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  1. 1 hour ago, McBugger said:

    Thankfully it was in Tokyo and not Brussels. That city is downright filthy, and this is coming from a Greek.

    Have you seen all of Brussels? I doubt it. Some parts of the city might be "filthy" but the historical centre certainly isn't, and most of the city has been renovated in recent years. And this is coming from a Belgian


  2. When reading the name Baraki, this came to mind:

    Définition de: "Baraqui": Expression belge, wallonne exactement. Mot désignant une personne peu cultivée venant d'un milieu social défavorisé.

    English translation: definition of "Baraqui": Belgian expression, Walloon exactly. Word designing a poorly cultivated person who comes from a socially defavorised environment.

    The name Baraki comes from a Charles Bronson mafia film the father liked, The Valachi papers, "Baraki" in Japanese. The oyakata saw a slogan in a train "Ibaraki genki" and thought Genki to be the first name going with Baraki. Baraki 爆羅騎 would be the shikona with the most strokes in the Kanji of all present rikishi.

  3. Yeah, Tochitenko actually made his debut in the old Kurame Kokugikan. In that basho (Haru '82), Chiyonofuji won his fourth (!) yusho, two wins ahead of Kitanoumi, and Konishiki was still two tournaments away from his debut:)

    And now Tochitenko is closing in on his first Yusho!