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  1. Lucius Flavonius

    SFM 19

    I noticed that the Sumo Fan Magazine's pages appear in a separate window as Adobe Acrobat Reader documents. A year or two ago, this website showed normally as in html. Can the editors provide a sane and rational reason behind this move?
  2. Lucius Flavonius

    Another slugfest

    Isn't that very barbaric and uncivilized? It is insult to culture of Mongolia. As a member he has violated this forums rule. At least , I request Mr Kaikitsune Makoto to apologize for his insulting/ derisive comments against national festival of Mongols Calm yourself, I was as vigilant as you in my early activities in this forum. As I have already stated in my post in another thread, although these people are righteous and tolerant, nevertheless, they reserve a hideous prerogative to insult, abuse and affront other nations, primarily, non-European ones. They bear no responsibility for their actions citing their superiority in post numbers and importance to this gathering. But when I commit a trifle of a mischief, they assault me with the worst epithets complete with hate and derision. That's the malignant order of things here, my unfortunate colleague.
  3. Lucius Flavonius

    Real Men...

    Nishinoshima, I find your attacks on fellow forum members from Mongolia especially disturbing and yet very typical. A European is always right, eh? Why do you become enraged when someone provides an opinion different that of yours? Because Europeans can't tolerate when non-Europeans argue with them. It's inherent racism which you do not notice, but is very evident from the point of view of other people. Even in such a non-Western subject as sumo, Europeans impose their sole authority to interpret whilst harassing other people's views. Such a colonial attitude is still persistent with your mentality. And thou, Nishinoshima, son of Ireland, shouldst have known better the dreadful yoke of racism and discriminatory policy when applying them yourself. Therefore, I urge ere it's not too late to cease your foul words.
  4. Lucius Flavonius

    East Meets West on the Dohyo

    Did they manage to receive shikonas before their leave? I shall greatly esteem your good disposition if you would provide here the shikonas of these three and the results of the one wrestler who lingered for a year.
  5. Lucius Flavonius

    Hakuho married?

    Yes, some Mongolians are really outraged by the fact that Hakuho intends to marry a foreign wife. In the context of current and rising racist and xenophobic hysteria in Mongolia, it is pretty natural. I for one support Hakuho. It's better for him to marry this woman and settle in Japan. Mongolia has become a dangerous place to live with rocketing crime rate and corruption.
  6. Lucius Flavonius

    New recruits for Haru 2007

    If the source uses the Japanese order of names which is similar to that of Mongolian, then it is T
  7. Lucius Flavonius


    The name should be transliterated as "Dolgors
  8. Lucius Flavonius

    Taiwan and possible Mongolia Jungyo

    I answered Troutbum's question according to my liking. This forum often accuses me of negative behaviour, while leaving such miscreants who themselves insult people unnoticed. If moderators are apt enough as they so announce, they surely would heed my concern.
  9. Lucius Flavonius

    Taiwan and possible Mongolia Jungyo

    My understanding of this venture, if ever it will take place, is that it will be more of a demonstrational nature. Tickets will be intentionally affordable for the most of the people. The tournament will not recuperate in financial terms. So the purpose is to appease the Mongolian viewers who esteem sumo to a great extent.
  10. Lucius Flavonius

    Intai Inevitable?

    I think you are exaggerating the dose, oh, woeful compatriot!
  11. Lucius Flavonius

    August-Mongolian Jungyo

    34 wrestlers, 9 sekitori, 1 yokozuna . . . It has been long become imperative that the Association convenes a tournament in Mongolia. I rejoice at the grandiose possibility to behold sumo.
  12. Lucius Flavonius

    New Mongolian joins Minezaki-beya

    Some time ago when there was a post about the limitations of foreign wrestlers, Kise and Minezaki were said to be not willing to admit them. What's happening? Kise acquired Gagamaru. And now Minezaki.
  13. Lucius Flavonius

    Moukonami's Kesho mawashi

    Sometimes, the strange law of nature often provides that the hailed protagonist often fails. I hope that Mokonami will not succumb to it.
  14. Lucius Flavonius

    Two recruits join Musashigawa beya

    Is it not too long for them? One basho is enough to pass jonokuchi. And 17 bashos in jonidan and sandanme is quite long. Maybe 1.5-2 years, I think.
  15. Lucius Flavonius


    Listen, this is not our beloved national wrestling, where you pay 2 000 000 - 10 000 000 MNT to get a win or a rank, or you lose just because your opponent is your wife's nephew. If you have this kind of approach to sumo, then you are wrong. Ozumo is not like that. Ozumo is an honest sport. Ama is my hero.