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  1. Chiyonokuni is the next coming of Yoshikaze. Same style, throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, no backward steps under any circumstances. In ten years I reckon we will be talking about Chiyonokuni in the same way we talk about Yoshikaze now
  2. Shodai was really impressive in that win today. He was in a negative position the whole time and yet kept resisting until he had a position where he could win it.
  3. I did. I was saying to myself he was going to henka
  4. Harumafuji looked like he hurt himself there, and Hak didn't look great at the end of his bout either. Could make things very interesting. By the way, Harumafuji threw Tamawashi right on top of Bad Wig Man, who looks like he has got himself a new piece for this basho. It is definitely shinier than previously. He had his other, other daughter with him today and she nearly had an aneurysm when Kisenosato lost, and she wasn't happy about Endo losing either. I prefer it when Bad Wig man stays home, because I get very distracted from the sumo on the days that he is there.
  5. Great catch by Aioyama there while waiting for his bout
  6. On Kisenosato. He finally looks like he has beaten his mental demons. The rope has given him the final confidence to face any obstacle. He has always been hugely talented, but just two years ago he would not have won today, or against Chiyoshoma a couple of days ago. And he definitely wouldn't have beaten Teronofuij twice in one day while carrying that injury if it had been two years ago. He was the Choker who always failed on the big occasions. But not anymore. Every opponent this basho as gone to his weak left side and yet he has mostly prevailed. Against Mitakeumi today he drove forwards and couldn't keep going because he had no power on that left side, and looked like he was in pain too. But he waited it out and prevailed despite the pain. I always thought that, if he could get to Yokozuna he would do a good job of it, and now he is there, he is proving that point. Really impressive showing from a guy carrying that injury.
  7. He just has no power anymore. The Bumpety is ineffective. In the past if he did that to Goeido it would be game over but today Goeido didn't even move an inch backwards. The Geek has been my favourite for a long time, but I think it is time for him to hang it up.
  8. Ichinojo has a stuffed back, and trust me, the pain that comes from a stuffed back, I'm not surprised he loses to all and sundry
  9. Do you mean Bad Wig Guy on the bottom left hand side? He had one of his other daughters with him today
  10. Surprised no-one has mentioned Hak's treatment of Mitakeumi today. A slap, followed by the big arm, followed by the hand in the face after he had won, all the way to the outside. Obviously pissed after last-time and showing him who is boss. Regardless, not worried about Mitakeumi. Even though he is losing as much as he is winning you can see him learning with each loss, and he has ice water in his veins. The guy is going far.
  11. He did but Ura was as dead body as you can get there (considering that he was most of the way through a 360...)
  12. And Endo needs to learn what to do when his opponent grabs him by the throat. Half the bouts he loses are because of exactly that.
  13. I love watching Ichinojo go against Tochinoshin. You know exactly what you are going to get. Two big strong guys on the belt trying to lift the other one out. Nothing subtle, nothing fancy, just brute vs. brute. Brilliant stuff, even if Tochinoshin is too injured to have made a real contest of it. And I'm not sure how Kisenosato pulled that one out but that is the third day in a row his opponent has gone to his left side at the tachiai and he has won two of them so far. Proving himself Yokozuna material in the best way possible.
  14. Teronofuji relies too much on brute strength to the point that he is really vulnerable as soon as he is injured. He gives up the Morozashi way too often to be able to get away with it against top contenders if he is carrying any form of injury.
  15. Kisenosato will do whatever is expected of him to maintain his Hinkaku as the new Japanese Yokozuna. If that means dropping out early he will