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  1. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Aki 10 Video Stream

    I tried the link you provided, and although the quality was better than the NSK stream (+ replays, commentary etc.), it was too stop-start choppy to watch. And, fwiw, I have a good internet connection. Thank you for your replies and info, everyone. Yes, it seems that the problem with the NHK broadcast I was trying to watch is on the side of the broadcaster and not caused by my internet connection. This morning I started watching that broadcast and it was good until an hour ago but then started getting choppy, which I am guessing is due to more users watching at the same time. Therefore, I am on the NSK stream right now, which is better than nothing. I haven't used Keyhole TV so far, but will explore this option now, thank you for the info, Kintamayama. Hope your favorite rikishi all won!
  2. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Aki 10 Video Stream

    I apologize if my question is redundant, but are you referring to the link I provided, or to the general NSK stream? The link I provided is choppy both on WMP11 and VLC1.1.4 on my computer. Interestingly, other Japanese channels I switched to are not as choppy, so my guess is still that there are many users online, but needed to confirm to be sure that the problem is indeed server overload... Btw, I get the NSK stream with perfect quality (as much as you can call this perfect), but the lack of replays and commentary is... On the same note, does anyone know any other link to watch NHK? A few months ago someone provided a link here for a broadcast of the English version of the sumo events on NHK, but I seem to have misplaced it. If anyone has that, could you please provide it again?
  3. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Aki 10 Video Stream

    Hi guys, It is great that we could watch this basho on TV again. I am not in Japan, however, and am trying to watch the basho via this link, which shows NHK: mms://stream.gundam.eu/nhkg (You can open this with VLC or Windows Media Player). However, this time the picture is much choppier than in May, when I watched via this link last time. There are two possible reasons for this - either my Internet connection has become worse, or there are many viewers, which results in server overload and choppy picture. Could I please ask someone to check this for me and see whether you get good quality streaming? Thank you!
  4. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Asashoryu will not loose (Part 2)

    Loose what? Loosen his mawashi? I don't think so either...
  5. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Free NSK wall calendars

    In fact I got this calendar last year not on Shonichi but on the 7th day of the Hatsu basho. So, there is still hope for those who could not make it today to pick up one next weekend, I believe...
  6. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Yahoo Offbeat

    Isn't this Toki? Or Takanotsuru? How about the face? That looks quite offbeat...
  7. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Kotooshu on CNN

    The time is Japanese time since this is CNN Asia and therefore I don't think it is broadcasted in Europe. However, I might be wrong...
  8. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Kotooshu on CNN

    If you missed the materia and still want to see it (like me in fact), you still have two chances. Dec. 12 19:00 and Dec. 14 19:30. Enjoy!
  9. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Sekiwake For Life

    9-6 for Kotomitsuki, but still rather disappointing display this basho when losing, as the NHK commentators discussed, he is displaying ozeki sumo when he wins and rookie sumo when he loses. Since Kotoshogiku will most probably be shinsanyaku next basho, I could not help but get the thought that there is a possibility, although quite distant, that Kotoshogiku becomes ozeki before Kotomitsuki and becomes his second stablemate to overtake him in ozeki promotion. I hope that Kotoshogiku's rise to sanyaku helps Kotomitsuki to finally get that extra fighting spirit, which is required for ozeki promotion.
  10. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Tochiouzan and Goueidou - Career watch

    Looking forward to seeing these two in Makuuchi, as well as Yoshikaze. I hope that they will be able to displace the veterans who manage to stay in Makuuchi simply thanks to their higher level of experience.
  11. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Asashoryu Road to 100 Yusho update

    With the rising Japanese stars Kisenosato and Homasho, the Estonian giant Baruto, and the young ozeki Hakuho and Kotooshu, plus I have high expectations about Wakanoho as well, I am not so sure about even 30, not to mention 100. We shall see next year, it will show us whether Asashoryu is capable of overcoming all the yusho records.
  12. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Day 14 Pics - Kyushu 2006

    Try K-Lite Codec Pack and you shouldn't have any problems. At least it works for me...
  13. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Kisenosato dodges the bullet

    By the "old ozeki" I meant the older trio, not Kotooshu and Hakuho, who will stay at ozeki and even aim for yokozuna.
  14. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Wakanoho and the wall, Part 5

    Congrats to Wakanoho and his fans for the promotion! As far as I am concerned, the more Caucasian wrestlers become sekitori, the better. I am wishing the same to Takanoyama, although he is still struggling in upper middle makushita.
  15. kotooshu_bulgaria

    Kisenosato dodges the bullet

    Congratulations to Kisenosato! Wrestlers like him and Futeno should stay in sanyaku all the time, and Kisenosato should be able to reach ozeki, that is of course after the old ozeki retire, which should happen next year.