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    Sumo in 2005 & 2006 & 2007

    What a good topic to start! Well, in two years: Retired: Toki Kaio Chiyotaikai Tochiazuma (sad one) And loads of others but it is getting late Still just hanging in there Takamisakari Kotonowaka Dejima Iwakiyama Futeno Kakizoe And loads... Yokozuna: Asashoryu Hakuho Ozeki: Kisenosato Roho Kotooshu Sekiwake, Komusubi: Ama Kokkai Baruto (with regards to our Estonian members) And some others... Up and coming: Perhaps Yamada?
  2. Phelix

    What is the meaning of Life?

    To survive, to thrive and to procreate, according to one
  3. Phelix

    Hakuho defeated Asashoryu!

    WHAT??? Gee, I knew the kid was good - but this good? Wooooo..... (Punk rocker...) I can
  4. Phelix

    Next Ozeki?

    The road to ozeki can
  5. Phelix

    Hakuho vs KaioU

    Quite right there, mate! (Enjoying a beer...) But I think that the bout will be a test more of Kaios mind than his body. With a fully loaded, relaxed aggressive mind his (kaios) body should be able to push Hakuho out. But if he starts worrying... Mmmm, tricky one. And Hakuho on the other hand, knows this; and this lad is Mr. Confident Tricky. I
  6. Phelix

    Why you "DON'T" support Asashoryu

    Ok ok.... Ryukaze like myself is a fairly new member to the forum. This forum has been online for a few years already and I have just now found it. I would love to be able to go back through the old topics and read through all of them. Unfortunately, I don't have the time. It is really hard just to keep up with the current topics! All I am asking is can you give us new people a little slack? I have been lucky so far. Some forum members have been kind enough to send me a link from past discusssions that answerd my questions. I thank them for their help! (Applauding...) Cannot do more than agree there, mate. If Asashoryu had a Taiho or Takanohana against him to even things out, to balance it so to speak, then we would not talk about him so much. Let
  7. Phelix

    Day 8 Rikishi Talk

    Did he learn that one from the "101 very usable phrases for every sporting occation"-book? (Applauding...) It
  8. Phelix


    Well? My vote is for Hakuho but on the other hand I
  9. Phelix

    Hey, you know what?

    In TV right now there
  10. Phelix

    Some more pictures

  11. Phelix

    Roho on magazine cover

    The question then arises; how much japanese - written and spoken - does Roho understand?
  12. Phelix


    Okay, I
  13. Phelix

    Day 7 pics Kyushu 2004

    Nicey! Thanks for the pics mate!
  14. Phelix

    Some injury ponderings

    Every little injury tahat Chio
  15. Phelix

    Tochiazuma gone

    Well, the ward I work with has about half the post-operative cases orthopedic cases mon-fri. As I was working night, and it was a looong night (no trauma, no cardiac at all) I started to discuss sumo with a doctor there. We eventually came to discuss (he
  16. Phelix

    Day 7 results and day 8 pairings

    My guess: Kotonowaka gently folds under Asa. Iwakiyama will be no match for the hungry Hakuho. And Kaio will most definetly nail Tamanoshima to the ground. I hope Amnishki can grit his teeth and pull out a win against Kinkaiyama, but I
  17. Phelix

    Day 7 Rikishi Talk

    Kotonowaka must have found the fountain of youth. A while ago I thought he was about to retire,
  18. Phelix


    Ok, this might be very personal, byt every parent on the forum will recognize the ENOURMOUS JOY in knowing this. My son is OK now!!!! Geee, I
  19. Phelix

    Day 5 pics Kyushu 2004

    Gee, that
  20. Phelix

    Watching who?

    Who will you be giving extra attention this basho? This basho feels very interesting indeed. Asashoruy-sort of a bit fired up, if you know what I mean... Kaio-last try, do or die Muso-please make koshi (Sign of disapproval) Tochiazuma -please make it! I know you can! Kokkai-time for a break-out basho for him Hakuho - (Applauding...) to the man with the --- of stone Kisenosato-premier for the wonderboy Kotooshu- (Laughing...) I must admit I think that the greatest threat to Asa is not Tochiazuma, he could be, but he
  21. Phelix


    But Hakuho moves in a special way, and is proven to have --- of stone. Does this go for Kisenosato too?
  22. Phelix

    Keiko News - November 11, 2004

    Not only strong, handsome, fierce and coureagous - but smart and independant too. (Pulling hair...) Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Isn