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    well i became an hardcore fan of sumo lately so i am learning many thing with all your help! thank You!!!


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  1. Quintalomaru

    Hakuho's promotion

    Aren't they making a tarawa rather than a tsuna on those pictures?
  2. Quintalomaru

    Basic Sumo Technique

    Very good Video. Does someone able to tell me more about the workout? how many teppo, how many shiko do you do during a practice?
  3. Quintalomaru

    YDC convenes-again

    I don't want to have a "did-he-really-deserved-his-rank" Yokozuna... Some people thought Musashimaru didn't deserve his tsuna even after he won his 12th yusho so i bet Hakuo's promotion will always be discussed if he can't compete with the blue dragon...
  4. Quintalomaru


    Nishi san, don't you think the main thing wakanoho's lacked lately is a good sparing partner in his heya? He has not shown any sign of improvement during his last two basho. hagiwara, who is in a good heya, was far better at the same stage. Is there any good prospect at wakanoho's heya able to compete with him?
  5. Quintalomaru


    again, wakanoho's sumo was not good at all against Ichi: bad tachiai, balance was not there neither, all was wrong from the beginnning to the end. He has not the level of a juryo wrestler, so far. :-D He needs time to mature.
  6. Quintalomaru

    New Streamer

    sorry for my bad english. the streamer is just available for a minute and then it is "no good". I think we are too many for the streamer because of the week end.
  7. Quintalomaru

    New Streamer

    it work after a rebout of the windows media center, at least for me. hoops edit: it's just working for a few minutes and then it's blocked
  8. Quintalomaru

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 5 Haru 2007

    A very good bout from ichihara, very powerfull despite a slow tachi ai. Wakanoho's bout was not very good: way to passive. anyway a win is a win.
  9. Quintalomaru

    Asashoryu in Paris!

    I have not seen the news anywhere here so... here it is http://fr.news.yahoo.com/photos/0702231414...-de-sumo-a.html
  10. Quintalomaru

    I couldn't believe my eyes!

    He did it against Miyabiyama, in 2005 i think.
  11. Quintalomaru

    The hands on the ground

    http://www.banzuke.com/~movies/nagoya2006/..._07_07_1974.wmv is it me or i can't see one wrestler touching the ground before the tachi ai? thank you dale . (In a state of confusion...)
  12. Quintalomaru

    Baruto in Makuuchi Version 2

    For the video you should go to http://www.info-sumo.net/info/modules.php?...load&cid=76 vive la france^^
  13. Quintalomaru

    Hakuho's tsuna hunt

  14. Quintalomaru

    Leaderboard Day 3 Nagoya 2004

    sorry but Hokutoriki have a win at day 2... (Showing respect...)
  15. Quintalomaru

    Musashimaru's last major event

    Forza Moose!!! We will never forget you. Every pics will be welcome. thank you!! (Enjoying a beer...)