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  1. 8 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    Terunofuji just made it really easy to make that a 13-2 J. 

    May I ask whether you meant a 12-3 J, 13-2 Y or a 13-2 D?

    This might be one of my massive gaps in ozumo knowledge, but it looks like a 13-2 J isn't possible anymore as everyone's already lost at least two bouts.

  2. It feels like Chiyoshoma falling on his leg ruined his mojo.


    BUT Terunofuji struggling to put strength behind his knees after his loss could've scared them even further about the necessity of adding to the Y/O ranks. Everyone knows those knees are a bit of a timebomb but what a calamity (in many ways) it'd be for them to go off now.

  3. 2 hours ago, Katooshu said:

    Mukainakano was virtually unstoppable in his final year of middle school, winning 2 of the 3 major national titles and coming 3rd in the other tournament (loss via henka). He then went on to Tottori Johoku, where he was a regular on the 5 and 3 man teams even as a freshman. In his 2nd-year he made the finals of a national tournament and was ranked as ozeki on the high school banzuke, the highest spot of anyone in his year and right next to high school and ozumo stablemate Hokuseiho. His 3rd year of high school was pretty much destroyed by COVID cancellations. 

    He was also primary school yokozuna I believe....so a long and successful history in amasumo. He is much better than the standard super heavyweight kid who dominated when younger due to size, and his success hasn't sputtered out as he's gotten older. He does strong and composed oshi sumo, and should make sekitori eventually. An obvious lack of speed and undeveloped belt game are his main limitations.

    So a very solid prospect. Aside from Inoue, he also bulldozed collegiate opposition like Hitoshi and Miyagi....

    I remember he was called "Block Musashimaru" on his crop's recruit thread here, and everyone agreed the resemblance was uncanny.

  4. Two random thoughts:

    1) Nice to see Chiyoarashi so genki in getting all of Hakuyozan out of the dohyo. He might've started poorly, but he isn't giving up on keeping his salary after so long.

    2) Mitakeumi's concern for Endo was so out of character, especially when he stood there for quite a bit of time and there wasn't anything particularly concerning. I really wonder if Endo's got any underlying issue the general public isn't aware of.

  5. 25 minutes ago, Kintamayama said:

    Makushita 5 Ryuuden , on his quick way back to the top divisions, faced Makushita 1 Atamifuji, the guy who is fast-tracking it to Juryo, today. Reading Atamifuji's remarks after the bout, it sounded like he was totally overwhelmed. Well, I think as celeb trackers, we must watch this bout. New guy,  8 bashos, against Ryuuden the philanderer.. Both at 2-0.


    And to be fair, that's what it looked like in the end. Atamifuji was short of breath and Ryuden was absolutely normal, like he had just walked to the dohyo. It might've been lengthy, but at no point it really looked like Atamifuji had the upper hand.

  6. 36 minutes ago, Rocks said:
    West Juryo #11
    (Kokonoe Beya)
    has withdrawn the Day 5 of the January Tournament.

    Thank you - sad but predictable. He's been a shadow of himself, I'd even thought makuuchi ruined his confidence.

    5 hours ago, Katooshu said:

    Anyone know what's up with Hitoshi from Oitekaze? 

    Won the jonidan yusho, then absent for the last 2 basho.


    Amidst a pretty strong crop, no less, even if it felt he lucked out with his matchups at times. Hope that isn't it for him.

  7. 12 hours ago, Eikokurai said:

    You mean the only guy 4-0 after four days? Is this unusual? Oho was the only 4-0 guy after four days just last basho. Am I misunderstanding?


    Aha ... a guy called Asanowaka is 4-0. Got it.


    11 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who was going to quibble with "a rikishi called Asanowaka is 4-0", rather than "Asanowaka is 4-0".

    Y'know, had it applied to any rikishi, I'd have opened my sentence with "There is a single rikishi" or similar, since I was also describing Kyushu '93 and '01. That's why I specified "Asanowaka". :-P

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  8. 3 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    Thanks very much. Major salt incoming (mainly because I really hate double standards), but I'm surprised anyone ever let Kisenosato forget this era, much less everyone. Deliberate matta shoves of this sort is IMO way more unforgivable compared to Hakuho's fist pump.


    2 hours ago, Yaochozuna said:

    Ah, thanks for reminding me why I never liked Kisenosato (strangely, I seem to like Araiso, though). That henka of Hakuho's is a thing of pure beauty. Also Kisenosato's face expression change. Golden!

    The interesting part is that, back then, there was complete radio silence coming from NSK and YDC both. No complaint about Kisenosato's attitude, for obvious reasons - but also no hinkaku complaint whatsoever regarding Hakuho's henka. How times have changed.

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  9. On 02/10/2021 at 00:23, bettega said:

    There's a expression for this photo in Portuguese: "cara de bunda" (something alike but not exactly "assface"). It's a face os forced smile in a situation where you would not smile at all.


    Funny how languages work... I'm Portuguese, that's a Portuguese expression, and yet no Portuguese person would ever say it. That's what 200 years of separate evolution does, ever since the Brazilian independence.

    But back to the topic...

    I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't post here again, for reasons I shan't disclose, but it feels this event definitely warrants breaking my oath to myself.

    I had always been one of the first people here to condemn Hakuho for his perceived underhanded tactics, however, this piece of news gave me some rose-tinted glasses. The ending's almost romantic: a man who defied logic and time, continuously setting all-time records on such a long sport, noticing and acknowledging his increasingly damaged body - took some measures to adapt it to his determination and motivation (which, unlike the physical part, was not waning at all) for a few more records before he went out with a bang in so many levels. He will sorely be missed and, even though we've had some years to acclimatise to what ozumo is going to look without him on the dohyo, it'll still take years to set in.

    Now - my favourite memory of Hakuho - having watched sumo in its Eurosport runs (back to the Hanada vs Hawaii feud, and a few years later, Asashoryu's ascent to the throne), but most importantly back for good upon hearing of Kaiou's retirement about a decade ago...

    Remember when Kisenosato went on his mean streak a few years ago? I can't put my finger on the specific year right now, but he went on a deliberate matta + intimidating shove rampage. There was, specifically, Kotoshogiku - whose gentle heart immediately crumbled in the face of that bullying and got pushed out quite quickly. I remember @Kintamayama's comment on his digest video even if I haven't watched it since then: "Not sorry, and here's an extra shove to the neck!!"

    Current Araiso, for some reason I can't fathom, decided that trying the same stunt on Hakuho was a decent idea... And duly got treated to a faceful of clay within seconds, as Hakuho delivered a blatant henka that'd make Takanoyama proud. Lesson on manners taught.

    If there's any solace to the fact the NSK/YDC is screwing him up and that he'll probably be kicked out for a very minor (at best) forged (at worst) infraction as soon as the situation calms down, in between one year / two years' time... it's that 白鵬 翔 is his official name now, so he'll trigger some beautiful meltdowns on Yano, Shibatayama & Co when he inevitably sullies the sacred name by using it on puroresu or something similar.

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  10. This is not surprising at all and will always happen. Some people won't have enough knowledge about a specific sport to make statements on it, and plenty of things will just come out wrong to a blood-boiling, gargantuous level.

    In fact, we've had much worse than this happen in this very forum just a few days ago.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Tochinofuji said:

    "Yeah, I'm the tenth neurologist. You got something to say about it?" 


    "I'm also a neurologist and have something to say."


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  12. 18 hours ago, Swami said:

    It's very difficult to think of any other sporting comebacks on the same scale, the only one I think that surpasses it - and it made the big screen - was Niki Lauda's return from his horrific 1976 Nurburgring accident.



    This is definitely up there, but Mick Doohan after '92 is on the same scale for sure. I rate it higher than Lauda's.

    I'd also say Brian Baker, even if he was never a true force, his story is about as inspirational.

  13. 2 hours ago, Yamanashi said:


    Are Mongolian rikishi on average more ruthless?  Hard to say; I don't remember any who went out of their way to help people up, etc.

    Ichinojo on Takakeisho a couple of weeks ago. But then again this might explain why Ichinojo is not quite the yokozuna some pundits predicted he'd be at this point.

    That reminds me of a discussion @Tigerboy1966 had back to Hatsu, when Akiseyama was known backstage to have a broken jaw and the likes of Chiyoshoma and Ishiura went for the slap across the face - two good examples of ruthlessness / fierceness.

  14. 14 minutes ago, Kashunowaka said:

    Number of kachi-koshi per basho for M1-M5

    Average number of KK per basho, grouped by year looks something like this. No visible indication of any trend that I can see.


    Thanks - I got to admit this is a shock to me, it sure hasn't felt like it.

    Maybe I should've included K/S in my statement, as having underperforming / understaffed Y/O ranks also makes it theoretically easier for junior sanyaku to KK and keep their spots, thus not opening their slots to good joi KKs. I guess that a few years ago there were a bunch of joi KKs, sure, but slots would open up as sekiwake - and especially komusubi - kept getting battered by the Y/O... More than nowadays. But I'm sure data will prove me wrong again.

    I sure remember those times were getting promoted to sanyaku / joi area would be an almost guaranteed kiss of death... if your shikona wasn't Toyonoshima. Hakuho, Harumafuji, Baruto, Kotooshu, Kotoshogiku, Kisenosato, eventually Kakuryu - all in good shape - didn't leave a lot of room for heroics.

  15. 25 minutes ago, dada78641 said:

    What probably happened is Youtube saves your position in the video so that when you come back later you can continue watching where you left off. Other people would just see the video normally, from the beginning.

    That's actually because the Youtube URL was pasted with a timestamp so it starts at 625 seconds (&t=625s). It means that everyone who opens the video will be starting from the point where the user who copy-pasted the link was at the time.

    Easily fixable by removing that tag!


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  16. 2 hours ago, Jemuzu said:

    Interesting that as for Asanoyama he tried to lie his way out of it at first. Not sure it would’ve made a difference if he had confessed all, given the zero tolerance approach to all drugs in Japan (except alcohol of course!). 

    Which is overcompensated with industrial plant levels of tobacco consumption...

    1 hour ago, yorikiried by fate said:

    Well, Roho and Hakurozan didn't really score highly (hahaha) in other departments, so it was a welcome excuse to kick them out. (Makuuchi lost a bit of color, though.) Also, don't forget Wakanoho. All furries, TBF.


    Oh, is it only used as an excuse to kick problematic people out? Takagenji is safe then. (Laughing...)

  17. On 19/07/2021 at 06:22, Yamanashi said:

    Is there some evidence that the banzuke-makers are getting "stingier"?

    M1w 9-6: 40 results, only to M1e in 1942, 1974 and ... the last three! [Tochinoshin 2015, Tamawashi 2018, Hokutofuji 2019].

    However, a counter-example:  No M1e with an 8-7 has been denied Sanyaku since before 1970.  That seems to be "settled case law", as they say.

    Might it be because the Y/O corps have been more unreliable than perhaps any other time in recent history? Not having 4 or 5 pretty much guaranteed losses to superhumans could make the difference between 3-12 and 8-7. I mean, I've been following ozumo for about 10 years and I sure feel like there's been more joi KKs in these last few years than in the rest of the time put together.

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  18. 7 minutes ago, Stupidface said:

    I'm not sure why he did but I think it's my favourite at the moment.

    Superstition. He'd racked up a few kuroboshi on the trot at the time.

    EDIT: The comment above is about Natsu this year - if you mean he changed his mawashi at Nagoya, then I'm afraid I didn't notice.