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  1. new Google Labs stat tool, Ngram results:
  2. Taizeniki

    sumo & board gaming

    new www.boardgamegeek.com sumo forum from new forum member Banichi! :-) http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/5788444#5788444
  3. Konishiki et al: http://www.daily.co.jp/newsflash/2010/04/20/0002896425.shtml http://wblakegray.blogspot.com/2010/03/sum...-now-makes.html
  4. Taizeniki

    Adoptee Report

    Kazafuzan, due to persistent injury, continues to tumble down the banzuke... I hope he can recoup soon... Tosayutaka eeked out a KK in his Makunouchi debut! Keep working hard, Tosa!
  5. Taizeniki


    Thanks to PaulStephens544 on Twitter for the great basho updates!!!!! This is what I'm talking about!
  6. Taizeniki


    for those of us not able to be in Japan for upcoming basho... does anyone attending have twitter and be willing to tweet/twitpic live?
  7. Taizeniki

    Sumoforum and sumo thing

    Though I am not chatty on the forum, this is the place I go multiple times a week to keep up with ozumo for better or worse. I too would miss the connection to the larger sumo fan community. I don't have the monitary nor time resources to run/moderate the forum. Wish I did. Hope this or another viable forum/community option can be maintained....
  8. Taizeniki


    By sheer coincidence, I just joined Twitter a few minutes ago. Maybe I'll tweet for the two people interested.. Actually that might be an interesting adjunct to your sumo news email svc. You could provide "mini snippets" via tweets. What is your Twitter name so we can follow. sign me up... twittername: kimberlyorr anyone else willing to share?
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  10. Taizeniki

    Adoptee Report

    My adoptee, Kazafuzan, apparently is sadly suffering from a neck injury.... I hope he can remain in ozumo, but mostly I wish him a speedy recovery and life-long health inside or outside of sumo! Another guy I've been really rooting for lately is Tosayutaka... at J1 this tourney, and a 9-6 showing, maybe Makuuchi is just over the hill...
  11. Taizeniki

    Adoptee Report

    Thanks for the promising update on Tiger... hope and pray he does stay and recovers soon!
  12. Taizeniki

    Absences, Withdrawals, Returns - Natsu 2009

    am also wondering about my adoptee KAZAFUZAN... anyone know what has happened to him? I assume injury.... details, anyone? thanks in advance.
  13. Taizeniki

    Former ozeki Konishiki to go under the knife

    I wonder if the weight loss has affected his singing voice in any way. I know when Jessie Norman (opera singer) lost a great deal of weight it had negative impact on her voice... anyone heard him sing of late?
  14. Taizeniki

    origami sumo video

    complete with flying zabuton! (Eh?)
  15. Taizeniki

    Adoptee Report

    My beloved Tiger/Kazafuzan was injured this basho! He will fall into sandanme for sure... :( Get better soon, Tiger!!!!
  16. Taizeniki

    too close to the sun

    Seems that M1 Hokutoriki is doing his Icarus imitation.... =
  17. Taizeniki

    Absent/Withdrawn/Returning - Haru 2009

    Does anyone have an injury update on Kazafuzan? He will fall to sandanme for sure.... :(
  18. Taizeniki

    Adoptee Report

    Kazafuzan really stumbled this time out @ 1-6 in the rarified air of mid-upper Makushita. Keep working, Tiger!!!! You'll get there!
  19. Taizeniki

    Haru Juryo Promotions

    Wow! Thanks for the peek into local ozumo tradition... seems it would be exciting to attend...
  20. Taizeniki

    Day 12 Thoughts and Observations

    Ah... the proverbial wall. With his meteoric rise in the ranks, it was bound to happen. Hopefully he will work all the harder and make sankyu this year.
  21. Taizeniki

    Adoptee Report

    Kazafuzan, the 4/3, 3/4 king went 3-4 this time! Very sad! I was hoping for him to break through the glass ceiling this time.... Keep working Tiger!!!!!!!
  22. Taizeniki

    Ichihara Watch

    Will he be able to stay in Juryo? After such a promising makushita tsukedashi start, have injuries alone been his demise? Or are there other factors?
  23. Taizeniki

    Adoptee Reports - Aki 08

    Kazafuzan... another "just over the line" KK @ 4-3... inching ever so slowly toward upper makushita.... GO TIGER!!!!!!
  24. Taizeniki

    Kitanoumi resigns, the brothers are out

    Is there discussion, then, much like in england concerning the relevance and necessity of the royal family? Whether ozumo as a cultural icon is worth all the money and effort in an increasingly non-traditional Japan?