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  1. True, KaioU had the best year of his career (with 69 wins), with his worst record at 10-5, a Yusho and 2 jun-Yusho.

    If he can maintain his form in 2005 and doesn't get injured he has a MAJOR chance of getting the tsuna.

    At least he didn't lose his composure this tournament, 12 wins is still great, and knowing he gets another chance in Hatsu gives us a little hope...

    Keep on going, U!!

  2. I'm not kidding, I REALLY picked up English watching WWF on Eurosport.

    What's more, one of the first matches I remember is the following one:


    (Summerslam 1994 or 1995)

    Both pretty well known in Japan I believe (Applauding...)

  3. Well, at least KaioU had the best Yokozuna run anyone has had in the past 2 years, and I am convinced he WILL get promoted after January if he gets at least 13-2, regardless a Yusho.

    Still feel sorry for him, so close...

  4. How about Belgium???

    Movies here are never dubbed, only cartoons are.

    I picked up English watching WWF on Eurosport!!

    What a clothesline, that must have hurt!!

  5. The result of this bout makes the tournament very interesting!!

    Let's see how Asa reacts to his first loss: will he be able to defeat Wakanosato, Chiyotaikai and KaioU and clinch his 5th Yusho this year?

    Will Hakuho maintain his form and snatch away the Yusho?

    Will KaioU remain focussed,win all his remaining bouts and force a 4-way kettei-sen (KaioU, Asa, Wakanosato, Hakuho) thereby ensuring his Yokozuna promotion?

    Will Wakanosato be able to defeat the yokozuna and roll to the surprise Yusho, earning Ozeki promotion?

  6. Just one thing I'd like to say:

    I play basketball (on a pretty low level, but still) and I too find what happened in Detroit a disgrace for the sport.

    But that's no reason to begin and hack on the sport like it is played by idiots and is inferior.

    Remember that NBA players are excellent athletes, they have to play 82 games in a span of 6 months and it takes a LOT of training to get there. I agree they are overpayed, but if I was offered a $ 5.000.000 contract I would sign it!!

    I can understand that someone loses it (like Artest) but how would ANYBODY react in this situation???

    And an other thing: to my knowledge, this is the first time such an incident occured in basketball.

    Compared to soccer, where fans go out and destroy bars, cars and assault people who have nothing to do with the sport (and believe me, as a policeman I have seen that more than enough)...

    I have respect for all sports, even those of wich i know NOTHING at all, because I know how difficult it is to reach the top in ANY kind of sport and will not go and say idiot things about something I now nothing of (eg. all snooker players are gay or all cyclists use drugs,... or something moronic like that).

    It happened, they got punished, get over it!!

    GO KAIOU (Applauding...)

  7. Yes, KaioU with 13-1 versus Asa with 14-0 on the last day.

    KaioU wins, putting up a kettei-sen, in wich he demolishes Asa and gets the well-deserved tsuna, whilst the crowd goes wild, zabuton all over, people coming up and destroying the dohyo and Asa is forced to sign a contract that states he will be fired if he dares to take kensho-evveloppes with his left hand again...


  8. Yes, I know he won't have enough wins, but if I believe there were promotions in the past when there was a "need" for Ozeki. (eg. Onokuni in 1986)

    And when Wakanosato gets 13 wins this tournament it gives him 31 over 3 basho (8-7, 10-4, 13-2) + he's been a solid Sanyaku rikishi over the past few years.

  9. 12 sanyaku (on several occasions) looks to be the most

    By the way, would it be possible for Wakanosato to earn Ozeki-promotion if he finishes this basho with eg. 13-2 and Kaio gets the tsuna?

  10. True, a very interesting banzuke coming up

    -how many yokozuna? 1 or 2

    -how many ozeki? 1 or 2

    -how many sekiwake? 2 or 3

    -how many komusubi? 2 or 3

    -how many maegashira? 33, 34 or 35?

    I dare anyone to take a correct guess!! (Eh?)

  11. Fausto is the first name of a famous Italian cyclist from the late 40's and early 50's, his full name being Fausto Coppi.

    Sadly, he died at the age of 40 from malaria.

    Since his last name sounds like mine a bit, my friends call me Fausto too.

    And I'm only 23 years old, pretty young in my opinion (so there's the waka).

    Together that's Faustonowaka.

  12. After quite some time on this forum, here's my introduction.

    I live in Belgium (in the Flemish-speaking part of the country) and have been following sumo for quite a while now. (look here for more: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4473).

    My favourite rikishi nowadays are Kotonowaka and Kaio. When I originally started following sumo, Wakanohana was my favourite, because he could make it to the top despite not being as big and bulky as the other top rankers at the time.

    This tournament I will be rooting for Kaio (it's been a while since there was a Japanese Yokozuna) altough I am not sure he will be able to complete his Yokozuna bid.

    In regular life I work as a policeman in Brussels.

    I play basketball in a club near my hometown and I like a good game of snooker.'

    If anyone want's to get handcuffed, let me know (Whistling...)

  13. As many others, I learned to know Sumo via Eurosport.

    I believe it was around the time Wakanohana got promoted to Yokozuna.

    Unfortunatly, about 4 years ago, I could no longer recieve Eurosport on my cable tv, so I forgot about the sport a bit.

    Suddenly, rather by coincidence, I read a newspaper article about sumo, featuring Konishiki. The article mentionned the NSK site, and I went to check it out and began searching for other internet sites concerning Sumo, as the internet is now the only way for me to follow the sport. That was about 2 years ago, when Takanohana was at the end of his career and Asashoryu was a rising star.

    Since then I became more and more interested in Sumo, especially when I stumbled on this excellent forum and the german sumoinfo.de (fortunatly I speak a little German).

    Nowadays I try to follow the sport as much as I can and one day I hope to be able to go to Japan and watch the rikishi go at it live.