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    TORCHBEARER 2013: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Homarefuji J5e
  2. hoshihitomi12

    Achy Breaky GTB 2012

    Kintamayama - thanks....I will try emailing my picks.....be a shame to abandon ship; I just got on not too long ago..... :)
  3. hoshihitomi12

    Achy Breaky GTB 2012

    I am trying to get my entry in.....however, cannot :(. Is it a PEBCAK (problem exists between chair and keyboard)....or server issue.....or?? Thanks :)
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    Where to begin with mathematics?

    i am NOT a math teacher....but love math and science Do you cook? Math is like following a "recipe", or algorithms. Once you have these down....math still is challenging, but it becomes FUN....something you "need" to figure out and you may not want to give up. Depending upon your age and geographic location; math "problems" may have been used when trying to teach you early math. Think of them as exercises instead....waking up that part of the brain. People who practice math lifelong...have a decreased risk of Alzheimer's Disease....good reason to.......gosh, I forgot what I was going to say.....and what were we talking about? i applaud your lifelong learning... have a good day and enjoy the fun of math....(chemistry is even better) ;)
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    good evening...

    I am new to the sumo world...and this forum. Thank you to the administrator of this fabulous forum--which gives us newbies an interactive place to learn.
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    For our beloved son....

    there you go sumo family!....way to rally around one of your own.....let's keep this family close at heart.....one needs to know they are not alone when tragedy hits....hugs to all of you for being brave and showing this family they have our support...... Kishinoyam, we only have words--but they are sincere from all of us and we hold you up in our thoughts during this very, very difficult time....
  7. hoshihitomi12

    For our beloved son....

    so sorry for your loss........i cannot even imagine how very difficult this time must be for you.....thank you for sharing a small part of your son with us in the form of this beautiful tribute to him....may the peace that passes all understanding find you and hold you during this very difficult time.