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  1. Hello there

    a new member from Belgium, that makes 3 if I'm not mistaken!! ;-)

    As far as I know there are no sumo clubs in our beloved country (Spooky TV program...) , maybe try with the Dutch?

    Groeten en veel leesgenot op het forum

  2. Asashoryu 15-0 Yusho

    Tochiazuma 11-4

    Kotooshu 12-3 if knee gets healthy

    Chiyotaikai 8-7 with a win on senshuraku

    KaioU intai after day 4

    Hakuho 13-2 and promotion

    Kotomitsuki 12-3

    both komosubi 9-6

    Baruto Juryo Yusho

  3. Interesting, but I doubt if O'Neal would benefit from it. If he were to be pushed by a sumotori it wouldn't be the same like being defended in a basketball game. The only thing he could learn from it is to keep his balance while being pushed by the man guarding him. And I dont think he can use some additional weight by doing sumo, he's allready the strongest monster in the NBA...