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    For most of your questions, follow this link: http://www.hakkeyoi.net/query.html?columns...o=4&show_form=0
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    Ozeki Hakuho

    Will he be the youngest Ozeki ever??
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    Sushi and Kaiten-zushi!

    I just spent the weekend in Paris and had the chance to eat some sushi at a fine Japanese Restaurant near the "Arc de Triomphe". I liked it very much (Sign of approval) and will be eating more sushi in the future!! ps: nothing tops a Valentine's day at Paris with your partner (Dribbling...)
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    Le Monde du Sumo #8

    Excellent!!! (You are going off-topic...) Nice to see the work of som many devoted sumo-fans (Sign of approval) How many people are actually involved in making this magazine?
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    Kanji Shikona

    Thank you for the translation. (Sign of approval) I'll keep my shikona as it is now.
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    Hatsu Basho Winner

    Go KaioU
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    KaioU's destiny

    Just wondering...
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    Chiyonofuji precedent

    There are some differences too. Chiyonofuji was a yokozuna with 31 Yusho and over 1000 wins under his belt, with nothing more to prove. KaioU is (or was) chasing Yokozuna promotion and still has to prove he can remain focussed when it matters most. Even so, I too believe KaioU should consider retiring when he loses tomorrow...
  10. Faustonowaka

    Day 3 results and day 4 pairings

    Kotonowaka is going to annihilate all his opponents and retire as a sekiwake!! Too bad for KaioU, I don't see him winning all of his remaining bouts this tournament... :'-(
  11. Faustonowaka

    Uchidate 1 - Asashoryu 0

    Finally, Asa succumbed and took the kensho with his right hand!! What's next??
  12. Faustonowaka

    Kanji Shikona

    Should I change my shikona or not? Any suggestions?
  13. Faustonowaka

    Kanji Shikona

    Anyone care to do my shikona?
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    KaioU in Tokio

    A bit early, but what's wrong with putting a little preasure on him allready?
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    Forum demographics strike again!

    I am interested in hom many different languages each forum member speaks. At home, I speak Dutch (Flemisch) At work, I speak French (since most of my collegues and "clients" only speak this language) At this forum I use the English language I try my best to speak German I hope to learn Japanese somewhere in the future My dog understands what I want without me even speaking to him (and vice versa!) How about you??
  16. Faustonowaka

    Masutooh (Masutouou) - Chiganoura Beya

    Great to have you with us, Leella!! (Clapping wildly...) Maybe you could give us some background info on your boyfriend Atilla too. Hope you will enjoy this forum
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    French ozumo society

    Great forum, until now I didn't even know it existed (Hugging...) Felecitations!!
  18. Faustonowaka

    Queen hits in Japanese

    Hilarious!! (Nodding yes...) Especially the "Yokozunas" song, great for some sumo-karaoke!!
  19. Faustonowaka

    Featured rikishi - Asanowaka

    Slapping Asanowaka: http://www.banzuke.com/~movies/haru2004/da...awaka_futeno.rm
  20. Faustonowaka

    The Gyogi

    I am wondering: What are the requirements to become Gyogi and is there a "gyogi-school" or something like that? Is it true that a Gyogi had to commit suicide (Yawning...) in the past when he made a mistake, and that nowadays he has to resign when he makes a wrong decision? Are there ranks for Gyogi, as for rikishi, and if yes, how are they promoted and demoted? Why (and what) does a gyogi shout during a sumo bout? note: I tried searching the answers to these questions on the internet but I seem unable to find any (In a bad mood...) (Depressed...) . Any info on this topic would be much appreciated!! ;-)
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    New Forum Format

    Another question; Some mebers have "titels" under their avatar e.g. The BIG Kahuna, Compulsive Editor,... Whilst others have an Ozumo rank (Jonidan, Sekiwake,...) WHY? And is it possible for a member to change his own "title"??
  22. Faustonowaka

    The Gyogi

    Thanks for the info (Sign of approval) (Clapping wildly...)
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    Nowadays his voice is dubbed by President Bush himself, in order to make people believe that Arnie is a true American.
  24. Faustonowaka


    Actually, wasn't Schwarzeneggers' voice dubbed in his first few movies because he couldn't (or can't) speak English?
  25. Faustonowaka

    sumo coverage in Europe

    Geez, 50 Euros a month seems a lot, even for sumo only... :-)