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  1. It's all really sad, honestly. You can see it between matches, when he's calling out the next bout's participants and the camera zooms in on him. He's a massive distance off being physically and mentally able to perform the duties expected of him.

    Things would've worked out very differently in most western / first world cultures: when it became clear he couldn't fully recover from that stroke, he'd get medical certification it, then step away gracefully from those duties and would either be given a token role within the organisation to keep him busy and associated with it. No dishonour or shame involved. But it feels like that, in Japan, he's not only expected to continue performing his previous role, and seniority means he won't be taken over by a exceedingly more competent counterpart so he'll always be there tripping about and having random confusion episodes during the most crucial moments... And nobody can do a thing about it, except himself, but retiring early would leave a black mark.

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  2. Kazakhstan is rather famous on the tennis world for converting multiple second string Russians into representing them instead, probably by offering them backing and resources that the Russian federation dedicates to their top stars only. That's been the case for as long as I can remember, definitely on for more than 10 years at this point!
    If you add this to the fact that there's a few native Kazakhs who are no slouches themselves (Zarina Diyas comes to mind), they actually have strong national squads for both Davis Cup & its female counterpart Billie Jean King Cup and regularly go far into them.

    Ironically, that meant Russian-born tennis players representing Kazakhstan were not affected by Wimbledon's ban, unlike their star compatriots - and it came to a staggering conclusion as Elena Rybakina ended up taking both hers and Kazakhstan's first Grand Slam singles title

  3. 2 hours ago, RabidJohn said:

    Considering how well he's already done with the vertically-challenged Ishiura and Enho, and the effect his 'having a talk' with Shodai appears to have had during the Nagoya basho just past, I can't wait to see Miyagino recruit someone with size and talent.

    I hope Hokuseiho doesn't read this thread or else he'll be bugged by the implication he's got no talent.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    He had no sashi-chigae as tategyoji, neither as Inosuke nor as Shonosuke, only one famous hansoku decision after a mono-ii by Hakuho - a hansoku reversal does not constitute a wrong decision by the gyoji. http://www.news-postseven.com/archives/20220726_1777115.html

    This is amazing. I wish I had paid attention to this kind of detail back then. Ozumo has been missing this kind of quality lately. His legacy will absolutely go on.

    Regarding his interview about that fiasco - has his opinion been posted elsewhere on the forum? I must've missed it.

    Lastly... He still managed to outlive that Baruto / Wakakoyu bump by a decade, which is impressive. That was on the blessed araibira era of daily YT uploads - I genuinely thought for a bit that was the end of him.

  5. Now that the steam's a bit off the musubi no ichiban...

    Did any of you watch Atamifuji vs Kitanowaka? That was awkward. It feels like there's something seriously wrong between those two guys.

    Atamifuji was extremely tense throughout, delaying the tachiai procedures and causing a matta by standing up, and then just seemed to have lost all control of his right arm during the bout... It seemed like he was stressing his muscles but for no real purpose. His post-match bow was really deep, too.

    Kitanowaka on the other hand didn't bother trying to hide that he was in an abysmal mood. Aggressive throughout the bout, contracted dame-oshi, angry facial expressions, and the most improper victory acceptance demeanour I've ever seen with that wild shake of his right arm in lieu of the slashing motion.

    I wonder what the hell happened.

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  6. I know it's a topic beaten to death, but Shodai's newly returned mojo has to be the best thing that happened this basho. (Laughing...)

    I disagree with the 'henka' or 'Terunofuji has only himself to blame' notions in here. That was incredible swagger. He fully withstood the yokozuna's tachiai charge and then immediately found the perfect timing to pull him to the floor, continuing with a post-bout body language that yelled 'This is a normal Saturday to me'.

    The flying zabuton at the end was the icing on the cake. Getting nailed right on the head, then tossing it aside like trash as it rested on his neck. To be fair, that zabuton was pretty disrespectful to him as an ozeki, to begin with.

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  7. 44 minutes ago, Yamanashi said:

    How depressing is bridegroom Shimanoumi's performance this basho?  He was defeated by Chiyomaru's first successful uwatedashinage in 999 bouts.

    This opinion will come as no surprise to those who saw my critical post about a week ago, but... Honestly, this is the exact same as Shimanoumi has always looked to me. He just hasn't happened to take a few random wins out of nowhere like usual.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    Lastly, while Kitanowaka is still not KK, 7 wins most likely secures his sekitori status for at least one more basho, and everyone else is high enough to be safe.

    21 guys have scored 7 wins from J12 in the last decade, and they've all either stayed at J12 or went down one row to J13. Kitanowaka is beyond safe. :-D

    1 minute ago, Seiyashi said:

    If I remember correctly he had 3 basho out. What happened to him? 

    No idea, I'm afraid... I usually just read what others post here in the forum, and even so, I miss out on a lot of information.

  9. 6 hours ago, Tigerboy1966 said:

    Just in time... a couple of hours before the Oitekaze mass withdrawal. Hitoshi deserves a bit of luck.

    He's from a pretty good maezumo crop that still got Kiryuko and Mukainakano flying up in mid makushita with no bounces on the wall (incl. this basho) with a couple of others that were also brilliant all the way up to lower makushita. (Nobehara, Miyagi)

    Hitoshi should belong there.

  10. 32 minutes ago, Rocks said:

    Yeah, I don't really see a logical way you apply these records to banzuke making that is fair. In some way those left have benefitted greatly by those leaving even if not by direct fusen win. You ran a basho so someone has to be a winner in each division. Give the winner their prize money. Otherwise just reuse the same banzuke for Aki. The only ones I would say this is unfair to is the 2 ms1. Ishiura should go done regardless so that leaves 4=3 Takakento. Leave him at ms1 and pay him a Juryo salary until the next basho as compensation. No sansho.

    This was going to be a rough basho on sekitori aspirants regardless of COVID kyujos. All the new boys down in J13 and J14 were on the positive side of the scoreboard throughout, so barring any late basho Oshoma meltdown, it was always going to take a terrible score from someone >J12 to send them down. Kinbozan going 6-0 on ms1 didn't help, either. Kanno and Roga were just rather unlucky their much awaited breakthrough promotable scores happened in this basho.

    Your point that some of them got freebie fusensho wins might've helped avoid those terrible scores got merit, but I personally don't think it'd have made a significant difference here.

    16 minutes ago, Gurowake said:

    The reason that there are so many Juryo visitors is an old regulation that requires them to have at least a certain number of Makuuchi matches scheduled each day.  It's not usually an issue since the division is larger now. 


    I checked the post-purge Natsu 2011 basho to try and find a reference, with seven vacant slots, and even so... it was never anywhere this bad. There was one juryo visitor per day, which turned into two near the end as current Naruto-oyakata waved the white flag on day 12. Everyone else was genki and there were no more absences.

  11. 11 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    I mean, if the net score is what is used to place them, then higher than a +1 normally but not as high as a +3? AFAIK this is pretty unprecedented on such a scale.

    The other bugbear I have is the fusen losses for those who didn't manage to get their torikumi redone. So for instance Kotoekō and Kotoshōhō are both 5-6-2 now, but they were 5-5 just before they were benched. Do they go down simply because they weren't fortunate enough to be 5-4 before the fusen loss?

    It gets more peculiar from there. Even if they don't take those fusenpai into consideration, those who got the fusensho will have still benefitted from it. It'd inflate everyone's results, records will generally be more positive than usual.

  12. 10 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    On the other hand, there are some changes in status that ought to be respected, like Kinbōzan for Ishiura and Ryūden + 1 for Daiamami and Chiyomaru. So more and more I'm coming round to the view that the banzuke records should just be extrapolated for those who were kyūjō halfway due to COVID.

    If the net result of wins vs losses is used in the lower divisions, i.e. a 4-1-2 being considered a +3 so equivalent to a 5-2, making the next banzuke is going to be funky.

    If, say, a lower division rikishi was +2 at the time of withdrawal (3-1 or 4-2), how are they going to judge where to put them? +2 is a score we never get in those divisions. Assuming they go all the way, it's always an odd number. 4-3=1, 5-2=3, 6-1=5, 7-0=7 and viceversa for makekoshi. I'm actually very curious.

  13. 3 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    To his credit, he seems to be working out of it. His hand was indeed out first when they started falling, but he actually withdrew it to try and tank the fall, and then changed his mind again.

    This is a little detail that I've always found both fascinating and underrated. There's a very thin balance between having enough bravery or a death wish, but we can also easily tell when a rikishi isn't willing to put his all into it just by that.

    Goeido for example - he gave away a bunch of losses on his last couple of basho due to being so quick to pull the trigger in this peculiar game of chicken, even from otherwise advantageous positions that'd give him the shiroboshi had both just gone belly first into the ground. That was an early sign he was mentally done with the dohyo.

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  14. 13 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    Good on the NSK. What happened? 

    I'm afraid I was being as sarcastic as it gets.

    Arauma got pummeled on the head multiple times and was clearly KO. Fell slowly to the dohyo, rolled down to the ground floor unprotected, stumbled up the dohyo again while tripping all over the place. Nodded to his opponent. Left the dohyo. Nobody even batted an eyelid.

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  15. 48 minutes ago, robnplunder said:

    IMO, Shodai is a solid Ozeki if he can fix or overcome his poor Tachihai.  Yeah, I am talking about his head-high-walk-in starts.  Too many of his opponents exploit that.   Until Shodai does something about it, a talk of his having a Yokozuna potential is just that.  

    I feel like it's been fiercer than ever - wrote that comment on day 4ish and that impression has only strengthened since then.

  16. 19 hours ago, Yamanashi said:

    It's 8 AM Monday in Tokyo and no Tweet or Instagram post by Narutobeya about the mass kyujo.

    I'm not too surprised... It's not something they should be lighthearted about, especially as they ideally should confirm everyone's doing well before pulling the trigger.

    I'm also sad about Oshoryu's fellow shindeshi, who joined him in that epic 3-way 7-0 ketteisen for the jonokuchi yusho. Marusho and Sakurai were 3-1 from the bottom of sandanme, about to get closer to that promised makushita land they've been in before.

    That kettei-sen was actually the moment I grew an attachment to those three guys and Narutobeya in general.

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  17. And it all comes to a screeching halt after Oshoma's positive test. Narutobeya was at an impressive 36-20 on bouts fought on the dohyo, including two 4-0s and Oshoryu's best ever basho in makushita's extended promotion zone. That makes it a particularly gutting development.

    I hope the committee judges them by average i.e. 3-1 equates to 5-2, 4-0 equates to either 7-0 or 6-1, Oshoma's 5-3 equates to 9-6. The same for Dewanoumi's guys... although that'd demote Mitakeumi so I'm a bit torn.

    This only really matters if everyone's safe, though. Fingers crossed.

  18. 29 minutes ago, Tigerboy1966 said:

    1 more win would take him fro 95% certain to 99% certain... Just looking back through the database I noticed the wrestler now known as Okinoumi got 5-2 at Ms1w in November 2008 and was rewarded with a promotion to Ms1e. Those were hard times... http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&form1_rank=ms1w&form1_wins=5&form1_losses=2&form2_rank=ms

    Juryo is pretty competitive this time around. All four new boys have proven competent sekitori so far, and while they are absolutely not safe yet, all J13 and J14 currently got winning records. (Jinx incoming...)

    That being said, Ishiura is kyujo and Kaisei is a spent force, so Kinbozan should still be safe. I can see a world where Kanno and/or Roga go 5-2 at ms2 and still fail to make the grade, though.

  19. A couple of quick observations from today.

    - The swift way Enho evaded Akua's leg hook was impressive. I can't imagine many rikishi have tried kakenage'ing the little guy, not even in keiko... So my guess is that old muscle memory from judo times kicked in.

    - The carousel Kotoeko put Tochinoshin made ME dizzy, can't imagine the brawlers themselves. :-S

    - Say what you will about Shodai but he's finally 100% adapted his style to compensate for his depleted endurance. When was he ever this aggressive on tachi-ais?

    - I can't rate Shimanoumi as a person and mentor, but I can definitely hope he's much better at it than he is on the dohyo. He's forgettable and frankly mediocre at the level he's been, even when he wins... his 'banzuke luck' is getting to Kimurayama levels, where it seems they're actively softening his falls so he builds up his basho numbers and that helps validate him as the shisho he will become.