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    Zabuton !

    No? (In a state of confusion...) How about Tochiazuma's first Yusho then ? He beat Chiyotaikai with a henka in a kettei-sen... http://www.banzuke.com/~movies/hatsu2002/d...ai_tochiazu2.rm
  2. Faustonowaka

    Kotonowaka Intai

    Damn, there goes my favourite rikishi... I can only hope that he will continue for a long time as Sadogatake Oyakata And at least he gave (Censored) Shunketsu a nice elbow in the face before stepping out
  3. Faustonowaka

    Kotooshuu v.s. Hakuho

    does anyone else think that Osh beat Tamanoshima on day 10? Tamanoshima's hand was down before Kotooshu landed.. Tamanoshima executed a throw, so I think that's what gave him the edge. Also, from where the gyogi was standing, he couldn't see Tamanoshima's hand touching the ground and gave him the victory. Still, a mono-ii would have been logical...
  4. Faustonowaka

    Osh and Sadogatake-soon to part

    I'm pretty sure Kotonowaka will not remain active till the end of the basho How will he go out then? -fake an injury: "my knee doesn't hold" -or just wake up and say: "I quit to become Oyakata" With his 3-1 record so far I don't see him going intai quite yet, especially with the strong sumo he's been doing. Even if he, and the rest of the world, knows he will take over the heya, I think it would be a disgrace if he just gives up like that and goes intai (In a state of confusion...) .
  5. Faustonowaka

    Osh ozeki after basho

    8-0 in the first week 2-5 in the second toughy for the Kyokai
  6. Faustonowaka


    6-9 1)Oshidashi 2)No 3)12 4)KaioU 5)Hakuho 6)No 7)East Sekiwake
  7. Faustonowaka

    Kotooshu promotion scenario

    He needs 10 wins, no doubt about it. And even then, backpedalling like he did last basho won't do his promotion chances any good. Straight forward sumo and 11 wins = certain promotion. And even if he collapses and can only scrape out a mere 8-7 he's still got a chance in January.
  8. Faustonowaka

    Day 9 pics-Aki 2005

    Osh: "Hand over your lunch money, flatface!!"
  9. Faustonowaka

    Day 5 pics Aki 2005

    A spider!!! Crush it Mya!!
  10. Faustonowaka

    Osh for Ozeki in Kyushu?

    Kyushu is too soon IMHO, unless both Chiyotaikai and KaioU retire this basho (very unlikely). Even then Osh would at least need a 13-2 Yusho (Enjoyable TV program...) to be promoted. I say promotion in januari after an 11-4 basho now and another 11-4 in Kyushu. Hakuho is too young to be an Ozeki, give the boy another year or two. Sato too inconsistent when it comes to the deciding basho, never will be an Ozeki.
  11. Faustonowaka


    10-2-3 1)Oshidashi 2)No 3)day 9 4)KaioU 5)nobody, he gets injured on day 11 6)No 7)East Yokozuna
  12. Faustonowaka

    Asashoryu just lost

    Tochiazuma will win the Yusho and they will promote him! Go on, tripod, you can do it!!
  13. Faustonowaka

    Day 10 pics Nagoya 2005

    [ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hakuho introducing a new technique; lifting the opponent out of the ring with only 1 arm. Due to the extreme difficulty of this kimarite, the Shimpan have decided to allow a hand toching the dohyo. Osh says; look mother, I can do it too!! Mickey thinking: damn, if I had only known that little trick a bit earlyer I would have been Ozeki!!
  14. Faustonowaka


    Why are zabuton tossed around when a yokozuna loses? Is there a historical reason for this, is it tradition? Do the zabuton belong to the attendants or do they have to buy it?
  15. Faustonowaka


    13-2 1)Oshidashi 2)Yes 3)11 4)Asashoryu 5)Hakuho 6)Yes 7)West Maegashira 7
  16. Faustonowaka


    What a matchup!!
  17. Faustonowaka

    Kotomitsuki to Ozeki after Nagoya

    A Yusho will do it. If not, he needs at least 10 wins to have a chance in the next tournament.
  18. Faustonowaka

    Olympic Jiji

    http://www.neukia.nl/movies/waaah.wmv Check the update just above May 27 titled "WAAAAH" HILARIOUS!! (Sigh...)
  19. Faustonowaka

    Sumo basketball

    Who knows, maybe he even dunked!! (Nodding yes...) Anyone got the stats on the game?
  20. Faustonowaka

    Guess the Kotomitsuki winner!

    Damn, so close... Still a pretty good 7-8 'tough (Nodding yes...)
  21. Faustonowaka

    Hakuho's rank in January 2006

    Still at Sekiwake if you ask me, he still needs 3 good tournaments in a row (33 wins) to make it to ozeki in Januari 2006, don't see him do that in the 3 remaining basho this year...
  22. Faustonowaka

    Rensho question

    That guy was Futabayama (I am not worthy...) his rensho (including 5 consecutive zensho Yusho) promoting him from Sekiwake to Yokozuna (In a state of confusion...) http://www.sumoinfo.de/Legenden/Futabayama/futabayama.html
  23. Faustonowaka

    The Big Sumo Questionnaire

    Your favorite rikishi: Kotonowaka Least favorite rikishi: Toki Best technician: Tochiazuma Best weapon in sumo today by a particular rikishi: KaioU's elbow-breaker Best defensively: Your current favorite matchup in sumo: Asashoryu-Tochiazuma Your all time favorite bout: Takanohana (with a wrecked knee) win over Musashimaru, Natsu 2001 Deserves more appreciation: Ama Most exciting to watch: Takamisakari-warmup Overrated rikishi: Hakuho Underrated rikishi:Katayama On the way down:Toki Most potential: Kotooshu Overachiever: KaioU Underachiever:Chiyotaikai Best Tachiai: Kotomitsuki Most fighting spirit: Dejima Least fighting spirit: Toki Your favorite rikishi all time: Wakanohana III Least favorite rikishi all time: Toki Favorite heya:/ Least favorite heya: / Destined for ozekihood: Kotomitsuki Destined for yokozuna: Tochiazuma Destined for makuuchi: Kyokunankai Wasting time in Juryo: Chiyotenzan Strongest Rikishi: KaioU Weakest Rikishi: Takamisakari Fastest Rikishi: Ama Best Yotsu:Kokkai Best Oshi: Kotonowaka Weirdest rikishi: Takamisakari Henka: Yay Asashoryu: Yay Many foreigners in sumo: Yay Will sumo ever become a true global sport? Yes sir Favorite SumoForum poster: / Favorite SumoForum smiley: / Fixing in sumo today? No Doping: Nay Is doping in sumo cheating? No, everybody does it Worst thing about sumo: That it happens in Japan instead of in my backyard Best thing about sumo: zabutonia
  24. Faustonowaka

    Next Yokozuna

    Tochiazuma!! 13-2 with a win tomorrow vs Asa, making him a Yokozuna candidate, plus he WILL win the Nagoya Basho, securing the promotion. You read it here first!! That is, if his shoulder doesn't fall off B-)
  25. Faustonowaka

    New Kimarite

    I noticed a new technique that seemes to rapidly gain popularity this basho!! Instead of throwing their opponent down, nowadays wrestlers attempt to push the gyoji off the dohyo, this way hoping to gain some advantage in the bout!! This basho, almost every day a gyoji is the victim of such a vicious attack!! Hopefully Miss Uchidate quickly comes up with a solution for this major problem!!