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  1. hoshidango

    Videos-Nagoya 2012-Days 1-15

    Thanks again Kintayama. I saw a video on you being interviwed and saying that you want to be on NHK commentator seat. I can definitely see that happening sometime. Please make sure to put into the forum when that happens.
  2. hoshidango

    Steroids in sumo - ONE man has it figured out

    Wakanosato looks like one. Kirishima suddenly bulked up like one. Maybe?
  3. hoshidango

    Videos Hatsu 2012

    Great halftime show. I had a great laugh. And as always, thank you very much for the video posting.
  4. hoshidango

    The Videos - Kyushu 2011 -Days 1-15

    Kintamayama: Not only great to see the sumo videos, but your comments are highly entertaining. I like it way over boring Sumo Digest. Thank you very much as always.
  5. hoshidango

    The Videos - Kyushu 2011 -Days 1-15

    Yes a bit. That reminded me. Doesn't Tochinoshin remind you of Daitetsu? First I thought I was watching Daitetsu when I saw Tochinoshin for the first time...
  6. hoshidango

    SumoForum's 10th anniversary!

    Thank you Sumo Forum. I am on and off taking interests in sumo over at least 30yrs and this forum helps me keep the inspiration going to follow this most simple, perhaps the 2nd best sport in the world(first is of course triathlon!)!!
  7. hoshidango

    Aki 2011- the videos!

    I want to thank Kintamayama for posting those great matches very basho. I enjoy your positing here, Youtube everywhere. Tremendous appreciations!
  8. hoshidango

    Roho and Hakurozan - Guilty?

    Sure, but didn't others do also? And possibly pulling strings to hide it?
  9. hoshidango

    What to do with Wakanoho?

    I agree x100 with this idea. :-) Starting again as a tsukebito with all the duties to do would be a good sanction. Yep the second one. If he really wants it. Then ideally he should be able to join.... from the scratch.
  10. hoshidango

    Kitanoumi inferior to Takanohana?

    Memory can be quite distortive, but I remember Kitanoumi was so much stronger than the rest of sumo's - the gap in strength was felt more than Asashoryu or Takanohana-II and their contemporaries. If full Gappuri-Yotsu, Asa or Taka have/had problems beating many opponents, it wasn't like that for Kita. He was pure powerhouse and stronger than the rest by a long shot..
  11. hoshidango

    Ozeki Promotion - Kotomitsuki

    I don't have the stats but probably he could have maintained as Ozeki if he got promoted way back when? Wonder if he can keep the new momentum up for one more notch.
  12. hoshidango

    The Greatest to Date!

    Chiyo for #1, then Kitanoumi. Asashoryu might overtake them at this rate though.
  13. hoshidango

    Harunoyama Danpatsushiki

    Kudo's for Matsugane-Wakashimazu to spearhead this trend. I would suspect he is the part of the force who convinced others to make this happen.
  14. hoshidango

    How many Ozeki in Hatsu 2008?

    Surprising there is no voting at all for 5 ozekis. I say all minus Tochiazuma = 4
  15. hoshidango

    Choose Your Body!

    Can't it be anyone but Baruto?