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    Rikishi and oyakata commercial activities

    Enho is even co-producer of a mattress, better than Yoshikaze with Magniflex. He tells he's suffering from sleep disorder and that made him join this platinum wave "Hiyaku" Enho version production with the AiAi corporation, that had presented him with this Paralympic kesho mawashi. He now has a contract as image character with them. http://www.kkaiai.com/service/platinum-wave_Hiyaku.html
  2. Akinomaki

    Ex-Taka-twins activities

    Ex-Takagenji apparently is in contact with RIZIN, he watched an event on the 28th and RIZIN declared they are in contact with him, so he may join his brother as MMA fighter after all. On Instagram stories he made some replies to the negative comments he got on the net about allegations he had made about Takanohana-beya on Takatoriki's channel, the heya had taken money for the chanko, 2000 yen per day, Takanohana hadn't talked to him for months after being angry with him etc. https://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/sports/sumou/3828806/
  3. Akinomaki

    Ex-Taka-twins activities

    Ex-Takanofuji (23) today declared in a phone interview that he wants to become MMA fighter. At the moment he's looking for a place to join and is training in the Metropolitan area. He aims to enter a RIZIN event and in the future wants to become a member of the worlds biggest MMA organization UFC. o he lost 50kg and is now at 115kg (about)
  4. Akinomaki

    Rikishi and oyakata commercial activities

    No success, not this Enho beaver, but since September 6th, the company now sells Enho-chanko beaver https://hokka.jp/news/【9-6月発売】大相撲力士の-炎鵬-監修「炎鵬ちゃん/ Unfortunately, no kensho for him in juryo - dohyo-iri at the Aki basho o
  5. Akinomaki

    New Juryo for Hatsu 2022

    from the online press conference of the new recruits in the kokugikan Kitanowaka o o local NHK with part of the press conference vid Shiden o oo Kotoyusho with Sadogatake-oyakata at the heya oo o o o
  6. Akinomaki

    Shikona Megathread: Translations and Trivia

    And plenty of waterfall, taki 滝、瀧 Not just from real names like Takigawa and Takiguchi, also Narutaki
  7. The kinboshi bonus is part of the mochi kyuukin old type rikishi income, paid every basho. As long as the life as a rikishi lasts, it may be paid, but not afterwards.
  8. Akinomaki

    Retired after Kyushu 2021

    Apart from Chiyootori (intai press conference today) topic/chiyootori-intai, ex-juryo Higonojo retires, Kise-oyakata told it to the media today. https://www.sanspo.com/article/20211128-VV3O4EBCMBMDVKFZMHK56QBBBM/
  9. o Y1e Terunofuji (15-0) oshidashi O1w Takakeisho (12-3) o oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o --- Terunofuji zensho yusho--- ooo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o S1e Mitakeumi (11-4) oshidashi O1e Shodai (9-6) ooo o o o S1w Meisei (7-8) oshidashi K1e Ichinojo (5-10) o K1w Kiribayama (6-9) yorikiri M6w Tamawashi (9-6) o M1e Daieisho (8-7) hatakikomi M12e Ishiura (7-8) o M1w Wakatakakage (8-7) oshidashi M8w Tobizaru (7-8) o o o M5e Takayasu (6-9) hatakikomi M2e Onosho (5-10) o o o M2w Takanosho (11-4) oshidashi M15w Abi (12-3) o o o o o o oo M3e Okinoumi (7-8) hikiotoshi M3w Myogiryu (2-13) o M5w Hoshoryu (7-8) uwatenage M4e Takarafuji (5-10) o M4w Endo (8-7) okuridashi M17e Kaisei (7-8) o o M17w Shohozan (4-11) yorikiri M6e Shimanoumi (5-10) o o M15e Chiyomaru (8-7) uwatenage M7e Ura (10-5) o o o o o oo --- Ura first sansho--- o o M12w Hokutofuji (11-4) yorikiri M7w Chiyoshoma (8-7) o o o M13e Yutakayama (7-8) hatakikomi M8e Kotoeko (3-12) o M16e Akua (9-6) oshidashi M9e Aoiyama (4-11) o M14w Chiyonokuni (9-6) tsukiotoshi M9w Hidenoumi (8-7) o M16w Sadanoumi (9-6) tottari M10e Chiyotairyu (6-9) o M14e Kagayaki (5-10) yorikiri M11e Kotonowaka (6-9) o M11w Terutsuyoshi (7-8) shitatehineri M13w Tochinoshin (6-6-3) o o J1w Wakamotoharu (11-4) yoritaoshi J11e Enho (8-7) o o J4w Ichiyamamoto (13-2) hatakikomi J7w Daishoho (7-8) o o --- Ichiyamamoto juryo yusho--- o o o o o J13e Asanowaka (10-5) ketaguri J6e Kotoshoho (8-7) o o Ms3e Kitanowaka (5-2) sotogake J14e Kyokushuho (6-9) o o Ms34e Sakigake (3-4) yorikiri Ms27w Mudoho (2-5) o o sansho (plus yusho) o oo o lower div.yusho o --- Rest --- o o o o o o o o o
  10. Akinomaki

    Sumo for kids

    Going out allowed again and Daieiesho today was at the Takamori kindergarten in Takamori town, Kumamoto, to give the kids a sumo experience, showing the basics and then they could take him on in groups of 5. He is a close friend of a Kumamoto sumo federation related person and the federation organized the event. The kids: "He was big" - "The belly was big" Local NHK: vid
  11. Akinomaki

    Sumo for kids

    This gets more and more frequent lately, so I create a topic for it. A sumo class held by young Arashio-beya rikishi at a primary school in Hyuga city, Miyazaki. Link to paste into VLC or similar media players to watch and record or save the raw input of the video: rtmp://flv.nhk.or.jp/ondemand/flv/lnews/miyazaki/5065617321_20151024122924.mp4 NHK local news (dies in a day): http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/miyazaki/5065617321.html The video remains for a week
  12. Akinomaki

    New kesho mawashi

    MItakeumi gets a new one from his locals in Agematsu, from the Agematsu genki-kai (as a pun also: Is Agematsu genki(lively)?). It shows the town character Taro-kun, from the tale of Urashima Taro, catching a tai (the yusho fish) at the Nezame no toko gorge, the local tourist attraction. It looks like the fishing line snapped and the tai escapes (another failed yusho), but the designer explained it is not cut, it is the sun reflection on the fishing line: with the hope he gets the yusho fish for hatsu and gives a boost to the ozeki run (a tai is also used for ozeki and yokozuna promotion celebrations - double fish with a yusho). http://www.shinmai.co.jp/news/article/CNTS2021112900789
  13. Akinomaki

    New kesho mawashi

    Masunoyama (21) got a new kesho mawashi from his local koenkai with the image character of his home town Chiba, Sakae-cho, the dream dragon mascot Drum/Doramu: D(o)ra<gon><Drea>m(u). The source is that during the Nara period, when the town suffered from a drought, the legend tells that a dragon rose to the sky and let it rain (which is the profession of the Asian dragons). Masunoyama: "Following this, I want to rise up the banzuke. I want to reach sanyaku." He will rise up to the upper half of maegashira next basho (w13 with 11 wins). "I will meet strong opponents, therefore I want to do my sumo with all my strength."
  14. Akinomaki

    Retired after March 2021

    https://friday.kodansha.co.jp/article/214144 First work for Masutou, hatsu dohyo in the 2nd career, on Oct. 16th at the Ark Hills Karajan square (of course near the Suntory hall) in Minato ward.
  15. Terunofuji online morning after interview o oo o o o o YDC - chief Yano o o o
  16. Akinomaki

    Retired after Kyushu 2021

    A few of Higonojo o o o
  17. Akinomaki

    Kyushu 2021 day 15 pics overview

    Most wins of the year award from Nishi-Nippon shimbun https://www.nishinippon.co.jp/nsp/item/n/838775/
  18. Akinomaki

    Kensho Kyushu 2021

    They could have placed Pokemon kensho on all 10 2nd half bouts, but they only placed them on the last 9. 4, 3, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3 + the 2 usual kensho - the pattern was according to game groups, regardless of who was in the bout, I had expected a bit more on the last bout.
  19. Akinomaki

    Kensho Kyushu 2021

    New pokemon kensho banners will be wandering around the dohyo in Kyushu, but only on day 15. Banner design - for Kyushu they are the package design from the historical Pocket monster games, the first 2 are from the initial one, Pocket monster red-green of 1996 More than 200 kensho will appear at the Hatsu basho, every day this time, showing different pokemon. The 2 kensho on the right thus are for Hatsu and won't appear in Kyushu.
  20. Y1e Terunofuji (14-0) oshitaoshi M15w Abi (12-2) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o *Takarafujio o o o o o o o o o O1w Takakeisho (12-2) tsukidashi O1e Shodai (9-5) o o o o o o o o o S1w Meisei (6-8) oshidashi M7e Ura (10-4) o o o --- Ura --- *Ichinojoo S1e Mitakeumi (10-4) hatakikomi M6w Tamawashi (9-5) o o o o o o o M5w Hoshoryu (6-8) yorikiri K1w Kiribayama (5-9) o o o M12w Hokutofuji (10-4) tsukiotoshi K1e Ichinojo (5-9) o o M1w Wakatakakage (7-7) yorikiri M4w Endo (7-7) o o o o M1e Daieisho (7-7) tsukiotoshi M5e Takayasu (5-9) o o M2w Takanosho (10-4) yorikiri M9w Hidenoumi (8-6) o o o o M2e Onosho (5-9) hatakikomi M3w Myogiryu (2-12) o M12e Ishiura (7-7) yorikiri M3e Okinoumi (6-8) o o o M4e Takarafuji (5-9) oshidashi M8e Kotoeko (3-11) o M14e Kagayaki (4-10) tsukidashi M6e Shimanoumi (5-9) o M7w Chiyoshoma (8-6) uwatenage M13e Yutakayama (6-8) o M8w Tobizaru (7-7) hikiotoshi M16w Sadanoumi (8-6) o M15e Chiyomaru (7-7) hatakikomi M9e Aoiyama (4-10) o o o o o M10e Chiyotairyu (6-8) tsukidashi M17w Shohozan (3-11) o M11w Terutsuyoshi (6-8) shitatenage M16e Akua (8-6) o o M13w Tochinoshin (6-5-3) yorikiri M11e Kotonowaka (6-8) o M17e Kaisei (7-7) oshidashi M14w Chiyonokuni (8-6) o J1w Wakamotoharu (10-4) yorikiri J10w Azumaryu (8-6) o J1e Tsurugisho (8-6) yoritaoshi J11e Enho (8-6) o o J7w Daishoho (7-7) uwatenage J2w Kaisho (5-9) o o J9e Mitoryu (8-6) hatakikomi J2e Daiamami (5-9) o J3w Bushozan (7-7) oshidashi J6e Kotoshoho (8-6) o o J11w Hakuyozan (8-6) oshidashi J3e Daishomaru (5-9) o o J4w Ichiyamamoto (12-2) tsukiotoshi J13e Asanowaka (9-5) o o o o o J8w Churanoumi (6-8) okuridashi J4e Nishikifuji (4-10) o o J5w Nishikigi (7-7) yorikiri J14e Kyokushuho (6-8) o o J5e Chiyonoo (4-10) yorikiri J12e Tohakuryu (8-6) o o J6w Tokushoryu (6-8) yorikiri J9w Kyokutaisei (2-12) o o J7e Oho (10-4) hikiotoshi J13w Hiradoumi (7-7) o o o o J14w Kotokuzan (11-3) yoritaoshi J8e Midorifuji (7-7) o o --- Kotokuzan --- *Ichiyamamotoo Ms2w Shiba (5-2) shitatehineri J10e Yago (4-10) o o o --- Rest --- o o o o
  21. Akinomaki

    Corona and sumo

    If the shisho decides that it is possible, visiting asa-geiko is allowed from tomorrow till the 12th next month. http://www.sankei.com/article/20211128-D25Q5OPSDRP63PISPOKGIHMDGI/ Punishment in sumo is always for rule infraction, not for the damage caused, see the driving ban - the inconsistency of the rules is what I'm criticizing. Corona rules are idiotic and chaotic all over the world, the NSK with its change every 2 weeks is simply average among that.
  22. Akinomaki

    Kensho Kyushu 2021

    1163 kensho in total this basho, 210 less than last basho. Pokemon kensho among that 6466, 2 each day till day 14 and 36 extra today. https://www.sanspo.com/article/20211128-SAWQV3Q2BZJDPASLQIE2Q2WCE4/
  23. Akinomaki

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    With about 3700 spectators today, close the number allowed in, the house was declared full for the first time since day 15 of the 2020 Hatsu basho. the banners, not seen down for nearly 2 years o
  24. Akinomaki

    Kensho Kyushu 2021

    More kensho banner pics
  25. Akinomaki


    Streamed live by local TV, available for a short time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AD6hNbJXFo