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    Sumo Confidential

    Australian Television station ABC has a documentary showing tomorrow night 8pm Australian Eastern time (GMT + 10 hours). preview video http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2009/ipp_18.38_hi.asx preview report. http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2009/s2588640.htm The show is generally pretty good at reporting on various issues from around the world. The story should be online after being broadcast at http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/
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    Sumo Fun Run June 2009 in London

    Saw a brief news clip on a sports show last night, have not seen anything of it here. http://www.epsomguardian.co.uk/sport/43831..._join_sumo_run/ http://www.42run.com/blog/2009/sumo-run-2009-photos/ http://www.sumorun.com./ http://www.flickr.com/photos/42run/3648112891/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/42run/3646147799/ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=40601956546 http://www.studentbeans.com/blog/2009/03/2...o-raise-pounds/
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    Hoshitori URL?

    same thing seems to be happening again.
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    old banzuke

    There was even some reporting in the English language newspapers, see http://www.juryo.net/newspaper/1930/1937.htm
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    Australian Female Sumo

    Video link to the story from television. http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-au&brand=...:-1:ind:1:ff:8A
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    poll for (ex-)SML members

    I first joined the SML in 1996, and enjoyed great times with posts covering all sorts of information. I resisted joining the forum for a couple of years, not wanting to move on with the times. Unfortunately, the SML is a mere shell of its former glory, and will never return to what it was once. Times change and we move on. I'm glad I was part of it, however, there are very few interesting posts on the SML these days.
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    Wakanohou arrested for drug possession

    Interesting. Futahaguro was bascially dismissed though, wasn't he? Is there a distinction between being "forced to retire" and "dismissed" (like for severance pay purposes for example)? Futahaguro ran away from the heya, although it was pretty obvious he would be dismissed after allegedly beating his okamisan.. There definitely is a distinction. Wakahaguro was in a similar situation, forced to retire in 1965 for gun smuggling.
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    Rugby and sumo

    http://www.foxsports.com.au/story/0,8659,2...8-23217,00.html Kirwan pits players against sumos From correspondents in Tokyo April 03, 2008 JAPAN rugby coach John Kirwan has started sending his players to brutal sparring sessions with giants of the sumo world in a bid to toughen up his side. The former New Zealand great, whose team emerged from last year's rugby World Cup with credit, watched from a safe distance as his players took a pounding from the roly-poly wrestlers.
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    Who is this?

    This photo looks cut out and put on a new background. It can be found on the web site www.touchlinephoto.com looking in the photo archives typing sumo. Comments on the picture. Caption: sumo wrestling albert hall, october 1991 konishiki "the dump truck" in action photo credit:
  10. wanchanyama

    Tokitsukaze Beya History

    Think people were more concerned with other post war problems. Many people had done strange and unusual things during the war and afterwards. I'm sure at the time the incident was far from the most important going around. Unlike the current incident which has been in the papers for some time now. Nippon Times, Wednesday 5th February 1947 (Page 4) SPORTS REVIEW For 1947 Part II The retirement of Futabayama, long the glamor boy of the sumo world, highlighted Japan's most honoured sport. However, sumo this year is facing a sad decline, largely due to the decreasing public interest and hardships maintaining a sumo stable. Managers of the sumo behemoths say that with the prices of food being what they are it is most difficult to keep the Japanese wrestlers fed during the season and the off season. Furthermore, the general public are more concerned with making a living than with watching the gargantuans of the ring cavort about the sanded ring. So, Futabayama's retirement from the sumo ring meant also curtains on the "golden day" of Japanese sumo. More articles on the incident http://www.juryo.net/newspaper/1940/1947.htm
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    It is up again. There is an occasional server problem, but things get fixed up within a day or two.
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    www.juryo.net is now back up and working.
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    Still trying to get the www.juryo.net address working, but Kofuji has set up a secondary link. http://history.sumogames.com/ Have added another 200 or so articles since the last update. Now at over 4400 in total.
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    If you restrict the query to wins only, you'll see that Takanohana actually isn't that bad at all: he had four basho with 11 yorikiri wins, three with 10, and another six with 9 - amazing if you ask me! (...or boring if you ask someone else :-P ) Best I could find for another kimarite was Daiju in Nagoya 1973, 11 oshidashi in total, 10 of his 13 wins coming from oshidashi.
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    There is a problem with the dns server not being changed since I changed domain hosts. It should be fixed within the next day or so.
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    Sumo World Magazine

    The following web links are of the old Sumo World websites: Original site: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.iac.co.jp/~sumowrld If you look under the 1998 link, then you can access back issue page you talk about. new site: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.sumoworld.com You can find a download copy of the January 2002 edition on any date after January 2002 under downloads. As for obtaining back issues, try the following. www.ebay.com - pot luck but sometimes they have old issues there. www.abebooks.com - once again pot luck, but they also have many books stores linked on their searches. Might find some there. maybe even the yahoo auction site in in Japan might have some issues. As for other itch scratchers, you might know of the following. www.banzuke.com which has the archives of all the sumo mailing list posts from 1993 to 2005. www.juryo.net which has a vast collection of newspaper articles from the past, mostly prior to your late 70's period. Some of Andy's early work from 1962 from the Japan Times is on the site.
  17. wanchanyama

    Asa in hot water again?

    I found this article which was written in 2003. Seems to have come true. http://www.japantoday.com/news/jp/e/tools/...ukan&id=190 Should Asashoryu get the boot? With the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament about to get under way from Sept 7, all eyes will be on controversial Mongolian yokozuna (grand champion) Asashoryu, who in the July tournament in Nagoya suffered the unprecedented ignominy of being disqualified in a bout for pulling his opponent's hair, among other transgressions. In an interview in Shukan Post (Sept 5), Kazuo Ichiriki, former chairman (from March 1999 to January 2001) of the Yokozuna Deliberation Council, the organization entrusted with recommending promotions of wrestlers to sumo's highest rank, discusses concerns over Asashoryu, foreigners in the sport and other factors contributing to sumo's current malaise. Along with the issue of foreigners in sumo, what do you make of the controversy Asashoryu has stirred over his allegedly poor conduct? It's not that foreigners lack "hinkaku" (a term variously defined as decorum, composure, dignity, etc.) per se
  18. wanchanyama

    Sumo tapes?

    I have vhs tapes I made in Japan for the following basho. 1 basho per tape, in long play format, so not cinema quality, but watchable. 1995 Jan, March, July, Sept & Nov. Each tape contains the nightly sumo digest. I have not watched these for years and would be happy to send for the price of postage. I think I have some others, but need to do some more searching. I also remember some topic about someone (maybe Ken Collier but not sure) on the SML a few years back where that person had acquired a large number of tapes.
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    Sumo Quiz - number x

    1. Raised his hand to call a mono-ii in a bout between Akebono and a Futagoyama rikishi, maybe Naminohana or Akinoshima. 2. Miyabiyama?
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    Two quizzes

    A bit on it by Andy Adams from 1993. http://www.juryo.net/newspaper/1990/19930110.htm#2
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    there are a few photos on the mainichi website http://mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp/photospecial...0501baby/1.html
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    Naughty Yokozuna and some other sumo trivia quiz. Given the recent discussion on yokozuna, it seems that a number of yokozuna have been caught out doing something or other that is unbefitting of the rank. Which yokozuna got busted for the following? 1. Importing guns. 2. Skipping alimony. 3. Evading tariff duties. 4. Bashing up police. 5. Failed to transfer a car into his own name. 6. Using his toshi-yori as colateral for a loan. 7. Hitting his stable master's wife. 8. Taking an overseas holiday after skipping a basho with a broken hand 9. Visiting a baseball game when kyujo from an hon-basho. Couple of non-yokozuna trivia questions. 10. Which Hollywood star credit visiting a sumo tournament with saving his life? 11. What was the name of the movie which was not made in the early 90's after the Sumo Association declined to participate in the movie? Some answers are well known or on www.juryo.net. Some will be added shortly.
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    Wrestlers and wrestling in Japan

    Know nothing about the book, but have found some more info on the Abe Books site, great for second hand books. Seems that it was published in 1895. http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResu...n+Japan&x=0 GBP500 http://antiqbook.com/zitabooks/zita2004-2.html US$1,275 Seems like a great book to look at, would love to add it to www.juryo.net. Also seems to be available at a few libraries in the States, UK and Japan. http://worldcat.org/oclc/589827 and http://worldcat.org/wcpa/oclc/35890864 Anyone from the follow areas that have the book and can some how get an electronic copy for me to convert to a web page would be great. Japan (Tokyo) United Kingdom (London and Oxford Uni) Minnesota Michigan Indiana Ohio Maryland District of Columbia New York Massachusetts (microfilm) Hong Kong Alberta, Canada District of Columbia
  24. wanchanyama

    Nippon no sum

    Just looking on the web for some stuff, and came across this link. Does anyone have any information on this movie or ever heard of it. Would be great to watch. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0876497/maindetails
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    The Ultimate Sumo Information Repository, Version 2.0

    I have already built up a large database of newspaper articles, which is ever growing. Another project that I would love to contribute to would be a photo database, along the lines of www.airliners.net. This is a great database for plane fanatics, which anyone can upload photos with as much or little information as they choose. I would love something like this for sumo, both recent and historical photos. I have a largish collection of photos that I have collected over the past few years, mostly of sumo prior to the 70s, which would be great if it could be researched with information attached to the photo. I did put a few on my site http://www.juryo.net/photo/index.htm but have many many more.