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    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2013 (5th Wave)

    Jd34 Asaueno
  2. Koorifuu

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2013 (6th Wave)

    Jd34 Asaueno
  3. Koorifuu

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2013 (7th Wave)

    Jd34 Asaueno
  4. Koorifuu

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2013 (9th Wave)

    Jd34 Asaueno
  5. Koorifuu

    21 Aki 13 - The Results

    Cheers! Here it goes 1. A 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. B 9. A 10. A 11. B 12. B 13. A 14. B 15. A 16. A 17. B 18. A 19. B 20. B 21. B
  6. Koorifuu

    New recruit for Aki 2013

    Who's going to be his Mz pal? Any confirmation about possible returnees from Bg?
  7. Koorifuu

    Supported Rikishi Banzuke

    Jokoryu 4th from the bottom?.. Well. Either Japanese people totally gave up on him or he's a very dislikeable person. Other stunning results to me, as to how bad they place, are Kotoshogiku and Toyonoshima. Having 2 journeymen mongols on the bottom 3 is no surprise though.
  8. I apologize for posting all this before being ascertain of the facts I was posting - I hope this can get deleted. Original post being: "I have to admit, being just an occasional follower from the Eurosport days, I never, never ever really thought this about Takekaze. The man is so low-key and unspectacular I would have never guessed this, being a recent fan, but definitely he does have something special. If he mantains his spot on makuuchi for a couple of honbasho he'll reach a straight decade in. This is no mean feat. Specially if you consider that his hatsu-dohyo was a little more than a year before that. As a Ms15 tsukedashi he put together a 6-1. And then only kyujo prevented him from rising faster to starwart makuuchi glory. Heck, a fellow Ms15 by then was a certain Ama who rolled his way to a 2-5. Other makushita of the time were the likes of Asasekiryu, Kakizoe, Kokkai, Toyozakura (the yusho taker). And gee, even Kitataiki, who I regard as a veteran, was making his makushita debut at Ms57 and proceeded to find his way back to sandanme after a MK. So, I admit it, this man has risen up MASSIVELY on my regards. And to make the topic actually worthwhile, I guess we should be waiting for the special landmark. I hope he remains healthy enough for a healthy score when Aki comes." Then I realized he was down to juryo in 2005.
  9. Koorifuu

    Promotion/Demotion discussion Nagoya 2013

    I took the liberty to take some queries... No-one from either J14 or J13 (like Endo is about to) has jumped straight into makuuchi. Then there's these couple of cases from J12, and one of them has been covered by fellow tuga Chishafuwaku right above me. Kyokunankai was massively lucky after such an absurd amount of overall kyujos and 7-8s above him. Even Goeido's kyujo at M4 was deemed unworthy of staying above a J12 10-5 ! Well, either way he proceeded to mop the dohyo with the juryo folks for a couple of weeks, thank you very much,
  10. Koorifuu

    Juryo promotions for Aki 2013

    Hopefully after this accomplishment he'll be called off the tsukebito role. Aaaand with Akiseyama back, plus Chiyomaru's debut, juryo just got a lot flabbier.
  11. Koorifuu

    Juryo promotions for Aki 2013

    Chiyomaru looks twice as chubby as he did back to this photo.
  12. Koorifuu

    Another big hope for future yokozuna

    Way too much focus on the short term, and none on the long term. And I think we all agree. Wishing him all the best though!
  13. Koorifuu

    Health of Masunoyama?

    I can. Surely, needs some special care in training though. I recall a statement of him that he always has been short of breath and learned to handle it.I haven't seen him in Keiko but I would guess he looks much better when not giving 100%. His medical condition is one side of the medal but his extreme eagerness in the bouts (equalled only by very few such as Takanoyama) is the other side. I agree. He isn't doing his own health any favors by pushing it 110% from the first instant. Sure it does get results. But at what cost on the short/medium term? It's his own decision and we shouldn't judge it, but still it's impossible not to worry and wonder what he could be after a surgical fix.
  14. Koorifuu

    Nagoya 2013 new recruits

    Go Hiroshima! This fellow is doing his 2nd time through Maezumo - he broke his leg in a day 4 maezumo match back in January. start at 2:58 mark- Completely off-topic; Hearing that *SNAP* right after lunch isn't the most pleasuring experience you'll ever have. Trust me.
  15. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    And from Portugal. ;-)
  16. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    That's exactly what I don't get. I always thought that the 2 bashos, the tsunatori giver and the confirmator, were on equal terms. Something like, "if you can repeat that performance, ozeki-san, you've confirmed your worthiness as a yokozuna". But way more experienced people here always comment on how it starts a new tsuna run and never on wether he'll get the promotion or not. So I am in the wrong.
  17. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Is a hypothetical 12-3 J with a big winning streak at the end (including both yokozuna) still even remotely possible for a promotion?
  18. Koorifuu

    Sumo obituaries

    This is definitely the saddest and most special thread in here at the same time... Rest in peace..
  19. Koorifuu

    Nagoya 2013 Videos- Promo and All Days

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mESLXUS6Hk That effusiveness is intereeeesting. Never seen anything like that in sumo.
  20. Koorifuu

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Kisenosato can't just cope with the pressure of having a determined goal of specific wins per basho. He only got to be ozeki because it was slapped on his back when no-one expected and criteria was loosened. If it was always gonna be "X or more wins" he would crumble. Heck, if it weren't for that sudden promotion he'd be that eternal sekiwake that'd just fall short of ozekidom everytime but never going to makekoshi. Unless he suddenly grows some nerves on decisive moments, I fear the only way there's yokozunadom on his pathway is if the YDC decide to keep tsunas a holy secret. Well, the kyokai could use the revenue a Japanese yokozuna would bring even if it was Futahaguro #2. Gotta find a way to make up for all those kinboshi Harumafuji is handing out on bimonthy giveaways.
  21. Koorifuu

    UDH Nagoya Basho 2013

    Wow, a sumo game where I'm doing well! :D
  22. Koorifuu

    Promotion/Demotion discussion Nagoya 2013

    Things are really, really dire at Kokonoe-beya. Nokuni and Otori having had kyujo to their names, Arashi hanging in there when he shouldn't and headed back to makushita, and Maru + O flunking their promotion chances. There's only the newlywed Meigetsuin-san to give them something positive.
  23. I'm pretty sure it'll still be interesting for the 99.99% of NHK viewers that aren't reading here. ;-) And i was saving it for a trivia question.. Sir... I've been wondering, on a quite personal level. Isn't it a bit bittersweet to cheer for someone who a few years ago indirectly caused a person who you held in great regards on a personal level, to be forced to retire on a brutally undignifying way?
  24. Koorifuu

    Rikishi Status Nagoya

    Not so much.. Apparentness can be deceiving...
  25. Koorifuu

    Rikishi Status Nagoya

    Double torn ligaments on the knee with estimated recovery time of 2 months? That's the most optimistic forecast I've ever heard for such a career-threatening injury at whatever sport it might be. (Except maybe darts. Or snooker.)