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  1. This may sound silly, but personally, I use the "buttock slapping" (belly-slapping in my case) during basketball: it helps me to focus and get pumped up. I most often use it during the free-throw sequence: just before going for the rebound or boxing an opponent out, I slap my abdomen, exhale and bend my knees. It gives me a real boost of energy and optimizes my concentration. Also, after making an important shot I tend to do the "slap" as a kind of reward and recognition to myself. I guess for rikishi it works in the same way: they use to intimidate their opponent 'the bigger the belly, the louder an deeper the "slap"), to calm down, and to maximize their focus. Akebono used to clap his hands just before tachiai, and Miyabiyama exhales strongly after a win, while crouching and taking the kensho.

  2. i "leave" for one basho and look what happens !!! Kotooshu is getting the yusho !!!

    Same for me, I just got back from a 2-week trip to Tunisia (great country btw), expecting to see both yokozuna at 12-1, only to see Kotooshu in the lead at that score!! Sumo keeps amazing me!!

  3. Naganoyama,

    Thanks for posting these. This is actually the first time I've looked at them.

    Just curious... Why do you state that all rikishi have fought 11 bouts "unless otherwise stated"? Is it ever the case that they haven't?

    When a rikishi drops out of the tournament because of an injury an comes back he will have fought less bouts than the others. In lower divisions not all rikishi fight on the same day, so there it is important to compare the number of bouts they have actually fought.

  4. I'm still new to sumo, but I heard Yokozuna promotion as looked at the record over the previous three bashos with 38/45 being a minimum. Hakuho went 10-5 and 13-2 (+playoff) the last two, meaning he would need a perfect 15-0, or do the 2 consecutive bashos trump this?

    The criteria for Yokozuna promotion promotion are: 2 consecutive Yusho (Blushing...) or an "equivalent" as an Ozeki.

    This equivalent generally means at least 13 wins, but over the last 15-or-so years only Ozeki with 2 consecutive Yusho have been promoted. Takanohana II and Hakuho for example both had a Yusho followed by a 13-2 in the next tournament, but weren't granted the promotion.

    Furthermore, te 3-basho-rule is only taken into account if the Ozeki's second tsunatori basho wasn't good enough. In this case, minimum 12 wins (and a jun-Yusho) will allow him to "carry over" his chances for promotion to the next tournament. KaioU and Tochiazuma were in this situation but never got the good result in their third tournament :-P . And even a Yusho in the third tournament doesn't guarantee promotion, ask Konishiki!!

    So for Hakuho any Yusho means promotion, with no Yusho he needs at least 13, possibly 14 wins and Rijicho in a good mood.

  5. 7-8 . . . I have my sources . . .







    Komusubi E

    edit: Thanks for an endlessly entertaining game!

    Sorry to be annoying, but if you answer "no" to question 2, how can the answer to question 4 be Taikai?