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  1. Koorifuu

    UEFA Championship

    I'd say it was Jupp Heynckes mistake. Remove Thomas Müller as soon as he scored - after the equalizer there was no way to put Thomas back in. Game over.
  2. Koorifuu

    Natsu Basho 2012 - Discussion

    On a personal point of view, Kisenosato disappointed me a lot behaviour-wise these couple of weeks. I believe such a drive to win and succeed is a good thing to an extent - not when you go overboard and give extra throat shoves and pushes to other ozeki. EDIT; Just checked about Nakanokuni.. a shame to see a career get crushed on its highest point because of a chronic injury. :(
  3. Koorifuu

    UEFA Championship

    All of those 3 are perfectably capable of developing world-class skills, but I wonder if they'll be enough to keep this level of play? Abramovich is probably going to stop pumpin' cash into the team now that he's got the huge cup he always wanted.
  4. Koorifuu

    UEFA Championship

    By defensive I actually meant something among the likes of "largely outplayed thus being forced to be defending". Sorry for the incorrect wording... :x
  5. Koorifuu

    UEFA Championship

    Big turnoff of a match. Other than the missed penalty kick and the timing of the goals, it was a rather boring affair. To make matters worse the defensive, lucky, rough team was the one to be crowned champion in the end. Sigh. Now, please, let tomorrow's last day of the basho be better.
  6. Koorifuu

    Videos Natsu 2012

    You got that interesting (and needless) extra push from Kisenosato to make up for it.
  7. Koorifuu

    Takarafuji meets TV celeb look-alike

    Matsuko Deluxe is a dude, y'know. I know him from those Gaki No Tsukai no-laughing yearly skits... They DO look alike, in truthness.
  8. Koorifuu

    Videos Natsu 2012

    Exact same feeling here. It's Kisenosato's now for the taking. His newlyfound mental stability is going to be tested..
  9. Koorifuu

    Videos Natsu 2012

    The difference in Kaisei's sumo since he last was on Makuuchi is like night to the day.
  10. Koorifuu

    Videos Natsu 2012

    "TAKANOYAMA WINS BY YORIKIRI." I won't be surprised by anything anymore. Edit; A few moments afterwards I had to take this back. Tochinowaka henkaing Takayasu, seriously?
  11. Koorifuu

    Videos Natsu 2012

    I laughed at the tachiai comment on Kaisei v Daido. I was thinking about the same thing when the humorous comment popped up. I probably shouldn't complain about it (same with Yoshikaze's blatantest henka ever) because thanks to them I got a perfect 10 on Sumo Game.
  12. Koorifuu

    Natsu 2012 Rikishi Status - Final

    Now this is worrying. :( You usually expect sumotori to fight their pains to respect the tradition, it's not a great sign at all if he couldn't even accomplish that.
  13. Koorifuu

    Sheikh YerBoodie-the Boodie watch..

    Overhype is always a concern when an unusual prospect joins the building, but I'm inclined to believe them this time. The way he easily wins his matches with apparent lack of effort (and without fancy displays of technique, as it's been mentioned) are a reminder of other gaijin who climbed up the ranks. Baruto for one climbed all the way up to sanyaku thanks to an uncanny brawling instinct and a very rare blend of physical strength, sturdiness and mobility. He only developed his sumo technique later on.
  14. Koorifuu

    Kakizoe and Tsurugidake-intai

    Tsurugidake :( His story will always be inspirational, though... Over 30 years old when he reached Juryo, and even managed to make it to Makuuchi a lil later on. He's an epithom of the "never give up" spirit.
  15. Thanks for the translation! Interesting read, definitely. ... to no-one's surprise.
  16. Koorifuu

    Hello there!

    Umm... I found it strange this forum is so empty but I'll post here first regardless. Courtesy! I've been following sumo deeper and deeper by each basho that goes on so hopefully my knowledge and insight will get deeper aswell! Hopefully it'll be a nice stay - looking forward to conversating with all of you. :)
  17. Koorifuu

    Kakuryu Ozeki run

    This just comes to show the balance between these 6 ozekis. As I've read it somewhere before, the differences in skill between the 1st and 6th of them is way smaller than it is from the weakest ozeki to the next best rikishi. We're bound to see the lower sanyaku / joi-jin suffer constant shifting as they get pummeled by the 7 Wonders of the World of Sumo Nowadays. Toyonoshima did look for a couple of basho he could keep the pace but unfortunately it wasn't so. Although, I'd say he might be back by July. Now on-topic, I've been cheering for Kakuryu the whole basho. Because, well, he deserves the promotion. He's been steady and consistant against every ozeki for a long time now and this peak of form is the final confirmation. Yesterday was rather impressive. I'd say a couple of people in the world could survive Oshu's inside grip. (Even if his passion is around zero these days)
  18. Koorifuu

    Hello there!

    Thank you! :D
  19. Koorifuu

    I am ashamed to admit

    Here I am on the Araibira bandwagon! My Sumo Game results have taken a huge leap and so did my interest in sumo thanks to that flawless help to the community. :)
  20. Koorifuu

    David vs Goliath in sumo

    Takanoyama vs Gagamaru from a couple of bashos ago was legendary on these terms. Height? Same. Weight? Over 100kgs difference!