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  1. [112147649615993.jpg

    Hakuho introducing a new technique; lifting the opponent out of the ring with only 1 arm. Due to the extreme difficulty of this kimarite, the Shimpan have decided to allow a hand toching the dohyo.

    Osh says; look mother, I can do it too!!


    Mickey thinking: damn, if I had only known that little trick a bit earlyer I would have been Ozeki!!

  2. Still at Sekiwake if you ask me, he still needs 3 good tournaments in a row (33 wins) to make it to ozeki in Januari 2006, don't see him do that in the 3 remaining basho this year...

  3. Your favorite rikishi: Kotonowaka

    Least favorite rikishi: Toki

    Best technician: Tochiazuma

    Best weapon in sumo today by a particular rikishi: KaioU's elbow-breaker

    Best defensively:

    Your current favorite matchup in sumo: Asashoryu-Tochiazuma

    Your all time favorite bout: Takanohana (with a wrecked knee) win over Musashimaru, Natsu 2001

    Deserves more appreciation: Ama

    Most exciting to watch: Takamisakari-warmup

    Overrated rikishi: Hakuho

    Underrated rikishi:Katayama

    On the way down:Toki

    Most potential: Kotooshu

    Overachiever: KaioU


    Best Tachiai: Kotomitsuki

    Most fighting spirit: Dejima

    Least fighting spirit: Toki

    Your favorite rikishi all time: Wakanohana III

    Least favorite rikishi all time: Toki

    Favorite heya:/

    Least favorite heya: /

    Destined for ozekihood: Kotomitsuki

    Destined for yokozuna: Tochiazuma

    Destined for makuuchi: Kyokunankai

    Wasting time in Juryo: Chiyotenzan

    Strongest Rikishi: KaioU

    Weakest Rikishi: Takamisakari

    Fastest Rikishi: Ama

    Best Yotsu:Kokkai

    Best Oshi: Kotonowaka

    Weirdest rikishi: Takamisakari

    Henka: Yay

    Asashoryu: Yay

    Many foreigners in sumo: Yay

    Will sumo ever become a true global sport? Yes sir

    Favorite SumoForum poster: /

    Favorite SumoForum smiley: /

    Fixing in sumo today? No

    Doping: Nay

    Is doping in sumo cheating? No, everybody does it

    Worst thing about sumo: That it happens in Japan instead of in my backyard

    Best thing about sumo: zabutonia

  4. Tochiazuma!!

    13-2 with a win tomorrow vs Asa, making him a Yokozuna candidate, plus he WILL win the Nagoya Basho, securing the promotion.

    You read it here first!!

    That is, if his shoulder doesn't fall off B-)

  5. I noticed a new technique that seemes to rapidly gain popularity this basho!!

    Instead of throwing their opponent down, nowadays wrestlers attempt to push the gyoji off the dohyo, this way hoping to gain some advantage in the bout!!

    This basho, almost every day a gyoji is the victim of such a vicious attack!!

    Hopefully Miss Uchidate quickly comes up with a solution for this major problem!!

  6. Post-match comments from Hulk Hogan

    May 1, 2005

    WWE.com: How did it feel to get back into the ring tonight?

    Hulk Hogan: To get back in the ring and see the posters and the whole building wearing red and yellow just blew my mind. And of course, there was the reception of the Hulkamaniacs. That was overwhelming. The fans were just unbelievable, man.

    WWE.com: How was it to work with Shawn Michaels as your tag team partner?

    Hulk Hogan: Shawn Michaels is a tremendous athlete and working with him was worth the price of admission alone for me. When Shawn and I realized we were on the same page, we just sucked it all in. More important than winning the match was realizing that Shawn Michaels had my back and he really is my friend. That was the main thing tonight that really blew me away.

    WWE.com: Prior to the match, Muhammad Hassan and Daivari said that Hulkamania was going to die. Tonight, you and HBK proved them wrong.

    Hulk Hogan: Brother, they were dead wrong about that. Did they hear the Hulkamaniacs after the match? I


  7. there is a new Murphy's law:

    Everything that can go right will go right, as long as you believe in yourself!! :-D

    Incredible how a 150/1 qualifier can win the World Championship.

    It would be like Chiyohakuho winning the Makuuchi Yusho (Sign of approval)

    He deserved it, never seen anyone strike the cueball that good :-S

    It was also nice to see nearly all of the former World Champions at the beginning of the last session, welcoming the 2 finalists. Without O'Suillivan, whitch again shows his sportsmanship (Sign of disapproval)

    The road is wide open for Murphy now!!

  8. O Sullivan wont retire nor take a year off.

    He allways says something like that when he loses in the World Championship...

    About his match vs Ebdon, the most hilarious part was when he kept asking the audience what time it was while Ebdon was at the table :-O

    He certainly is the most natural gifted player ever but when it comes to sportmanship (Sign of disapproval)

    Anyone of the four remaining semi-finalists has a chance to become the Champion now, but I favor Ebdon since he has been there before in 2003.

    Stevens also has a big advantage with his 5th samifinal in 6 years but he often cant handle the pressure in this stage of the tournament. Maybe his flashy red hair wil distract his opponetnts just enough :-|

    And if Murphy continues his supreme potting, he can become a 150 to 1 champion too ;-)

    Settle down please!!!

  9. Just saw on www.wwe.com that the Hulkster accepted an invitation from Shawn Michaels to compete with him in a tag team match, next Sundays at Backlash.

    Despite being recently enshrined in the Hall Of Fame, Hogan wants to wrestle one last time "for the Heart Break Kid, for the Nation and for the millions of Hulkamaniacs" (Whistling...)

    I wonder who else had The Hulkster as an idol in the 80's and 90's, like me!! :-D

  10. Hendry is still the number 2 on the world rankings, last year he was trashed by O Sullivan in the semis indeed but the year before he narrowly lost the final 17-18 to Ebdon. He ceartainly has lost some of his aura he had in the early 90's but I think he can still win plenty of tournaments.

    Jimmy White is still Jimmy White. On a good day he can beat everyone but when he loses concentration he can also lose against anyone. Despite winning the Players Championship last year I dont think he has a lot more up his sleeve. And with the scores 4-12 in favor of Stevens, it looks like he will have to wait another year to claim the world championship.

    Steve Davis never retired as far as I know, but when you are 47 years old and have allready won 6 championships I can assume that there are more important things in life than winning a game of snooker. Never count him out 'tough.

    Concerning the newcomers, the only important newcomer I can see for the last couple of years is Stephen Maguire (now world number 3) who lost to O Sullivan in round one. All the other top 16 players have been around for years.

    Snooker on BBC2 tops Eurosport I think, nothing equals those guys in the commentary box!!

  11. In snooker, you never know...

    Dott, last years finalist, lost in the first round, O'Sullivan barely survived the first round too, and now Davis reaches the Quarters for the first time in 10 years (Sign of approval) with a sensational comeback. If he is put against Murphy I can see him going to the Semis, Higgins will be too difficult.

    And IF White wins against Stevens the Crucible will explode when he faces his nemesis Hendry in the next round.

  12. The one that amazes me the most is The Golden Nugget, aka Steve Davis.

    Being able to compete at that level at his age (47) is unbelievable, even more when you know he has nothing left to prove. He reached round 2, let's see how far he can get...

    And what about Jimmy White, the People's Champion. This weekends match vs Stevens will sure be something!!