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  1. Good point.

    Like most of the former Yokozuna, their promotion occured in a time where there immediate concurrents were out or weak.


    Asashoryu: retirement of Takanohana, Musashimaru very weak, the other Ozeki struggeling

    Musashimaru:all Yokozuna and Ozeki (except Takanonami) weak or not even in the basho.

    Wakanohana: sub-par performances of all Yokozona and Ozeki

    Akebono: no Yokozuna at all, other ozeki out

    So now, Kaio has to seize the opportunity, because:

    Asashoryu ill and struggeling

    Chiyotaikai struggeling and on a losing streak against Kaio

    Tochiazuma injured

    Musoyama near retirement and struggeling for 2 years :-/

    The only danger for Kaio next basho are the lower Sanyaku, of whom only Kotomitsuki poses a threat. (7-6 versus Kaio).

    As you say, if he doesn't make it to Yokozuna now, he never will.

    I will be rooting for him 'tough. (Blushing...) ;-) :-P

  2. I agree with sekitori-san.

    I also ordered a banzuke (september basho) and got it 4 days after it was posted, and I live in Belgium, the other side of the world.

    Very reasonable price too, thanks again! (Clapping wildly...)

  3. With this Basho for grabs, and all other Ozeki struggeling and the Yokozuna uncapable to hold his form, all Kaiou has to do now is keep on going, win tomorrow and say to Asashoryu: "move over, next year there' s gonna be two" (Enjoying a beer...)

  4. It was not sake used for cooking.

    I had almost bought such sake last week, but when I looked more closely the bottle said something about this sake being used in sauces etc..

    The sake I bought last wednesday came from a Chinese supermarket and was placed next to other types of oriental drinks, such as lychee wine. Therefore I am quite sure it is regular sake.

    I allready tasted it and it was quite good. (Licking lips...)

    I also tried to order sake from internet sites, but as you stated, most are only available in the US, and the ones that can be bought here in Europe come at a very high shipping price (

  5. After a 2 week search I finally found some sake in my country: in a Chinese supermarket in Brussels.

    The sake itself was pretty cheap, medicore quality.

    Better than nothing I guess... ;-)

  6. Do you know if there is one of those supermarkets near Terneuzen?

    Other parts of Holland are pretty far to travel to for me...

    It surprizes me that supermarkets in Belgium don't have sake, in some they've never even heard of it.

  7. I've been searching for sake for quite a while, but I can't find any in my country.

    I live in Belgium, perhaps that has something to do with it?

    Does anyone know where I could find it?

  8. Kaio, Toyozakura, Miyabiyama and Asasekeryu have to win at least 3 (Shaking head...) matches in a row tomorrow to win the Yusho. And I don't see Asashuryu losing twice on the same day.

    My guess is that it will be Asashoryu who wins the Yusho once again.

  9. Why are zabuton tossed around when a yokozuna loses?

    Is there a historical reason for this, is it tradition?

    Do the zabuton belong to the attendants or do they have to buy it?

  10. According to me, Asashoryu was extremely lucky landig on his right foot following the throw by Kotonowaka. His staying in the air afterwards on the other hand was extremely impressing! Good decision by the umpires by calling it a rematch, altough the public didn't seem to agree, flinging cushions following Asashoryu's win.