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    Is anyone here a discworld fan? You know the books by Terry Pratchett? (If you
  2. Phelix

    Training news and other-January 2006

    Thank you for that info, Neo and BuBa. As a BIG fan of the blue dragon I'm always keen on info 'bout my hero.
  3. Phelix

    Article about foreigners-new

    But isn't this intersesting - and a wee bit hopefull too? (At least for those of us who fell that sumo ought to open up more to foreigners.) "Sumo, like Japan itself, is becoming globalized," said Yutaka Matsumura, chairman of the Japan Sumo Federation. "Not everyone is happy about it, but I would say it is inevitable. I think in the end it will make us more competitive and raise the bar for greatness."
  4. Phelix

    Ozumo World Champion 2005 is...

    For some reason I didn't expect Hakuho to get only 12+1 points. The way you read about it, you could expect him and Tochiazuma to change places - sort of - in a way.
  5. Phelix

    Make it go away

    How do you make that line with squares and the text Warn% that you see right under my little blue dragon go away? It's not as if I've even been warned of anything, really.
  6. Phelix

    Christmas wheather at you?

    It is most unfair that I have to sit indoors writing a stupid tentamina about what some schmuck said about the knowledge of knowledge a hundred years ago. It actually snowed last night here in G
  7. Phelix

    Famous fathers' sons

    Is there any case, ever, of a father and his son competing at the same time - albeit not on the same rank? Just thinking mathematically, it could be done.
  8. Phelix

    Juryo promotions

    Could the Kyokai take into consideration the reason of Baruto going kyuju? It's not as if he chickened out and faked a injury... I sure hope he stays in juryo. Anyways, isn't this kid Homasho the one there's been a bit of a buzz about? How come? (I'm not very much up to date...)
  9. Phelix

    Christmas wheather at you?

    Australia... Mmmm... Beaches.... Mmmm... Gimme a ticket and I'll be :-/
  10. Phelix

    Make it go away

    oh, right, thank you!
  11. Phelix

    Christmas wheather at you?

    I really really hope that you did get your babysitter to promise to come back. It's hopeless when you plan anything in minutial detail, only to see it flop due to something out-of-your-control. (Media otitis or weather or whatever) But cold outside makes you (Clapping wildly...) inside... (And that's the truth about the Swedish sin, really :-) )
  12. Phelix

    Christmas wheather at you?

    Oh, deary me. Careful there, you might catch a pneumonia. ;-) Anyways, the snow here has melted due to rain. But now during the night, all this half-melted snow slush will freeeeze all over again - and thus creating a city made of ice-skating ramps. On that matter, have you noticed how people walk "the duck-walk" when it's icy? Carefull steps, ten centimeter between the feet, arms a little out from the sides. We all wag along like ducks. Occasionally someone trying to look cool, or just being in a hurry, will try to walk normally. But then, whoops, a litlle slippery today, a little Bambi on ice, and they too conform to the duck-walk. But who cares? I am officially finished with my horrendously boring tentamina! (Showing respect...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) Perhaps I ought to :-) ! Nah, I feel a bit :-S after nine hours of mangling the science of knowledge.
  13. Phelix

    boredom strikes again

    'Tis a cruel and unfair world...
  14. Phelix


    I've kept wanting to ask you, but somehow never got around to it. Today, when I really ought to work, seem ti be the right day, however. Is that really the great blue dragon standing beside you? If it is, I' seriously jeallous. What's your impression of the man? (And yes, this is a bit (You are going off-topic...) )
  15. Phelix

    Famous fathers' sons

    On the subject - Asa's just had a son, hasn't he? And the dai-Yokozuna did state that he hoped the little lad would one day be a rikishi. Try living up to that one... But on the other hand, how many famous acters have children who themselves try it out on the big screen? (And how many of them fail utterly...) Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it still more common in Japan to follow your fathers footsteps? (Compared to Europe that is.) And if you have, more or less, the same succesfull genepool as your dad, but get to inherit all his experience, and have his support from day 1 - no wonder that's a highway to success. (Must be an ever faster highway to unhappiness if you do not share dear ol' dad's passion, though...)
  16. I really really really ought to do my exam work on the subject of science, knowledge and philosophy (exciting, isn't it!), but this thread is just so much more interesting. Henka? Hmm, in one way I feel that it's bad. I mean, how exciting exactly is it to watch the two rikishis prepare and prepare and prepare - and the actual bout to last half a second? So in that way a henka spoils my fun. Otherwise? Weeell, it's a bit like raising children - you do what works. If it works, and it's not against the rules - then it's OK and perhaps even a good idea. Sumotalk? Well, even though the two "new" gyus do embroid a bit to far sometimes, they are always fun to read. I mean, come on, I'm not going to marry them or vote them for president or whatever. I don't have to agree with a single letter to enjoy it. Uuh, I'd better get back now...
  17. Phelix

    Post basho pics

    So happy seeing everyone happy!
  18. Phelix

    The three prizes

    Well, I'd like to add my very own "lifetime-achievment-award" to dear Kotonowaka, the gentle giant. Mr. Ippon has been a true original, and I very much look forward to seeing his achievments in the future. And could I hand out sort of a by-the-side fighting spirit award it would go to Ama. I love seeing the little guy always meeting his opponents head on. What a technique, too!
  19. Phelix

    Tochiouzan and Goueidou - Career watch

    Pics, anyone? It's so hard to form an idea about a person that is only facts, not a face. Most interesting thread, though!
  20. Phelix

    A historic moment

    The man is a dai-Yokozuna. No doubt about it in my mind. yes, in a way he's had a little less recistance than previous yokozunas - but that can only take you so far. If the recistance was so low - then why couldn't Kaio grab the chance for promotion? But, I admit, it certainly looks as if there will be more resistance for the blue dragon in the future. Still... What an amazing achievment!!!
  21. Phelix

    Swea words

    What do people refer to in swearwords in your country? You don's have to say the actual words if you feel a bit (Laughing...) about that. But what area in life does the words refer to? Are they common, accepted in daily life - or are they a definite no-no? In Sweden we swear about hell, who should go there and what they ought to do there. There is also some refering to the male organ. Using swearwords are not something big bad, but it is never used in official laguage. (I've never heard our King and Queen swear.) On the whole I think we could be a bit more creative in our colour language. Sadly I have to admit that a common insult is to call another homosexual. The use of that word I Stronlgy discourage. (Censored) (Censored) (Censored) (Censored) (Censored) (Censored) Well - I'm curious. I would especially appreciate a comment from our Finnish members. The Finns are a people of many talents, and swearing is definetly one of them. (Eek...) :-/
  22. launched an interesting idea. What if our ozekis where to retire after this basho - all three of them. What would then happen? Would Hakuho get a little fire in his belly? The kid does seem to need a bit of Asa's :-S. Would Osh get a little less (I dunno...). Would Futeno or Kisenosato take that last couple of steps forward? All right folks, this is - I admit - more of a wish-list for Christmas than a playing with credible ideas. But nevertheless, what do you think?
  23. Phelix

    Play with the thought...

    Kotooshu and Hakuho -oh yes. Most definetly. But Wakanosato? Hmmm, not so sure there. Baruto? Maybe, I have no idea (but I do hope hope hope). These are the names that always, more or less, get mentioned. Has anyone got a really wild guess - that might still actually happen?
  24. Phelix

    Having a peek at Kakizoe's

    How come big guys are so afraid of him then?