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    Dejima engaged

    Dejima's proposal to Mari: "I will make you happy." Isn
  2. Phelix

    Le Monde du Sumo... in ENGLISH !

    Oh, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sumo, at least the proffessional version, is isolated to Japan only. It is also very well guarded against foreign influence. This has created a highly specialized sport, unlike all others. Now is this a blessing or a curse? Blessing, because it preserves the sport, protecting it against such sillyness as football hooliganism, and the inevitable anonymity that follows upon an internationalization of the sport. ...or... Curse because it conserves the sport, preventing it from the inevitable development that follows upon a rich and free flow of foreign practicers. What are your thoughts on this matter? I can
  4. Phelix

    I wonder...

    ...why it is that my son has happily eaten, and equally happy digested the following items; One 2-inch nail One cigarette Two snails, one with shell, second forest snail without shell Three worms At least four small stones One plastic string One piece of Lego And (counting low) at least one kilogram (2 pounds) of sand, dirt and mud One time even what my mother in laws dog left in the garden (not furter specified to ensure the well being of sensitive persons) ...but still flat out refuses to eat the pasta I serve for dinner. And yes, I am an excellent cook, thank you very much...
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    Who would you like for oyakata?

    I should have explained my self longer - my bad, sorry. Yes, I was trying to be a bit futuristic.
  6. Phelix

    New Juryo

    Is there anyone you think would be able to step up further?
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    Deep thoughts about sumo

    ShiroiKuma - I can only bow for your knowledge. Maybe there is a middle way? Obviously there are foreigner deeply concerned with sumo first and Athlete second. As I remember Kotooshu said that he was deeply interested in sumo, many years before he moved to Japan. There must be more people like him? And would these deeply interested ones follow sumos way as good as a japanese one?
  8. Phelix

    Money Dohyo

    Very interesting reading indeed! I can
  9. Phelix


  10. Phelix

    "The Wall"-Asashouryuu

  11. Phelix

    mawashii "COLOR" question

    Oh, well, you
  12. Phelix

    Deep thoughts about sumo

    Yes, but where does the weight lie? I mean whats most important? Preservation or evolution?
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    Naughty! Bad language on the forum! :-P
  14. Phelix

    Forum demographics strike again!

    Me, Romance :-P Oh, I
  15. Well, I for one am completely fed up with trying to follow the bashos via Eurosport. So a quick search proved that it is, indeed, possible to see loads of sumo live even up her in Scandinavia. :-O Only hang up is the cost (Depressed...) wich is a lot more than I can afford. So I
  16. Phelix

    I wonder...

    maybe you should throw the pasta on the floor, wipe the soles of your shooes on it, and place the little one in the middle :-P Weeell, since that seem to be the way he prefers to eat, why not? He could share it with the cat - since my son eats the cats food, it would only be fair the other way around... (Applauding...)
  17. Phelix

    Who would you like for oyakata?

    :-P Enlighten me please!
  18. Phelix

    Who would you like for oyakata?

    (Oops! ) sorry, I forgot
  19. Phelix

    Sumo in 2005 & 2006 & 2007

    Kotonowaka in two years? Not only hanging in there, but doing great as Sadogatake Oyakata. No no no! Still hanging in there as a rikishi! He
  20. Phelix

    DtotheG's Odd Paralells Part I

    Interesting thing is that non of the Mongolians are on the fat side. Predisposition talks!
  21. Phelix

    mawashii "COLOR" question

    Baby blue? PINK? AAAAH!!! I prefer black! I
  22. Phelix

    Deep thoughts about sumo

    Thank you! :-) Yes, this is an obstacle. I can understand the fear of letting the "gaijins" invade the holy sport of sumo. But what is the real love for the sport; the wish to preserve and protect it even if it means keeping it from evolving, or wanting the sport to evolve and the rikishis to be better and better, no matter the origin of the evolvers. Another thing, did you notice the Russian and Bulgarian supporters shown on Eurosport the last basho? They, for me, are the final proof that sumo will conquer the world, or the world will conquer sumo - even if it is kicking and screaming. Better to have it done in peace.
  23. Phelix

    sumo coverage in Europe

    Well, let
  24. Phelix

    Proper Yokozuna

    Kaio is a fighter, yes I praise him, but as a great ozeki. I don