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  1. Koorifuu

    Ex-Taka-twins activities

    He was actually brave, going from pouncing on puroresu guys (and a geriatric Minowaman who's definitely not going to have a healthy life as a senior) straight to facing the finest that Japanese heavyweight MMA has to offer. Wonder what'll happen from here.
  2. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Ichinojo 5-3 after finishing his tour of the titled ranks. Impressive and hopefully on course for at least a prize.
  3. Koorifuu

    For some people...

    I'm afraid the odds of their being bots are pretty high. Stay tuned - random scamming threads in 3... 2...
  4. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Kaisho, of all people, stopped Abi's undefeated streak upon his return at 21. Fun. Happy for him.
  5. Koorifuu

    sumo jokes/memes

    Someone with 145 IQ wouldn't use the "it's" contraction as a possessive pronoun, not even if English was their 4th language. Void.
  6. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Agreed. Hakuho has always taken pleasure at beating people at their own games to show them who's boss. Hardly hinkaku at best, but entertaining for sure.
  7. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    I want to know what happened in Tobizaru's mind that made him snap and suddenly decide that jumping on migi-yotsu was a good idea after spending 2 minutes enraging the bull in a standoff. Might as well have worn a red mawashi for this one.
  8. Koorifuu

    Hokuseiho - Shot at a record?

    Kagayaki 2.0 confirmed.
  9. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    By banzuke-gai, I'm sure you mean any 0-0-6 jonokuchi - as bg rikishi are not taking part under any circumstance - and there is a pretty good candidate for a Ryuden bout. Kagamio.
  10. Koorifuu

    Nagoya 2021 kyujo list

    I promise this will be my only offtopic comment here regarding this matter, but my money is that it was Kotoyuki's intai from that spot in the banzuke. The DB saw it as a Sokokurai / Hoshikaze situation.
  11. Koorifuu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Ohata is now in the banzuke page and the correct upper makushita torikumi have returned. Thanks a lot for your hard work! EDIT: I'm guessing this might have been caused by Kotoyuki's intai from that position in the banzuke?
  12. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    This was at least three times as blatant as Terunofuji's on Myogiryu last time.
  13. Koorifuu

    Ridiculous Predictions Nagoya 2021

    If 9 people get diagnosed / quarantined less than 48h before their bout with Hakuho, I dare say a few people will be suspicious!
  14. Koorifuu

    Preparations of the Y/Os - Nagoya 2021

    For what it's worth, I've stopped following Herouth after she reacted angrily / offensively out of nowhere to a few innocuous replies I'd sent her. So yeah, I'm on team 'social media is bad'... Howeeeeever, I've only got good things to say about SumoSoul. Lovely accounts to follow and interact with.
  15. Koorifuu

    Asahisho retires

    It hasn't really changed that much.
  16. Koorifuu

    GTB Nagoya 2021- 127 entries and results!!

    If I somehow make the top 100, it'll be thanks solely to that thread.
  17. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Yusho Predictions?

    Kotoeko on the yusho race on his likely joi debut? He'd sweep up all 3 prizes.
  18. Koorifuu

    GTB Nagoya 2021- 127 entries and results!!

    The most remarkable thing in your prediction? 9 maegashira went 7-8 on the previous basho. You kept all 9 on the same exact spot.
  19. Koorifuu

    GTB Nagoya 2021- 127 entries and results!!

    Which didn't go all that well, if I recall correctly. 99 to 118! It seems that the trick is leaving it on those cliffhanger numbers, just on verge of a milestone. One to go for #100! One to go for the all-time high! One to go for #50! People are attracted to those like magnets. It's either that, or the "last day!" warning. Or both.
  20. Koorifuu

    GTB Nagoya 2021- 127 entries and results!!

    I think I entered one basho in the meantime, but it seems like I've used a different username/email combination then. Regardless, eight years? Wow, thanks for the bit of trivia. Back to when Hakuho was in his 20s. I think that, back then, I didn't even know that Y/O were sorted by their result on the previous basho...
  21. Koorifuu

    GTB Nagoya 2021- 127 entries and results!!

    OK, I don't usually like to show my lack of expertise when it comes to banzuke making, but I went for it at the very last minute so that we've got 3 digits! Good news all around - you can all rest assured you won't be placing 100th.
  22. Koorifuu

    Asanoyama caught violating COVID restrictions

    I reckon 'demotion' only applies to oyakata or similar NSK staff. That's not too uncommon, but I believe we've never seen any rikishi shunted down the banzuke the hard way. It's always been via a suspension + an organic ranking decline due to the 0 wins. At least officially... looking at you, Boody
  23. Koorifuu

    Toyohibiki intai

    This makes @Ganzohnesushi right about the "outside the top 15" quote though, as Toyohibiki is #133 overall and still well outside the top #50 if O/Y are excluded.
  24. Koorifuu

    Toyohibiki intai

    I still think, to this day, that they should create a higi on his honour. Toyohibiki: a loss by belly flop while the aite is just barely hanging on the tawara. Jokes aside, it's nice to see he found himself some future in the kyokai and wish him the best.