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    General Corona Banter

    Having relatives in Sweden, I can share first hand information. Sweden did not abandon their elderly, Sweden did the only logical thing for a country with such low population density. Sweden is not guilty of anything but actually protecting the lives of everybody, who would have suffered greatly having they enforced a lockdown like the rest of the world. Just a small example - if you have a country with 2000 coronavirus-related deaths, which ends up with 200 000 unemployed due to the restrictions, can you count the loss of lives as result of those lost jobs? In time, how many people will commit suicide, how many will suffer from stress-related diseases? It is all very subjective and in all cases, 2000 virus-related deaths are practically nothing compared to the long-term effect, especially in the context of a virus, which will not just go away one morning. People keep comparing Sweden to Norway or Finland, but do compare them to countries, which were in complete lockdown - how about France or even Belgium and Netherlands. Sweden has lower death rate per 1m people. Another thing about the elderly - people over 80 are in danger even if they catch a simple cold, does that mean every winter all the world should go into lockdown? In fact, the number of deaths in Europe from flu-related complications with the over 80s last year is over 63 000 - a third of all COVID-related deaths altogether.
  2. botev1921

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2020

    More likely there will be two as Kotonowaka should get promoted.
  3. botev1921

    natto-sumo game?

    Anybody with idea what happened to the natto-sumo website and the game there? It's not available right now.
  4. botev1921

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    Almost 100% correct here :)
  5. botev1921

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    Not that I often get these correct, but it would only be fair (or at least not too unfair towards anyone) for this to happen: Mitakeumi S Takakeisho Abi K Endo Hokutofuji M1 Aoiyama Asanoyama M2 Ichinojo Daieisho M3 Tomokaze To me the bigger question is will Shimanoumi be stuck at M5 or even just move from West to East to accomodate Tamawashi and Ryuden not being overdemoted. What is the biggest demotion from sanyaku with 4-5 wins since right now all the likes of Shimanoumi, Miogiryu and Chiyotairyu should probably be deserving a higher slot than Ryuden.
  6. botev1921

    Retirees May 2019

    Was there any announcement as to why Torakiou has left? Anything to do with the abuse scandal?
  7. botev1921

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2019

    I would say the match-up tomorrow seals the deal for either Takakeisho or Tochinoshin staying put or trading positions. Takakeisho win and no Ozeki would be a robbery as he deserves it on paper even with 9 wins (33 wins in total over last 3, yusho...come on, they promoted Kisenosato with less achieved over 3 basho). They might as well promote him regardless and open two sakiwake spots. If that happens, I think it is pretty clear Ichinojo and Aoiyama take the spots with Kotoshogiku moving to komosubi and Mitakeumi moving west (with a win).
  8. botev1921

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    It was a disgrace - Onosho was already flying out and it was obvious that there was no pull whatsoever, just as Onosho was falling, Aoiyama's fingers slipped towards his hair. His hand was actually on his back when Onosho started charging towards the stands.
  9. botev1921

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2019

    I have a question as I am not that into historical results and promotions, but if Takakeisho wins a second yusho this next basho, what kind of promotion is that securing him? Is it 100% Ozeki promotion despite only one sakiwake basho and how does that translate into a yokozuna run given he wins two consecutive out of komusubi, which certain yokozuna have not actually ever done? I mean, he wins two yusho out of komusubi, gets to Ozeki and next time out he needs no yusho but 11-12 wins to actually be considered for yokozuna?
  10. botev1921

    New recruits for Haru 2019

    Can somebody post the sandanme and lower div banzuke for January if available?
  11. botev1921

    Courtesy calls by rikishi and oyakata

    Aoiyama posting pictures to his fans in Bulgaria
  12. botev1921

    Banzuke Kyushu 2016

    What is really shocking is Kotoyuki with 10-5 getting merely to M4 while Tamawashi jumping from M6 all the way to K. The only real difference between them is Tamawashi facing one Ozeki...and losing to him.
  13. botev1921

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Natsu 2015

    I didn't know that the three Yokozunas are Intai ! Congratulations to Kisenosato at the top of the next banzuke ;) I don't think that Terunofuji will be O1W.... and I don't believe that Aoiyama will be M2E There was no point in stating the obvious so I just skipped them as they are not going anywhere right now. I wonder if you don't see yusho winning Teru at O1W, which of Goeido and Giku you consider more worthy of being O1W. Both are one of the most miserable Ozeki in history, have not won a single yusho and have not won more than 9 in a year or so. As for Aoiyama, not that I am impartial but in my books 9-6 from M6W is kind of more than 10-5 from M8W...apart from Takayasu I see nobody else really worthy of being M2E.
  14. botev1921

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Natsu 2015

    Is it reasonable to expect the following banzuke: Kisenosato O Terunofuji Goeido O Kotoshogiku Tochiozan S Ichinojo Takarafuji K Tochinoshin Miogiryu M1 Sadanoumi Aoiyama M2 Takayasu Ikioi M3 Kaisei ...and so on or might actually see Miogiryu stay at Komusubi at the expense of Tochinoshin?
  15. botev1921

    Shikona meanings, take 2

    To me the long ones or really short ones have always been very interesting as to what they mean and why are they so long or so short? If someone helps with those, he will really put me to peace: Momochizakura Echizenyama Byakkomaru Tamakongo Goshi Ryusei Daijo Abi
  16. botev1921

    Endou situation

    These people are ridiculous! If the pain subsides??? ACL tear, even partial is always repaired surgically for people who want to deal with any sport. I had a partial tear and without surgery it took me 6 months to fully recover and jog without pain, never mind do anything else. Surgery = 6-12 months rest; No surgery = lingering pain for 6 months and at some point, complete tear unless you stay away from sports!
  17. botev1921

    Haru 2015 Banzuke

    This is just ridiculous. Sadanoumi and Myogiryu both with 9:6 from M8 and somehow they end with a whole rank between them! Sadanoumi should have been M1 at the expense of Ichinojo but I guess they are all about the hype too!
  18. botev1921

    Preparations of the masses-March 2015

    I can't agree that Endo did well with six wins. For someone getting all that prize money and so much attention, six wins will never be enough and he has done that twice now in a matter of one year, meaning he is not progressing enough. His losses to fellow maegashira just show he is nothing but hype at this point. If six wins back in March 2014 were acceptable, a year later they surely aren't!
  19. botev1921

    Kotooshu Intai

    With former Bulgarian footballer, who played in Japan for some time, Iliyan Stoyanov
  20. botev1921

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    Kisenosato was my least favourite guy but for the first time I see him being himself and just getting the job done. Could it be he is not feeling all the useless hype anymore? He did need another overly-hyped rikishi like Endo to distract the attention.
  21. botev1921

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2014

    May I ask where did you hear talk of Endo getting to Komusubi with 8-7 from M5 when there is a 9-6 rikishi from M4 and 11-4 rikishi from M6? This is sumo and not a popularity contest and Endo was patheric in his losses this last basho, surely not worthy of promotion and obviously not ready to handle all the hype. The guy is at least five basho away from being what some are so hastily proclaiming him to be in merely his 9th basho!
  22. botev1921

    Natsu 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    FWIW, the comment I had snipped was a verbatim repeat of the silly LeBron line. I guess even our zombie friend realized how childish a comeback that was and quickly edited it in post #323.And for the record: I only wish I actually understood sumo. :-) That's part of the appeal. Hey as long as you are admitting to not understanding sumo or athletics in general, it's cool with me. LeBron didn't win any titles by being content with 2nd. LeBron won titles because he cheated the system and selected the best team and the best teammates he could possibly get. Why didn't he win a ring with the Cavs if he was so great? Why didn't he go to the Clippers when they wanted him? If he wasn't a coward, he might have won titles that mean something. Rikishi can't be compared to that little "brand" as he did not win shit alone and he would never win anything solely BECAUSE of his efforts! By the way, LeBron has won less rings than Devean George...I would love to hear your thoughts on that little fact!
  23. botev1921

    Natsu 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    I have a question to those more knowledgeable. If two rikishi from one stable become yokozuna, does that still mean they won't be facing each other and was ever a time in history with two stablemate yokozuna?
  24. I am very much interested in the story of this guy - Kasachikara Mitsumasa. He seem to have started sumo when I was still in kindergarten and still participates today at the age of 42. Isn't there some sort of rule regarding certain years of mediocrity before you retire?
  25. botev1921

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    I am sorry, but since when an Ozeki, who has managed just one yusho and ONLY three 11+ basho is worthy of a promotion?