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  1. Elenrian

    Ireland Grand Slam....

    ;-) Wow.... A great match yesterday.... I thought at the end, that Hook would score the last penalty.... Great suspense, really ! I was hoping for an Irish grand slam because they deserved it. Has anyone else seen the match ? Of course I am unhappy for the French because of what happened to them last week near London. Their first defeat against Ireland was honorable, the one against england is still unbelievable.... Wooden spoon for Italia, their last was 4 years ago.... They have great players, but not enough. This is shamful because Sergio Parisse and the Bergamascos brothers are very good players.... Congratulations to the Irish Rugby team! (Clapping wildly...)
  2. Elenrian

    How many Yushos will Asashoryu win in 2009?

    I voted for 2 Yushos, 3 12+ wins, and 6 to 10 Yushos before retirement. Of course, this is my optimistic choice. I could have chosen strait zeros, but, well, I think he'll make it. I think he still has the means to win again. And we don't know what can happen this year. Maybe some high ranked rikishis will get seriously injured, or, or, or, etc. So he has some chances.
  3. Elenrian

    2009 Hatsu banzuke

    Damn lucky I say ! As I like him, i a satisfied.... I always say it is the "magic", or the "great mystery" of the banzuke. This is one of the reasons of my attachement to sumo !
  4. Elenrian

    Izutsu Beya famous in France?

    I don't think this beya is more famous than others. There are very few books in French about sumo. The most famous book must be Ozeki Kirishima's autobiography. I remember reading guidebooks that were giving directions to go see sumo keiko, maybe this heya is know for allowing foreigners watching the keiko ? So i don't think Izutsu beay is better-known in France than the others heyas. Other opinions welcomed !
  5. Elenrian

    Nagoya Basho Viewing

    Some videos are on Youtube.... ;-) Quality is OK ! Commentaries are in English or Japanese. Juts type "Nagoya basho 2008" and you'll find them. I can't afford to pay for these videos so I will watch them on Youtube. I don't like this idea to "sell" (let's say that) the videos, but I understand it is expensive for him to deliver such high-quality videos. This is a big problem.
  6. Elenrian

    KaioU and Chiyotaikai preparations- Nagoya 2008

    I have a bad feeling about this.... He will eventually retire anyway ! I don't think he'll continue if he is demoted, because he will not be able to recover directly his rank. (In a state of confusion...)
  7. Elenrian

    Asashouryuu return preparations

    I am back (at the same time !) after a four-month-long boycott due to what-you-know. I am glad to see Him again ! He looks OK, that's well.
  8. Elenrian

    Argentina in the Tri-Nations by 2011

    I wonder how they're going to manage that.... But THEY wanted it ! It would be better if they had a real championship.... They should try to make one. But I understand : 7 Nations, it would be too much (and too long). Now, they're going to be world chamions ! (even if I really don't like them, they'll make it one day). Thanks to B. Lapsset for his decision (and thanks for the next World Cup with twenty (20) teams. )
  9. Elenrian

    Asa in hot water again?

    What does Kinshin mean ? Punition ? (In jonokuchi...)
  10. Elenrian

    Ozeki Kotomitsuki or Ozeki Kotozakura II

    And one more idea for the "no-change" ! Kotozakura is not an Ozeki name, but a Yokozuna name. If Kotomitsuki really wants to change his shikona, he should do that as a Yokozuna.
  11. Elenrian

    Ozeki Kotomitsuki or Ozeki Kotozakura II

    I really don't want him to change his shikona. Kotomitsuki is very good ! I like it. Changing now, it would be weird ! And furthermore, I think "Kotozakura" would make him older than he is. For me Kotozakura is a former rikishi, not a bright, brand new Ozeki !
  12. Elenrian

    Day 13 results and day 14 pairings

    Asashoryu should have fought Kaio on day 14. As Kaio was wounded and has withdrawn from this basho, they had to find someone else, so they took Homasho, who seems quite well at this time (even if he lost some bout lately). And Kotoshogiku is 5/8, so it is not a real challenge for the Yokozuna.
  13. Elenrian

    is Hakuho tired ?

    Hmmm........... Tachiyama (#22 ) ? :-D
  14. Elenrian


    It is not the best way to win, but Chiyotaikai made a mistake, and Asashoryu took the opportunity ! The Kyoji could have called a matta. But it is not Asashoryu's fault ! In fact I think that if Chiyotaikai had not stood up, a matta would have been called (because Chiyotaikai would have fallen on his ass).... It was not a beautiful fight, but Asashoryu did nothing wrong.
  15. Elenrian

    Kaio robbed

    Kaio was still inside the circle as Hakuho was down. See the pictures from Asojima ! (Applauding...)
  16. Elenrian

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

    Kotomitsuki lost today.... It seems like the Boss is back.... I didn't see the bout. Was Kotomitsuki OK ? Did he look stressed or something ? I hope he will get 2 other wins very quickly, or he will have a huge pressure ! He mustn't panic, or his promotion will go away ! But even with a 10/5, as he beat Hakuho, maybe hell be promoted.... A new Japanese Ozeki, THAT would be nice !
  17. Elenrian

    Day 10 Pics - Nagoya 2007

    Wonderful pics. Thank you !
  18. Elenrian

    Kyokushuzan is back

    Nice performance indeed ! (I am not worthy...) And unexpected !
  19. Elenrian

    Kotooshu Henka

    This is not a good behaviour for an Ozeki ! He should be ashamed ! But he lost, THAT will teach him a good lesson ! (In jonokuchi...) He really disappoints me.... I thought he would be a brillant Ozeki. But.... no. (In a state of confusion...)
  20. Elenrian

    Leaderboard Day 5 Nagoya Basho 2007

    (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) Thank you very much !
  21. Elenrian

    Le Petit Banzuke Illustr

    Very nice issue ! I enjoyed reading the articles ! It was very interestiong, especially Hakuho's promotion to Yokozuna. (Sign of approval...)
  22. Elenrian

    Kyokushuzan is back

    Just a question. Does he participate for fun, or does he want to start a new career in Mongolian wrestling? If so, I hope his heart ailment won't trouble him.... Good luck at any rate !
  23. Elenrian

    Bart Sez: "Ouch!" Again

    What a shame, especially for a young rikishi ! This wound is really saddening. I fear the worst for his career if this continues ! Elenrian (back in the forum after 10 months missing ! (Weeping...) )
  24. Elenrian

    If Sumo were Star Wars

    Asashoryu is no doubt Han Solo ! rebel, etc.... Plaplatine : don't know yet.... Dark Vador : Chiyotaikai Obi-wan : Takanohana Luke : Hakuho Le
  25. Elenrian

    Happy birthday Elenrian!

    Thank you very much ! :-D :-)