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  1. I'm still new to sumo, but I heard Yokozuna promotion as looked at the record over the previous three bashos with 38/45 being a minimum. Hakuho went 10-5 and 13-2 (+playoff) the last two, meaning he would need a perfect 15-0, or do the 2 consecutive bashos trump this?

    The criteria for Yokozuna promotion promotion are: 2 consecutive Yusho (Blushing...) or an "equivalent" as an Ozeki.

    This equivalent generally means at least 13 wins, but over the last 15-or-so years only Ozeki with 2 consecutive Yusho have been promoted. Takanohana II and Hakuho for example both had a Yusho followed by a 13-2 in the next tournament, but weren't granted the promotion.

    Furthermore, te 3-basho-rule is only taken into account if the Ozeki's second tsunatori basho wasn't good enough. In this case, minimum 12 wins (and a jun-Yusho) will allow him to "carry over" his chances for promotion to the next tournament. KaioU and Tochiazuma were in this situation but never got the good result in their third tournament :-P . And even a Yusho in the third tournament doesn't guarantee promotion, ask Konishiki!!

    So for Hakuho any Yusho means promotion, with no Yusho he needs at least 13, possibly 14 wins and Rijicho in a good mood.

  2. Hello there

    a new member from Belgium, that makes 3 if I'm not mistaken!! ;-)

    As far as I know there are no sumo clubs in our beloved country (Spooky TV program...) , maybe try with the Dutch?

    Groeten en veel leesgenot op het forum

  3. Asashoryu 15-0 Yusho

    Tochiazuma 11-4

    Kotooshu 12-3 if knee gets healthy

    Chiyotaikai 8-7 with a win on senshuraku

    KaioU intai after day 4

    Hakuho 13-2 and promotion

    Kotomitsuki 12-3

    both komosubi 9-6

    Baruto Juryo Yusho

  4. Interesting, but I doubt if O'Neal would benefit from it. If he were to be pushed by a sumotori it wouldn't be the same like being defended in a basketball game. The only thing he could learn from it is to keep his balance while being pushed by the man guarding him. And I dont think he can use some additional weight by doing sumo, he's allready the strongest monster in the NBA...

  5. Damn, there goes my favourite rikishi...

    I can only hope that he will continue for a long time as Sadogatake Oyakata

    And at least he gave (Censored) Shunketsu a nice elbow in the face before stepping out

  6. does anyone else think that Osh beat Tamanoshima on day 10? Tamanoshima's hand was down before Kotooshu landed..

    Tamanoshima executed a throw, so I think that's what gave him the edge. Also, from where the gyogi was standing, he couldn't see Tamanoshima's hand touching the ground and gave him the victory. Still, a mono-ii would have been logical...

  7. I'm pretty sure Kotonowaka will not remain active till the end of the basho

    How will he go out then?

    -fake an injury: "my knee doesn't hold"

    -or just wake up and say: "I quit to become Oyakata"

    With his 3-1 record so far I don't see him going intai quite yet, especially with the strong sumo he's been doing. Even if he, and the rest of the world, knows he will take over the heya, I think it would be a disgrace if he just gives up like that and goes intai (In a state of confusion...) .

  8. He needs 10 wins, no doubt about it. And even then, backpedalling like he did last basho won't do his promotion chances any good. Straight forward sumo and 11 wins = certain promotion. And even if he collapses and can only scrape out a mere 8-7 he's still got a chance in January.

  9. Kyushu is too soon IMHO, unless both Chiyotaikai and KaioU retire this basho (very unlikely).

    Even then Osh would at least need a 13-2 Yusho (Enjoyable TV program...) to be promoted.

    I say promotion in januari after an 11-4 basho now and another 11-4 in Kyushu.

    Hakuho is too young to be an Ozeki, give the boy another year or two.

    Sato too inconsistent when it comes to the deciding basho, never will be an Ozeki.