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    Thank you very much for this information!! Unfortunately, the sak
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    Why was Futahaguro forced to retire? Was he misbehaving as a Yokozuna?
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    Leaderboard Day 14 Nagoya 2004

    Kaio, Toyozakura, Miyabiyama and Asasekeryu have to win at least 3 (Shaking head...) matches in a row tomorrow to win the Yusho. And I don't see Asashuryu losing twice on the same day. My guess is that it will be Asashoryu who wins the Yusho once again.
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    Asashoryu - Kotonowaka matches

    According to me, Asashoryu was extremely lucky landig on his right foot following the throw by Kotonowaka. His staying in the air afterwards on the other hand was extremely impressing! Good decision by the umpires by calling it a rematch, altough the public didn't seem to agree, flinging cushions following Asashoryu's win.
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    Kensho Standings (Nagoya 2004)

    I expect to see some kensho for Miyabiyama very soon...
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    Day 1 things

    Nice performances indeed by Kokkai and Kotomitsuki. In my opinion Kotomitsuki has got a good chance of winning the Yusho if he stays in this form :-)
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    Pick your winner

    Who is going to be the winner of next tournament?? My guess is it's going to be Kotomitsuki
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    Day 14 Makuuchi Torikumi

    Can someone tell me who was the last megashira who was never Sanyaku to win yusho? => The last one was Sandonoyama in may 1961 (M13West) One year before him, in may 1960, there was Daigo (Wakamisugi) (M4West)