying rikishi

    Sorry, there are just too many threads here for me to follow them all.
  2. Mukonoso

    High flying rikishi

    Not sure what is going on here, but I guess they're just having fun at the beach.
  3. Mukonoso

    Anime, manga & video games

    Any other otaku types here? Fans of anime, manga or video games? Fans of tabletop rpg such as Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons?
  4. Mukonoso

    Chiyonofuji passing

    Very sad. My wife Keiko thought he was very handsome when she was a teenager. 2016 certainly sucks in many respects.
  5. What has happened to Osuunarashi?
  6. Mukonoso

    Sumo for kids Not sure if this will work, but those with access to Facebook may be able to see some photos taken by a friend of mine during a kids sumo tournament in Itami City back in May. I'll look for a way to post individual pics. Where is a good place to host?
  7. Mukonoso

    RIP Muhammad Ali

    He's from my home town of Louisville, Kentucky. I'm still debating if I can brave the crowds downtown to see the funeral procession on Friday.
  8. Mukonoso

    Your computer room?

    I'm a recovering hoarder (father and one sister are worse than me though). I started to get over it thanks to Marie Kondo's book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" (aka the KonMari Method). Hold every item and ask if it brings you joy. If not, then thank it for its service and donate or trash it. So far I've made it through the clothing section and gotten rid of about 3/4 of my wardrobe. Working on selling off many books from my humongous collection. Keeping only the RPGs I definitely want to play again, my WW2 photo histories and the fantasy novels I reread regularly. Paperwork shouldn't be a problem except for my wife not having time to sit with me and go through what she needs to keep, though my personal rule of thumb is anything over three years old is "shred"
  9. Mukonoso

    Your computer room?

    My man cave (aka den) contains a kotatsu, futon, bean bag chair, two TV and my legacy game console collection all the way back to Atari 2600. Also a large bookshelf with my RPG book collection and a large collection of WW2 photo books including several I picked up from Japan showing their images from the period.
  10. Mukonoso

    Haru 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Thanks for the videos everyone. You're keeping a poor country bumpkin in Kentucky current on his favorite sport in the midst of the March Madness madness. Can't wait for college basketball to be over and done with. Next is the Kentucky Derby. BTW, I haven't noticed the Olympic Oji-san in Osaka yet. I hope he's okay.
  11. It'll turn out later on that the whole dice thing was just some rikishi playing Dungeons & Dragons. The informant was just mad that his dwarf assassin rolled a 1 and died of food poisoning at the inn.
  12. Mukonoso

    Sumo for kids

    A friend of mine with the Itami city government told me that their junior sumo tournament (Wankpaku Sumo Taikai) will be held on May 8th at Inano shrine, a few minutes walk northeast from Hankyu Itami station (not to be confused with the Inano neighborhood a couple train stops south). A few years back I posted pics of the dohyo they keep on the shrine grounds. A photo studio nearby also had photos of some pro rikishi that had visited once.
  13. Mukonoso

    Forum Meet & Greets?

    Someday when I'm back in Osaka at the same time the basho is going on, I wouldn't mind hanging out with some other forum members. Most of my Japan trips happen in May though. Until then I'm stuck in Kentucky.