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  1. Morty

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    I thought he had 2 sukuinage as well but one of those was a loss to Kiribiyama. But three throws, or 25% of his wins, is a pretty fabulous improvement.
  2. Morty

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Yep, he looks completely gassed out after every bout and just looks tired in general. Post-covid fatigue? It has been mentioned he has had long covid symptoms. I have had after effects for well over six months since I had it and I'm not a top athlete having to compete against the very best. I wonder how many rikishi have been impacted this way. There are a number who appear to have fallen off a cliff in the past couple of years which may be the result of this.
  3. Morty

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    I think he's a shoe-in with anything more than 13. The Kise precedent is irrelevant here because last basho was a doten, which is a yusho-equivalent, not coming second like a normal J-Y. If he wins here that's two yushos in a row and he has the runs on the board to prove he can keep doing it. Two yushos and 3 doten, plus another 5 J-Y is a solid record.
  4. Morty

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    I certainly did, it was a doozy
  5. Morty

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Since Chiyotairyu retired I have had a vacancy for favourite rikishi, but I think Midorifuji has now filled it. That was an awesome technical bout against Hoshoryu. He's small but he's hugely skilled.
  6. Morty

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    There have only been two ozeki yushos in the past 6 years! - One for Takakeisho and one for Terunofuji. So Takakeisho is at east doing better than the other half a dozen guys who have occupied that rank during that period. But in general it has been a poor period for the ozeki all over.
  7. Morty

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    He looked exactly like this last basho before falling off the cliff and losing three of his last four. At about day five I was convinced it was going to either be Hoshoryu or Takayasu that was going to win it and then the inevitable happened.
  8. Morty

    Tamawashi - the new sekitori veteran

    Fast start, then injury, then intai at the end of the year
  9. I think Hoshoryu and Kotonowaka will get that generational rivalry going which will drive them both to ozeki level, and I think Kiribiyama will also sneak into an Ozeki position as well. I think this will be assisted by Terunofuji not appearing for more than a couple of bashos
  10. I can't see much changing. He'll be a solid ozeki, will win a yusho, but his style won't allow him to be consistent enough to get the rope. I had hopes for that before, can't see it happening now (unless he yushos in January....)
  11. Morty

    Ichinojo - where will he go in 2023?

    He'll keep doing exactly what he's been doing for the past five or so years (but without winning another yusho)
  12. Morty

    Kiribayama's 2023 - on the ascent?

    I think he's ready to take the next step, and will string together three good basho which will get him to Ozeki
  13. Morty

    Yokozuna Terunofuji in 2023

    I think he'll only appear in three bashos. One he'll win. one he'll finish and one he'll go Kyujo in after five days. I think this will be enough to keep him on the banzuke for January 2024. I stupidly said he'd lose three times to the same opponent so as a pure guess I'm going to pick Kotonowaka as that person (even though I don't think thhaat will actually happen).
  14. Morty

    Mitakeumi - see-sawing away....

    I can't see him making a return to Ozeki. But he'll be back to sekiwake. Repeatedly.
  15. Morty

    Oho - the Millennial Valentine 2023

    M1-M3 - I can't see him getting beyond that yet, though the potential is there
  16. Morty

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2023

    Teronofuji will get one at the end of the year, Takakeisho will get one, and newly minted Ozeki Hoshoryu will get one. He will also get one as sekiwake. Kotonowaka will get one at sekiwake, and as a pure guess Ryuden will get one from about M7
  17. Morty

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Add the effects of covid for both. I remember Shodai was described as suffering from long covid, not sure about Mitakeumi. But I know that for me, five months after having it I still have a heavy chest with persistent cough and pretty regular brain fog. Having a bad dose and after effects must be a nightmare for a professional athlete.
  18. Morty

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Kise choked for so long that I eventually gave up hope for him and then when it actually happened it was a huge and pleasant surprise. I'm kind of at the same point with Takayasu, even going into the final day with a one win lead I felt no optimism (which was justified). I thought he'd broken his neck in that last bout and am glad he didn't have to mount the dohyo again. If he ever achieves a yusho I'll be overjoyed, but I have given up hope for it happening.
  19. Morty

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Two grandsons, and one nephew of famous Yokozunae rising to the top of the banzuke, aged 22, 25, and 23 respectively, must be an absolute dream for the Kyokai. In this basho Hoshoryu beat Kotonowaka, Oho beat Hoshoryu, and Oho and Kotonwaka are yet to meet. If those three end up battling it out for supremacy over the next ten years it will be a sumo story for the ages. You couldn't write a better movie script. Now I just hope it happens.
  20. Dang it, my favourite rikishi. I figured the end was nigh based on his recent performances and general decline but this is sudden. He would frustrate me because he could bulldoze anyone when he got the tachiai right, and he was better on the belt than people give him credit for, but he always went for that push then pull routine that everyone knew was coming. But he was an absolute character, a funny interview and had great side burns. I guess I have another reason to visit Japan again, so I can go to his restaurant.
  21. Morty

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Takakeisho basically catching Midorifuji in mid-air mid-henka and just shoving him out was beautiful to watch. And Hoshoryu looks switched on.
  22. Morty

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Most days when I watch the sumo I can get invested in the bouts because I like the rikishi, or there is a compelling storyline happening or similar, but there is usually also one "who cares" bout where I'm not really interested in either rikishi or the outcome of their match. Today that was Azamryu/Okinoumi, but by the end I was completely invested. Great sumo, great bout. Also, beautiful kotenage by Mitoryu.
  23. Morty

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    I hoped it might be but once I watched the slo-mo replay I realised it probably shouldn't be. Presuming they both stay healthy I reckon we are going to see a lot of bouts between these two over the next decade, so plenty of chance for a do-over. The Nephew vs. the Grandson just writes itself as a long term rivalry.
  24. Morty

    Yokozuna Terunofuji in 2022

    Wayhey! My crystal ball worked. Thanks @Jejima for doing these each year, they're fun
  25. Morty

    Preparations of the Y/O

    He looks much older with facial hair